Saturday, November 01, 2014

More Of The Mayor's Crazy Cycle Madness.

Transport for London has launched a six-week consultation on plans to transform Wandsworth town centre by re-routing the A3 and A205 South Circular roads to the north of the town centre along Armoury Way. The changes will free Wandsworth High Street of heavy traffic. The consultation will be used to inform the proposed highway layout. An additional detailed consultation will be carried out next year. TfL says construction could begin in 2017 and be completed in 2019. Consultation closes on 5 December

You can find the consultation here 

Planners say they hope to turn this:

Into this: Wandsworth High Street, Buses and Cycles only, between Buckhold Road and a Garret Lane.

Again, how are London's only fully wheelchair accessible service supposed to get disabled wheelchair users to destination on this part of Wandsworth High Street? 

Have disabled needs not been taken into account?
Are their plans to scrap wheelchair accessability?

Along with plans for Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and Baker Street, this is another major part of London that Tacis are planned to be excluded from.
As someone once said, "You couldn't make it up"


Steve Mepham said...

TFL are fast becoming the lunatic running the asylum, this PC zealotry for everything with 2 wheels just simply ignores the needs of all other Londoners.

Somebody once said to me that TFL'S idea of traffic management in London is basically to make it so painful to travel anywhere that you will simply stay home and draw benefits, I thought they were joking now I can see they were spot on

Anonymous said...

This is not about the passengers being dropped off. Let's face it, when have the disabled and elderly ever featured as a reason to do anything?

This is a direct result of a the identifiers and suburban review, following complaints, to stimulate useage of the Arndale Rank for the island rank drivers who service it, and due to the inconvenience of their identifiers they now cannot pick up on the street around the rank.

Not only will it encourage the public to use the often overserviced rank instead of a passing taxi, but will increase earnings of these drivers as they will be stuck in traffic as they are forced to circumnavigate the new traffic system.

They have already been treated to a pay rise with the removal of taxis from the bus lane in Ram street.

I don't understand why the Wimbledon sector get all these extras!!

Not only do they have four of the six island ranks available, and a sizeable extension into the central london area, but now potential fares are effectively being funnelled towards their rank to feed these drivers yet further All London work.

And even the few green badges that use the rank and can legally pick up from the high street seem bizzarely disinterested on the subject!!

Are there Tfl staff moonlighting with a yellow badge in the SW?

Anonymous said...

Global event ! Tower of London poppy moat. TFL close tower hill tube station all weekend. TFL total fail london, but don't them poppies make you proud,how many of our grandparents killed and died for this town

Anonymous said...

It won't go through because how are Uber supposed to pick up from do's at the town hall
Boris won't allow them to be excluded.