Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Please remember to service the marshalled Taxi ranks around London in the run up to Christmas.

Taxi marshals have been doing a fantastic job at Terminus place Victoria. In spite of the limited space, late arrivals at the old rank now get a first class service, instead of being picked up and ripped off by local minicab touts. 

Dalston has two new marshalled ranks which move well. One outside Boots Kingsland High Street and the other outside Birthdays on Stoke Newington Road.

It's about to get busy, but please don't forget to keep the marshalled ranks serviced. They provide us with work 52 weeks of the year. Charing Cross Road, Swallow Street, Liverpool Street, Old Street Shoreditch, Clapham High Street and not forgetting the O2.

If your on Twitter, please follow @LDNTaxiMarshall and look out for regular updates. 

 Also don't forget the fantastic service provided for us at the  Hurlingham club

Thursday 20 Nov 600 guests 1am finish

Friday 21 Nov 400 guests 2am finish

Saturday 22 Nov 300 guests midnight finish. 


Mfctaxi6 said...

Not being funny y/b are finding It hard in th suburbs so posting a shot of the O2 with a big queue of people is not helping.
This type of queue is rarely seen at O2 and it also depends on who's playing.
Last night for instance maybe 5000 at a push, show kicked out at 10.30 Marshall's were gone by 11.00..
If taxis are needed the Marshall's soon tweet it ,by posting a photo like this drivers will think it's like this every night down there and the area will be flooded with green badges.

Anonymous said...

I work the ranks at kingsland high street and stoke newington rd, the one outside boots is in the wrong place, it should be outside or opposite the Dalston superstore

Editorial said...

If you have a look at Taxi marshals twitter time line, you will see they often post this type of picture.
Large queue no cabs.

The article is aimed at getting drivers to support the work done by the marshsals.

We advise following them on Twitter for updates.

No one in their right mind would run from the centre on the off chance there may be work there, it doesn't work like that.

Tony Casey said...

I am currently fighting a parking ticket at Victoria for going into terminus Place.Signage has to be changed(Except Buses and Taxis)and operating times.On Buckinham Palace Road TFL have installed a thick red route line,which meens no STOPPING even at the Grosvenor Thistle or at any bus stops.The 3 touts with 50 years experience are now back,parking their cars in the street opposite.Well DONE TFL you have made turned Victoria back into a touts paradise.

Mfctaxi6 said...

Editorial :
I don't need to follow them on twitter as the O2 is in my sec so I know how it runs.
Also I've lost count the amount of times after dropping fares in town been behind a g/b all the way back to the O2.
I know it's madness you know it's madness but they still do it.