Thursday, November 13, 2014

Plying For Hire, Through The Back Jim Thomas

Earlier last summer (2013), after a chat in a Leeds bar, undergraduates Sam Ryan and Barney Williams had an idea. After seeing how successful ride sharing app Lyft had become in certain cities across the states, could students taking taxis to common destinations be linked up in some way so that journeys could be shared? 

Their aim was to save students money and improve Leeds’ carbon footprint, but it would also need to be safe in order to attract customers.

That initial conversation led to the development of JumpIn, a taxi-booking and sharing mobile application for students.

In March this year, ComCab, partnered with the student taxi app which then expanded into the Birmingham and Liverpool market. 

But this is where the water becomes murky. 
JumpIn's partnership with ComCab was to supply vehicles in Birmingham and Liverpool and at that time, gave sole supply to ComCab’s networks in those locations.

Since starting talks and selling the business to Addison Lee, the partnership with ComCab was ended and at the same time, operations in Birmingham and Liverpool were stopped. 

Taxi Leaks have been reliably informed, JumpIn is now only available in Leeds. 

At present, Addison Lee are the owners of the JumpIn App, with Addison Lee's name clearly shown next to the app copyright notation. Although they are a Private Hire company, they advertise this service as a Taxi sharing App!

As we can see, even without the involvement of Com Cab, Addison Lee is promoting the service as a Taxi/Taxi Sharing service...


Editorial Comment:
The Law Commission have made it crystal clear, they have  no intention to define plying for hire in any new Hackney carriage legislation. They say they will be taking a more modern approach to bookings. 

If the licensed Taxi trades sole right to ply for hire isn't enshrined into the new legislation, then doing the knowledge in London will be a complete waist of time and illegal plying for hire will be unenforceable. The Taxi trade will become no more than a shadow of its former self.

Have no doubt, men are coming to kill us.

By working with/alongside private hire companies, licensed Taxi companies are laying down their arms and surrendering to their own greed. 

    With thanks to and Sam Ryan 


Anonymous said...

If there is to be a demo again (if we haven't rolled over & died) we should lock the cabs up & walk away,now they will have a problem???

All i'm seeing are people with phone in hand looking through invisible ranked cabs for there cheap migrant in a car.

Anonymous said...

You can use the word taxi to descibe either private hire or hackney licensed vehicles in Leeds - it's only London that the word "Taxi" can only be used to describe a hack- (obviously this could change to a national rule if the de-regulation thing occurs) so there really is no issue with it being called a "taxi" sharing service if it's only operating in Leeds at the moment, surely?