Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Licenses To Be Issued To All Drivers, To Combat Counterfeits... By Jim Thomas

Just received information, that over the next 6 weeks, every licensed Taxi driver will be receiving, new issue bills and identifiers.

This measure was planned for September and was due to be completed by now, but the issue had to be put on hold while the backlog of licence renewals was cleared.

We've been told that the new identifiers will be similar to the current ones but this time double sided with the details (colour code, sector, badge number barcode and hologram) will be visible on both sides.

The licence will be A4 again but with added security features. Let's hope it looks a bit better than the present photo copy look a like (probably the reason why there are so many counterfeit licenses floating around). 

Drivers should display their replacement identifiers and carry the copy of their replacement licence as soon as they receive them.

Drivers renting taxis should give the original licence to the owner of the taxi and ask for the return of the existing licence.

Accompanying the new documents will be instructions advising how to return existing documents to TfL.