Monday, September 08, 2014

Editorial Comment On Tomorrows Proposed Go Slow From C.A.B. .... By Jim Thomas

No matter how insulated you feel, how secure you believe you are, this trade stands rank and file like a stack of dominos.

We are all in this together no matter how much you try to cut yourself off. When the first domino goes down, it triggers a chain reaction that knocks the next and that goes down too.

Let's look at the dominos.

Private Hire gets respectability through licensing.

Mary Dowdey does away with the need for planning permission, before PH operating centres could be licensed.

Joe Royal quits Cab Enforcement, saying satellite offices are unenforceable.
TfL cut cab enforcement to the bone and then lie about arrests and convictions 
PH company found to be receiving vehicle licence roundels in brown envelopes 

TfL bring in Taxi age limit based on lies from the Mayor.

Uber licensed without having an operating centre, or phone number and no ability to take pre bookings.

PH company receives operators license plus 18 licence variation in the same week. 

Staff member at Palestra reported to police and convicted of fraud for demanding cash for license renewal speed up.

Satellite office licence variations available to anyone with the cash.

Cabbies cabinet scrapped. Engagement policy dropped. 

The Met announce touting is under control

The truth about minicab related rape and sexual assault figures are manipulated and hidden from the media. 

Depressing, isn't it.
The most important thing about falling dominos is, remove one from the line and the falling down stops.
What's been happening over these last couple of months should have been a massive wake up call. 
Inquiries and investigations, allegations of brown envelopes, corruption and malfeasance.
TfL are now on the back-foot. 
Look how easily Hendy gave in over the rank at the Shard.
But will our trade Orgs pick up on the fact that NOW IS THE TIME.

Over the past decade under TfL, the Taxi trade has succumbed to the idea that what's happening to us is fate and there is nothing we can do about it. But have we all forgotten one thing. One thing we all have in common, "free will". 

Was Friday nights "Flash Demo" by a group of disgruntled drivers fate, or an expression of free will? 
Would it have happened if drivers had not put themselves out to do it?

The challenge with fate is as always, the answers are always right there in front of you. But there are none so blind as those who will not see.

It's not fate verses free will, 
It's fate, plus free will.
Plus a touch of the old dunkirk spirit.
Nothing can happen unless we let it happen. 
Nothing will be done, unless we do it.

For far too long, Taxi drivers have sat back and accepted everything that's been thrown at them.
Well, now it's time to start throwing back.
Rise to the challenge, NOW IS THE TIME.

I leave you with this quotation:
"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing"
Albert Einstein.

The destination of the "Go Slow" will be announced on Twitter tomorrow.

Please RT and also text friends who may not have twitter accounts. Speak to drivers on ranks and lets gain as much support as possible. 

Below is another report on the daily dangers faced by Taxi drivers from pollution in Central London, published in the Mail today. This test was carried out by 5 MPs using a Taxi.


Veritas said...

Stirring stuff, hope for a good turnout let Dave D do the talking as no one knows more about emissions etc.

Anonymous said...

Yet another good article Jim.
It seems that you are the only one who has the courage to say what needs to be said.
Its time to forget past differences ; it doesn't matter who has said what about who.
The only important thing is for drivers to support the protest tomorrow at 2 pm

Anonymous said...

Spot on Jim !!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, a rousing speech, love the quotation.
Let's hope it motivates the troupes.

I'm Spartacus said...

We all completely fail to understand that the Mayor and TfL can waste millions of pounds of public money on the island airport and cable car madness yet unable to find a pittance to reengineer the cabs that THEY force us to use.

Beyond any rationale

Anonymous said...

Andrew Castle on Smooth Radio

07-42 says there is a Go-Slow today "About something Silly"

They just don't get it do they