Monday, September 15, 2014

EDL demo in Whitehall - This Saturday 20/9/14 At 4pm.

EDL demo in Whitehall - 20/9/14

 The English Defence League (EDL) plan to demonstrate in central London this Saturday, 20 September. Demonstrators will meet by the King Charles I statue (south of Trafalgar square) from around midday. Their intention is to march along Whitehall to Richmond Terrace where there will then be a static protest opposite Downing Street.  

Approximately 300 demonstrators are expected to take part in the demonstration, which will conclude around 16.00hrs.

It is likely there will be counter protests by groups opposed to the EDL; however at this time it is not possible to anticipate those numbers.

During the demonstration there will be an increase in noise levels and footfall in and around the immediate area. Transport hubs will also be busier than usual and there will be a degree of traffic disruption whilst the march takes place.

A proportionate policing plan will be in place to deal with these events, with police liaison officers on duty throughout who will be engaging with the demonstrators.

For advice on protests near business premises see the following link:


Anonymous said...

Ok, so the EDL are demonstrating this Saturday...
Taxi Leaks has decided to ADVERTISE this fact, however,the posting fails to communicate what the demonstration is about. Would the editorial staff at Taxi Leaks like to clarify if their blog posting is an advertisement for the demonstration; or was the blog post for another reason ???
I find it very strange Taxi Leaks has failed to post an editorial comment on this issue. Jim would you now like to post a comment to explain!

Editorial said...

As much as you would like to read something sinister into this, the fact is, this email is genuinely from the Met's total policing department. It was sent to me by the police as I'm on their mailing list. It's purpose is to warn drivers of a possible disruption to a major part of Central London on Saturday.

Personally I have no idea what the demonstration is about only that it is to take place. We only get updates from the police, not the EDL, much to you dismay.

Demo and upcoming public event updates, are common on the blog and do not normally come with added editorial comments as we only comment on trade issues that the blog specialises in posting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Veritas for your editorial comment. I'm pleaded to see you are not encouraging cab drivers to attend this gathering... yeah, right!

Editorial said...

Sorry Mark but you couldn't hit a barn door with a shot gun.

VERITAS is a guest writer.
TtT Is an acronym for Thomas The Taxi.

It's my name on the mailing list.