Friday, August 15, 2014


Eco City Vehicles has made an extremely vague announcement following its AGM yesterday
14 August 2014

 Result of AGM

Eco City Vehicles PLC, the supplier of the licensed Mercedes Vito taxi, announces that all resolutions proposed at its Annual General Meeting held yesterday were duly passed.

This surely begs the question why is so little information being released about the AGM?
What were the resolutions passed?

The share price hit an all time low yesterday  of 0.35p which is 81%down on its year high

The shares have dropped a massive 55% in the last month alone.

How long will they continue like this with falling revenues and a falling share price ?

Any driver considering investing a huge amount of money in a taxi must surely ask himself how good will the warranty be if they are no longer in business?
How easy will it be to get parts and servicing?
How much will a Vito be worth after they have gone out of business?


Anonymous said...

It seems like the writing is on the wall.
Trying to get proper servicing done is extremely difficult now; it would be impossible if they are no longer in business.
The Vito has many problems like the failure of the rear wheel steering (among other issues)and Eco City Vehicles have done little or nothing to resolve any problems.
If they are no longer in business who is going to carry out servicing or repairs?
Who is going to honour the warranty?
Anyone who buys a Vito must be mad !

Anonymous said...

i believe that the warranty is a manufacturer warranty, therefore it is covered by mercedes benz and available at all mercedes dealerships

Anonymous said...

Only the basic Vito is cob
Versed by Mercedes
The Taxi conversion is not covered by Merc.

One wheel on my wagon... said...

Why not put these questions to the Vito owners club,they're in dire need of a reality check. They claim to be up to date on all issues concerning the Mercedes Vito...

But don't expect to get any answers!

Mike Canty VitoTaxiClub said...

In answer to Dave Davies column.

The Euro 5 Vito taxi is MBs responsibility.
We asked MB directors for, an extended warranty on all Euro 5s rear steer systems until a successful upgrade comes. This they did.
The Euro 4 is CityVehicles. We asked for compensated valuation on upgrades, this they have done. This they did.

KPM is an MB dealership, and if you are not happy with them you can choose any other MB dealership to do your servicing, and maintenance work.
Many are happy to use them I am told, but rear steer
issues are bogging KPM down.

The Rear steer issues are now being dealt with.
The upgrade testing is taking a long time, this is mainly due to MBs insistence that this time the fix must work.
The stringent testing has taken longer than they, and we had hope for, but every component in this complex system is now being tested to the max.
They have found several faults, and we are assured that we will be seeing the results very soon.

I make no apologies for anyone, but the Penso system has been a nightmare to both owners, and dealerships.

According to application for planning proposals
Hemmings street is to be part of a redevelopment plan for Tower Hamlets housing . If this goes through the main workshops on the east side will go, leaving the cab sales on the west side.
Tower Hamlets have plans to redevelop much of this area of London.