Monday, September 22, 2014

Are your fares too high or is the Flag-Fall too low? Have your say

On the 17th of September 2014 the London Assembly Transport Committee invited 8 Groups from the Taxi & Private Hire to City Hall to speak at the hearing re investigating the way forward for both the Taxi & Private Hire industries.

First up was Jo Bertram and the Über Team who said public safety is their number one priority. They are based in London, are a registered company in the UK & pay required tax.

Second up was Ron Zeghibe Chairman of Hailo and Russell Hall. They explained they are a British technology success story. Now in North America, all of Europe and most of Asia, with 60,000 drivers.

Third up was Simon Rush and Steve Garelick from the GMB union who said a 'minimum living fare' needs to be introduced for drivers in London. They recommend a code of conduct for the trades.

Forth up was Steve Wright Chairman LPHCA.
He said that Taxi and Private Hire enforcement has failed. He then explained that in his opinion signage doesn't work and showed his solution to safety issues, a registration plate prefixed by a red P (originally disregarded from the Taxi and Private Hire consultation)

Fifth up was Grant Davis
He said t consider there are too many satellite offices and not enough Taxi ranks. They want a review of TfL's status as a licensor/regulator.

Sixth up was Charlie Miller and Nick Gilbert from the LSTDC who want a review of sector boundaries in locations where they believe there is unmet demand plus more island ranks for suburban drivers.

Seventh up was Paul White and John Leach of the RMT.
The RMT London Taxis Branch says the Mayor sends out mixed messages on Pedicabs. 
Should they be licensed, or are they illegal? They want greater clarity.

Eighth in was Geoffrey Riesel Chairman RTG 
Mr Riesel said that in his opinion the Knowledge takes too long and is to complete. He said it is a barrier to trade growth and wants to see the KOL revised & modernised. 


TfL’s 2013/14 Taxi and Minicab Customer Satisfaction Survey, showed that over two thirds (68 per cent) of passengers thought that taxi fares were either a little too expensive or much too expensiveⁱ.
Are your fares to high or is the Flag-Fall to low?
You have till the end of the month to put your written submissions in.

Please send written submissions to the 
Transport Committee 
London Assembly, 
City Hall, 
The Queen’s Walk,
London SE1 2AA, or email:


Anonymous said...

Bring back the extras

Anonymous said...

keep the fares the same but increase the flag fall 3.60 so all locals will go at least a 6 to 7 pound. It might sound a lot but when you only sometimes do 1 local job an hour all shift, it's needs to be increased. As a yellow badge punters only use us for very short journeys because mini cabs are a fiver minimum, so we get legaled of with 3.20 for the same fare. this can happen most of the day

Anonymous said...

bring back EXTRAS,Freeze fares for 2 years.

Fred said...

Don't start putting Grant Davis's photos on here editor, we get twenty a month in the Badge!

On a more serious note, there can be no doubt that the GLA now know all our issues, will they ensure that TfL and the mayor address them?

Anonymous said...

Personally I think the tariff should go back to what it was pre red ken. we could justify being slightly more expensive than a mini cab with things like, a driver having the knowledge,vetted by the police, whilst being fully insured in a vehicle built for the job and at a price the passenger can see rather than taking someones word for it.
Alas ken knew how greedy the likes oddy and macnamara were and that they wouldn't challenge a price rise at a ridiculous and damaging time of 8pm.Once the punters realized that they were being turned over they made other arrangements and traveled on the buses and tubes just as ken knew they would.
Any price rises will only drive punters even further away and into the open arms of uber etc. This proposal to get you to have your say is only an exercise in proving how greedy cab drivers are once again. They already know that the trade will want a rise in fares just so they can sit in the cafes and shelters for a bit longer talking b**lo*ks and still get what they need to pay the monthly credit card bill.
Think for crying out loud, they want us to kill ourselves with our shortsightedness and greed.If we fall for this one then I fear we wont get back up again and the days of earning a living out of the game will be over.

Captain Sensible said...

Anon 12.58

Are you suggesting a fare cut?

Most back street minicab firms have a fiver minimum, the Primark suited crowd even more.

Bigger flag fast and a slower meter over £20.00 to encourage readers and turnaround at LAP and LCA.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Captain Sensible.

Anonymous said...

yellow badge works on hailo in town with sat nav is already getting double bubble of poor unaware punter .

Anonymous said...

Clearly you are sensible in name only.If you were truly sensible and not as greedy as the rest, then you would see that any rise in fares will only result in punters making other arrangements and finding alternative methods of getting home.The blokes in the primark suits, the back street mini scabs and the people who run the big red menaces or the underground zombie movers will clean up and we'll be longing to get bums on seats.
I've been driving people around London for 25 years and I can promise you fare rises only lead to less work, when we ran at a flat rate with extras of 60p and 90p and 40p for extra passengers we had no shortage of riders. We can't say the same nowadays because rate 3 is extortionate and always has been.
Minimum fares from city will result in the airport charging you to rank up which kind of defeats the object in my book.
Still no doubt there are thousands of clever blokes like yourself who desire big rises in tariffs and minimum fares and a short time after you have them will wish that you hadn't.
We are the last resort when the preferred modes of transport are busy or it's pouring with rain.
The trade and people like you in particular, need to wake up and realize that we aint anywhere near as good as we think we are. We are on borrowed time captain,time that will decrease even more rapidly if your suggestions ever come to pass.

Anonymous said...

It appears that none of you understand the tariff or how it works.

Tariff 1 operates at £2.55 per mile up to £17.40 and no further.

Tariff 2 operates at £3.14 per mile up to £21.00 and no further.

Tariff 3 operates at £3.89 per mile up to £25.40 and no further.

What you are probably not aware of is that another tariff kicks in after those 3 figures have been reached, that being a fourth tariff which operates at £3.63 per mile thereafter.

Tariff 1 goes from £2.55 per mile up to £17.40 then jumps up to £3.63 per mile thereafter (a 42.3% increase).

Tariff 2 goes from £3.14 per mile up to £21.00 then jumps up to the same £3.63 per mile thereafter (a 15.6% increase).

Tariff 3 on the other-hand goes from £3.89 per mile up to £25.40 then to the very same £3.63 per mile (a 6.4% decrease).

So the problem is not with the first 3 tariffs, it’s what happens when the 4th tariff kicks in and possibly the reason why customers seek other transport service providers.

Anonymous said...

Put the meter fall five pounds so T F L and rental garages can put badge renewal and mot fee and cab rentals up while they make a profit we get the grief off the punters .

Anonymous said...

We've already got hailo drivers and get taxi drivers radio circuits doing cheap rides to airport and underground , any rise will push punters to hailo then eventually mini cabs when hailo have got enough to cover the work and they don't need black cabs