Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Notice 13/14 Carriage of Assistance Dogs.

TfL Notice 13/14 from General Manager, Helen Chapman.

Over the past year TfL has been liaising with the London mobility team of the Guide Dogs charity to understand issues faced by passengers with guide dogs or other assistance dogs. It has therefore come to our attention that some private hire drivers are refusing a passenger because the passenger has a guide dog or other assistance dog.

This notice is intended to remind all private hire drivers and operators and taxi drivers that:

• it is an offence to refuse to take a booking or refuse the carriage of a guide dog or other assistance dog

• All taxis and private hire vehicles must carry a guide dog and other assistance dog, they must allow the dog to remain with the passenger during the journey and they cannot charge an additional fee for the dog

• All private hire operators must accept bookings made by or on behalf of a person who is accompanied by a guide dog or other assistance dog and to do so without additional charge

• Any driver that has a valid exemption certificate from TfL on medical grounds must carry this exemption with them at all times while working

Exemption certificates are available from Transport for London and are issued only if the driver has a specific medical condition that has been certified by a medical specialist.

Any complaint received by TfL of refusal to carry a passenger with a guide dog or assistance dog will be investigated. Any driver or private hire operator found to be refusing a fare or trying to charge an additional fee for the carriage of a guide dog or other assistance dog faces prosecution by TfL and the possible revocation of their licence.

In addition, in the coming months TfL will also be working with the Guide Dogs London mobility team to carry out some mystery shopping exercises.

Helen Chapman

18 November 2014 General Manager

For previous TPH Notices visit tfl.gov.uk/tph London Taxi and Private Hire. 


Veritas said...

Ms. Chapman,

There is NO issue with the cab trade carrying guide dogs.

For your information we are the vehicles with the yellow light on top, we know that TfL has difficulty telling us apart from PH.

Always happy to assist.

Anonymous said...

Why are we included in the notice
It ain't us that refuse guide dogs it's the minicabs.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought it was the guide dogs refusing to get in a mini cab. Driven by a third world religious nut ..

Anonymous said...

It's ashame chapman can't sort her life out and get TFL in order I'm sure there is someone new on the horizon ready to replace her Don't worry Helen I'm sure mason has a space for you

I'm Spartacus said...

Another cynical propaganda piece from Palestra.

A knee jerk reaction to a recent TV exposé, we could only wish that such rapid reaction came forward after the many programmes and press articles about touts and PH illegally plying for hire.

Now we find out that sexual crimes are under reported by around a quarter, let alone what every cab driver witnesses prowling outside every club and bar.

Still TfL have issued the notice and have a 'tick in the box' so it's job done for them.

Anonymous said...

In your dreams Helen
Still I suppose you have to make it look like you've still got a job
Regards Mark