Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Richmond Council To Revoke Station Taxi Rank: Decision Tomorrow.

On Thursday the 7th of August this week a decision will be made by the local council as to whether the rank outside Richmond station stays or goes.

It's been there 108 years and for the last 9 years local drivers have fought to keep a presence outside the station. They have been moved from pillar to post and back again. Local activists have been to so many meetings to try and make the council see sense, that the public want and expect to walk out of Richmond station and get straight into a cab, not to go on a walk about trying to find a cab circulating the area. 

Have been told that the LTDA will fight any proposals from the council to move the rank away from the station, but don't hold your breath. 

If Richmond drivers loose the fight to keep the rank outside the station, would this be the beginning of the end for the suburban trade. 

Would this be followed by Kingston, Ealing, Harrow, Stratford, Romford, etc.

Will post again on Thursday and let you know the outcome. 

    With thanks, LondonBoy


Anonymous said...

Will Steve Howard of LTDA attend, will he stay silent as he did before?

Anonymous said...

Mr Howard doesn't need to sweat it with Kingston, Merton and Sutton on his licence as well as Richmond.
He may even have extended his licence to include Hounslow and also the Clapham extension. It's such a small part of his area!!

Anonymous said...

They don't worry about the yellow it's only green that matters

Anonymous said...

Ealing rank is going to move there turning it in to a bike stand Check the ealing council web site plans of the redevelopment

BlackRat said...

Its a real shame but over time it seems as if they are reducing working & rest ranks. London is the same we are seeing the ranks disappear. Richmond station rank is a major working rank and you've gotta feel for those who work that area. Unfortunately we have no say the local councils do as they please , they want us when things go wrong with the transport system but that's all the rest of the time they don't give a monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean more Richmond drivers 'floating' around Putney with their lights on under the pretension of heading for the station rank.

I have the greatest sympathy for those drivers who learned the Richmond area because it was where they wanted to work, but if the council reduce the rank space for men ( and women) with mortgages, where do you think they are going to go?

Honest Suburban drivers are being criminalised by these moves and no one seems to care except Tfl who will probably target them with compliance activity to ensure they are squeezed into desperate lawlessness and then revoke their licences!!

That's how to reduce the pressure on over subscribed boroughs!!!

Kingston taxi said...

Its a real shame but over time it seems as if they are reducing working & rest ranks!!