Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lib Dem Councillor Stuart Burke, defends his decision over Milton Keynes serial rapist taxi driver

Below is an article that appeared in the Milton Keynes Citizen, also on line. Reading this article has made me sick to my stomach. 

Councillor Stuart Burke, by Amanda Devlin
Published on the 17 November 2014 14:31

A rapist who drove a city taxi for three years had “done his crime, served his time”, according to a Milton Keynes councillor.

Councillor Stuart Burke was chairman of MK Council’s licensing committee which renewed the licence of Nadeem Ahmed Kiani - despite documentation detailing his convictions.

Mr Kiani attacked women by hiding in the back of a car, threatening them with weapons and forcing them to strip.

But in an internal audit released by MK Council today, Mr Burke is quoted as defending his decision to grant the rapist - convicted of four serious sexual assaults - a taxi licence.

Mr Burke said: “If you are just going to look at the paperwork then everyone who ever comes before me is guilty.

“If you merely look at the paperwork and you’re not there listening to what the person has to say you get a different impression.

“You see a very different person to the person you saw; you see someone who understood what he had done wrong and realised.

“I think that it did weigh heavily on our mind that the time that had passed between his offences and now.

“I still look at our current policy and think, well would he fall foul of our current policy and I don’t think he would.”

Mr Kiani forced his victims to remove their clothes before being raped and seriously sexually assaulted in turn over a three-month period in 1994.

Mr Burke’s fellow Lib Dem councillor Subhan Shafiq gave a character reference for Mr Kiani at the committee meeting. In August, Mr Shafiq stepped down as Mayor of Milton Keynes over the scandal.

Mr Burke added: “He was incredibly frank about what had happened.

“In fact he told us more than is on here, which is what had suprised me to be honest. He then proceeded to admit and acknowledge that what he’s done was wrong and that he accepted that.

“He was a 20-year-old and had made mistakes and that he’d served his time; he regretted everything he had done.”

Editorial Comment, by Jim Thomas

Cllr Stuart Burke, after making this ridicules statement about a dangerous serial rapist, who threaten a number of young women with weapons before forcing them to strip and raping them...you should be dragged out of the council chamber by the relations of the unfortunate victims who have had their lives and the lives of their families shattered. 

There can be no time servered that can compensate these four females, who now have to live with the nightmare of rape, for the rest of their lives

You state that this sexual predator understood what he did wrong !!!
That's no excuse for putting him back in a position where he may come into contact with vulnerable lone females. 

You also state that 20-year-old Kiani had made mistakes and that he’d served his time; he regretted everything he had done.
The only regret Kiani had was getting caught. 
Had he not been caught, there is every chance he would have carried on raping young women.

Kiani should be on the sex offenders register for life and never under any circumstances be given a position where he would have the opotunity to reoffend.

Seriously Cllr Burke, would Peter Sutcliffe be given a Taxi drivers licence by Milton Keynes council should he ever be released from Broadmoor? 
After all he would have "done his time"

Cllr Burke, you are a disgrace to every council licensing officer throughout the UK.
You are also an utter disgrace to every law abiding family in Milton Keynes, who have put their faith in you to keep their love-ones safe.

Now Mr Burke it's time for you to do the right thing, follow the Mayor and resign


Taxi Leaks Has Now Recieved An Update On This Case.
Taxi Leaks has been informed that Kiani was/is on the sexual offenders register and was refused a Private Hire Licence in 04/05 by TfL. 

Kiani was refused a Taxi licence with MK council. 

He applied a second time, this time with Stuart Burke as Licensing chairperson. 

Even though the council were provided with addition details about the cases, they decided to issue Kiani with a Taxi Licence, mainly on a personal recommendation from a councillor who has since resigned after the audit report was published.

The full investigation is available:

For elected councillors to talk of such things as "technical rape" is unacceptable. Stuart Burke's continued clinging on to office is sordid. Stuart Burke should know better because he's an educator & should be familiar with protection of vulnerable people.

Fellow Lib Dem member Subhan Shafiq resigned as Mayor of Milton Keynes in August and as a councillor yesterday over the scandal after it emerged he had given Mr Kiani a personal recommendation.

Speaking 24 hours after the internal audit was published, group Leader Councillor Douglas McCall said “Following last night’s group meeting the Lib Dem Group welcomes and accepts the audit report and all its recommendations.

With thanks to Colin.


Anonymous said...

I rest my case Jim, and like you mate, feel your pain.

Where on earth are we going ?

8829 Semtex

Gerald Coba said...

Jimmy, this is sickening
How can any man defend a rapist.
This councilor should not be allowed to resign and keep his pension, he should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

How can this councillor hang on to his position on the council? It's unreal.

Well who would have thought that Sir Peter Hendy would hold on to his position after admitting to surfing adult websites, putting TfL computers at risk of being hacked by criminal third parties, looking for high priced prostitutes.

But he did

"I'm not a moral compass "
6 words that seemed to clear up the matter nicely for him.

Do these people really have no shame?

Anonymous said...

Burke is a Berke,he would soon change his mind if it was his daughter that was raped,he should not be able to be leave,he should be kicked out the mans a disgrace,just like hendy,