Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stop Deaths From Air Pollution: Part 1.

Thousands of people in London and throughout the UK are dying from Air Pollution confirmed by a recent World Health Organisation report.

The Government and Local Authorities have failed to implement effective Air Quality Strategies and the EU are taking action to fine the UK.

In May 2013 The Supreme Court declared that the Government is failing in its legal duty to protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution.

In London, improper and unlawful Air Quality transport policies from the Mayor and TfL have failed to reduce harmful emissions and these ineffective policies are replicated nationwide.

The Particulate Matter in toxic air pollution is so small it can not be seen but can be absorbed through the skin and lung tissue.

Nitrogen Dioxide is also invisible and odourless

We can not see or smell the pollution but it is there and it is causing damage to peoples health and thousands of deaths each year throughout the UK.

Please sign the ePetition to force the Government to take urgent action. Click link:

The Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry has been to set up to enable the many campaign groups across the UK who are concerned about Air Quality and Pollution to take united action.

Many campaign groups are frustrated by the failed Political and Judicial Processes which are allowing improper decisions to be made which are resulting in failed air quality and pollution which causes thousands of deaths each year in the UK.

Many cities in the UK have been designated as Air Quality Management Areas.
What is an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)?
All local authorities are required to assess air quality in their areas. An Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) must be declared if pollutant concentrations are likely to exceed health based standards in any outdoor location where members of the public are likely to be present. Where an AQMA is declared an air quality action plan (AQAP) must be drawn up detailing how the local authority intends to improve air quality.

In most cases the required healthy Air Quality standards have not been met because of failures to reduce pollution from transport.

Any decisions made by a Public Body have a legal requirement to;
Follow correct procedure 
Be rational and evidence based
To have proper Purpose
To be ECHR Compliant
To be proportionate and to be properly reasoned.

These are not obligations they are LEGAL REQUIREMENTS.

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