Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Greater Manchester Police Stop Taxis, picking up from a taxi rank???

Watch what happened when a licence Taxi Driver try's to pick up from an illegal private hire rank after Manchester Council had erected a  "Taxi rank" sign. 

Sanctioned by Manchester City Council
Condoned by Greater Manchester Police
They try to prevent lawful licensed taxis from picking up at the rank

    With Thanks to Lucy G


Veritas said...

We can do better here Manchester, we have 'Taxi ranks' outside every bar and club, infested with PH and unlicensed pretending to be taxis.

Breaking the law, endangering the public and depriving us of our lawful livelihood, all condoned by the authorities by the issue of satellite licences.

Anonymous said...

Well said Veritas, and may I add, also condoned by our own Vichy UTG, gutless and clueless swines !!

Anonymous said...

Yes Veritas... Satellite offices are number 1 on the list of issues the trade has with TfL, and the one issue the UTG are avoiding dealing at all costs!