Tuesday, September 09, 2014

C.A.B.'s Dave Davies, talks on London Live


Why isn't the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, helping Taxi drivers to lower emissions?

Where is London Taxis share of DoT's Clean Vehicle Technology Fund?

Fire engines, ambulances, taxis and buses all in line for green upgrades as Department for Transport dishes out Clean Vehicle Technology Fund.

A host of clean vehicle technologies are to be deployed on buses, ambulances, taxis and even a fire engine, thanks to £5m of funding from the Department for Transport.

The government announced yesterday the winning bids for its Clean Vehicle Technology Fund (CVTF), sharing £5m between 17 councils and providing an additional £50,000 to help the successful local authorities assess the results of their clean technology projects.

The technologies, all of which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or air pollution, range from advanced catalytic converters to flywheel hybrid technologies, natural gas engines, and solar installations.

The bulk of the funding has been awarded to green bus projects, building on last year's award of £7.3m of funding through the Clean Bus Technology Fund.
For example, Newcastle City Council has been awarded nearly £500,000 to fit flywheel hybrid technology to 30 buses operating on two routes in the city, while Southampton City Council has been awarded over £350,000 for a similar project. 

In addition, a number of councils have received funding to install catalytic reduction technologies and thermal management technology on parts of their bus fleets in a bid to reduce air pollution.

Birmingham City Council has also been awarded £500,000 to convert 80 diesel cabs to liquid petroleum gas, while Reading Borough Council will receive nearly £370,000 to support a project to convert diesel cabs to compressed natural gas.

Finally, Yorkshire Ambulance Service has been awarded £166,000 to fund the installation of solar panels on its ambulances to charge the vehicles' batteries when they are stationary, reducing the need to keep the engine idling. And the Greater London Authority has been awarded £500,000 to fit catalytic reduction technology to 400 buses and, as part of a trial, one fire engine.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said the new funding meant "councils can now lead the way on introducing greener vehicles on their local streets".
"We received imaginative applications from local authorities from across England for vehicles including buses, taxis, vans, fire engines and ambulances," she added. "All the schemes will lower emissions in busy towns and cities. The funding we are providing will result in real public health benefits while supporting skilled jobs and economic growth in the environmental technologies industries."

    Source Business Green. 


Peter C said...

Will the LCDC be there today?

If so will they issue a statement retracting their decision to sign up to the age limit?

Maybe even include an apology to Dave dad, the RMT and others who have campaigned against it from its introduction.

Do they have the cojones to go against the wishes of Woodfield Road?

Anonymous said...

Grant could show his face
He signed up to the age limit with all the other sell outs