Monday, September 15, 2014

Maaxi The ‘Black Cab Only’ Sharing App Launches In London Today.

Maaxi, the next generation taxi app for black cabs only forever, will start pre-registration of taxi drivers, Monday 15th September, toward formal sign up and download in just a few weeks. 

The passenger App, conceived 24 months ago, is a journey planner much like Google Maps or Citymapper but unlike Google Maps’ Uber option and Citymappers’ Hailo option, the App offers black cabs only in shared and normal fare format. 

This means that passengers can choose to upgrade from a train to a black cab door-to-door, something that they cannot do with other Apps (the price of an Uber or a Hailo is 5 to 10 times higher than public transport versus 1.5 times higher with a fully shared taxi on Maaxi). 

In addition, unlike in Google or Citymapper, in Maaxi the taxi booking is done within the App. 

Nat Rothschild, representing Maaxi, said: 
“This weekend saw articles highlighting new congestion charge plans along with a the lack of available funds for transport investment. 

Hackney carriage drivers’ are critical to resolving London’s transport problems and I am betting with Maaxi on the increasingly important role they must play in TfL’s plans to address the future of transport in London.”

Watch the videos and let us know what you think via the comments page.

Editorial comment.
When I first heard about a ride sharing app, I didn't think it had a chance of getting off the ground.

But then I remembered my time on ComCab, Dial A Cab and Radio Taxis, where accounts with hotel staff or London Underground workers, often marry up in the early hours and it works quite well. 

This new app promises to creat new work, rather than just recycle existing potential passengers. No other app out there is offering this. 

There are many who can't afford to use Taxis as much as they would like, but sharing with like minded people will bring individual costs down, allowing customers to use Taxis more often. 

They can chose to share, but can also book a journey on their own. The choice is theirs.

People already share, everyday on tubes and buses but have to make their own way to and from stations and bus stops. We would be offering a service to pick up and deliver door to door.

And the best attribute of this app is, it's completely free for the driver to use, only the passenger pays.

Quote from Twitter:
"ehail is free, App is free, punters not drivers pay for shared rides. Drivers  will make around 30% more with shared rides!!"

If you are interested and would like to sign on to this app >CLICK HERE<


Anonymous said...

My concern is this could turn into hailo again. What if Mr Rothschild does not get the return he wants?. Will use private hire or charge drivers. What if the other apps like Hailo use this system and only charge the driver , as they do at the present. The public will switch over to hailo/ Uber. Lots of questions need to be answered.
Be very careful.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please take the time to explain where all this work is going to come from, that we will need to marry up so many jobs!