Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A 10 year Age Limit And The Secret Squirrel Jim Thomas.

Two more items of new today for the trade to worry about.

This afternoon SuperCabby broke the news that TfL and the Mayor are allegedly about to announce the introduction of a 10 years age limit. This is a move that could actually back fire on the mayor as the standing 15 year age limit is unlawful and not evidence based. 

               Spot the working Taxi Driver

The reason why it couldn't be challenged in court is the fact that the United Trade group plus other financially interested parties, without consultation with their respective membership, offered the measure to the mayor stating that they were worried he may have introduced a 12 year limit. 

The Mayors call for the limit was not evidence based and no scientific research or report was produced to back up the Mayors claims about the level of pollution from older vehicles.

Now, even in the face of 2 major, evidence based reports that show newer vehicles produce more dangerous NO2 and NOX than older vehicles, Boris and TfL are allegedly going to reduce the life so an of working Taxis. 

If this is imposed, then it will be challengeable this time. Case law exists where a council has been taken to the high court by a local Taxi association. The council lost the case and the ruling stated any vehicle presented, regardless of age, if it passes all conditions of fitness must be given a vehicle licence.

Secret Demo?
In a shroud of secrecy, the LTDA and Unite, along with the International Transport Workers Federation, held a protest this morning outside City Hall. The protest was about unregulated competition in London and to highlight the Mayor’s lack of enforcement of existing taxi and private hire regulations, including allowing the Uber app, which undermines existing regulations, to be licensed as a private hire operator.

Many drivers have expressed worries about the poor turn out and the fact that the LCDC were not in attendance. Have the LTDA carried out there threat to go it alone, made on twitter by one of their council of management officers?

Perhaps the next LTDA demo will be held in a phone box.

Sources: and CabTrade News blog.

Tonight there is confusion as the LCDC confirm to meeting on Monday, while the LTDA tries to deny any knowledge. 

Surely as LTDA have a man on the board of TfL, they would have had knowledge of this new age limit for some time.