Monday, August 11, 2014

Cycle of i'm Spartacus.

So another weekend where London becomes a theme park!

Cabs having to go 'round the houses' leading to angry customers and frustrated drivers, one can only imagine how much business the shops lose because of these seemingly endless cycling events.

We had Leon 'Olympic lanes' Daniels on TV saying just plan ahead, don't worry about closed bridges, blocked roads and closed underground lines, just plan ahead! On yet bike!

Pity TfL and the seemingly paralysed staff at LTPH cannot ride a bit faster on illegal plying for hire and the farce that is Über.

Another pity is that the so called leaders of the cab trade wish to indulge in taking pot shots at each other and taking offence to any criticism and using it as a barrier to dialogue, it's as childish as it is unhelpful.

Get on your bikes and get talking, that WILL make TfL backpedal!

Back to today, apparently we are expected to believe that the event brings millions into the London economy.

Just how much is a tin of 3 in 1 Oil?

I'm Spartacus (winner tour of London August 2014)

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