Monday, November 17, 2014

Salman Rushdie Took To Twitter, To Complain About Uber

Salman Rushdie used his Twitter to complain about the service he received from controversial smart phone Uber. 

One of the world's greatest living novelist, Salman wrote this in a tweet:
Dear @Uber_NYC, your cynical rip-off "surge pricing" (i.e. doubling the price because you feel like it) is making you... not worth using.

He received this back from Taylor Hill @taylorehill, explaining Uber's actions:
@SalmanRushdie It's either that or not have any cars for anyone during rush hours. It's sad but it's basic economics. Supply and demand.

Mr Rushdie then pointed out that it was not rush hour and in his experience doubling of the fare was in fact wide spread amongst Uber drivers.

He Tweeted: 
"Surge pricing" is now being randomly used at many non-rush hour times. Just a 100% price hike in disguise. @taylorehill @Uber_NYC

       Source: AOL Travel News.


Anonymous said...

The old ones are the best mr Rushdie.

BE sure! be safe use a licensed taxi!

Anonymous said...

Uber are now employing people to dig up dirt on journalists and critics that slag them off

Salman will probably say "join the queue my friends"