Monday, October 13, 2014

Trade representation split over meeting with TfL compliance.

The LTDA have announced on Twitter, that along with Unite the Union, they will boycott today's talks with TfL Compliance.

The reason given was that TfL are not listening to the trade and that demos appear to be more successful than consultation. Amazing it has taken the LTDA 4 long years to come to this conclusion. A conclusion that rank and file drivers came to long ago.

Compliance do not listen to the Taxi trade concerns. They never have.
 Personally I think the LTDA and unite did the right thing by refusing to go to the meeting with compliance today. Nothing has ever been achieved by previous meetings with compliance and it is clear that direct action is the only way forward with this department. TtT.

The LCDC however, decided to break away from colleagues in the United Trade Group and go it alone to the meeting.

Conflicting Statements 
There seems to be an array of conflicting statements being put out by the LTDA. Members of their executive council of management do not appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Although LTDA tweet regularly that they oppose the cycle segregated highways, the LTDA's former vice general secretary Bob Oddy said nothing against, when he had the chance at this TfL Board Meeting, video below. 

Surely this is sending out confused signals. 

Think it's time the LTDA made a public statement about Mr Obby's position with both the LTDA and the Board of TfL.

How can this man retain both positions when there clearly seems to be conflict of interest between him and the membership of the LTDA?