Sunday, August 24, 2014

Elephant and Castle roundabout revamp: TfL to look for ways cyclists can avoid it

TfL has announced that a re-design of a notorious London roundabout will start next year after four fifths of those consulted backed the plans. 

The scheme for Elephant's nothern roundabout entails converting the one-way system to two-way traffic, replacing extensive subways with wide pedestrian crossings, and better interchange between the bus and the tube. TfL is also to investigate the feasibility of limiting the speed limit to 20mph as part of the works. 

However, following concerns raised during the consultation, the original proposals for a segregated cycle lane soundbound on the Elephant and Castle link road have been scrapped and replaced with a 4.5m wide bus lane. 

This will include new road markings to highlight to cyclists the location of potential conflict points where buses will be pulling in and out of the lane. 

TfL will in addition work with Southwark Council and the new shopping centre owners to identify whether footways could be widened, allowing "cycle provision to be reassessed in future". 

Southwark and TfL are also looking at alternative cycling routes on local roads, to see if existing 'bypass options' for cyclists avoiding the roundabout can be made more direct.

    Source: Transport Extra


I'm Spartacus said...

No cyclist need to go around the Elephant at all.

Elephant Road, Brook Drive and Rockingham Street (there are others), all offer le all detours with little or no traffic.

BAN cyclists from using the roundabouts and make them use these LIVESAVING routes.

Common sense proposal unlikely to be adopted.

Anonymous said...

Or more usefully, provide visible sensible signage to direct cyclists to the safer routes. Many cyclists find themselves in dodgy traffic systems as they are not aware of alternatives. Road signage and directions heavily favour motorists. If you were cycling across London and attempting to navigate the only real direction signs are ment for car drivers.