Monday, November 03, 2014

Taxi Leaks Does it Again?... TfL Appear To Have Removed Uber Jim Thomas

As editor of Taxi Leaks, I wrote to Peter Hendy (and everyone else at TfL and the GLA I had email addresses for) complaining that the Uber Add on TfL's website was grossly inappropriate. I received a reply from Graeme Craig, Director of Commercial Development at TfL saying that in their opinion the advert met with TfL's published guidance.

Another member of Taxi Leaks staff replied pointing out that the advert was causing great offence and not only did Taxi drivers feel it inappropriate, TfL were the only regulator in the UK that were advertising in their web site. We could find no Taxi licensing authority in the world that carried adverts on their web pages. 
Also we felt  that the advert may incite someone to break the law in as much as the way the company operates in London which is subject to legal proceedings.

It is morally incomprehensible for a licensing authority to advertise a service which could prove to be operating illegally. 
Surely TfL has a duty of care to protect the public from such services?

We then received a reply from Vernon Everette saying "As Graeme explained, we have given careful consideration to whether this advertisement breaches our guidelines.  This included detailed consideration of the sections of the guidelines you mention.  
Our conclusion remains that the advertisement for drivers does not breach our advertising guidelines".

As we felt TfL were being unreasonable on this issue, we decided to go over their heads and wrote directly to the Mayor, our respective MP's and also the chair of the GLA transport committee, laying out our concerns. 

Although it has yet to be confirmed, on close inspection of the TfL web site, it would appear at present, the Uber advert has been removed.


Mick Smith said...

Jim, This is good news for common sense and decency
Thank you for your continued vigillence

Anonymous said...


maybe you should invoice the LTDA, LCDC and UNITE

Title: Services rendered, defending the trade, acting rather than talking.

Shame on them.

Gerald Coba said...

Jimmy, your undying belief in our trade and you selfless devotion to fight for our survival does not go unnoticed by main body of drivers.

You do this voluntary and unpaid

It's just a shame that those who get paid to do what you do free, can't actually achieve what you achieve.

Well done mate (again)

Anonymous said...

Uber will fail in london,drivers and customers now working out that this is one big con.I am an uber driver /knowledge boy, This company is so stupid , they had a real chance of grabbing the PHV market in london but there greed and lack of morals is now rubbing people up the wrong way. Most people only use when there is no price surge, they have worked out that black cabs are cheaper quicker and safer, this company has realy left a bad taste in my mouth.go back to the USA Travis ,Londoners ain't as stupid as you think

Editorial said...

Seems this add is still coming up on a few selected pages.

We will endeavour to keep pressurising TfL until they finally remove this insult completely.


Editorial said...

Uber may have placed a cookie on your phone, tablet, or computer

So clear your cookies and data in settings on your device and it will be gone

Or so I'm told

Worked for me