Thursday, August 07, 2014

Boris's 100 bobbies on the street, are no more than a PR stunt.... By Jim Thomas.

 The police are turning a blind eye to the root cause of minicab related sexual assaults.

Unlawful touting in the Coventry Street, Wardour Street area, is at an all time high and is being aided and abetted by the police.

After a successful Flash Mob demonstration arranged by way of social media caught the authorities by surprise, Boris hastily pushed forward a Zero Tolerance initiative (based on a successful action in New York) planned for later in the year. 

But in London, it seems Zero Tolerance has a completely different definition. 

I made a special visit to the Coventry Street rank on 2nd Aug (23:30) to investigate complaints from drivers who said they had been moved off the rank by police officers, after the council removed the forward sign post on the junction of Wardour Street, indicating the bus stand becomes a Taxi Rank in the evenings. 

When I arrived, the rank was unusable as one minicab and a number of rickshaw bikes had completely taken it over. There was a constable standing on the corner of Wardour, so I drive round the block, parked on the feeder rank in Oxendon Street and approach him.

I explained complaints had been made that certain police officers had moved licensed Taxis off this rank and also, they had flatly refused to move on Rickshaws and Minicabs illegally parked on the Taxi rank.

At first he said; "this is a bus stop, there is no signage". 
I informed him that a traffic management order (TMO) was in place and then bought his attention to the Taxi rank board on the corner of Rupert Street, which holds the TfL notice appointing the Bus Stand as a shared night time Taxi rank. I then asked him to clear the rank. 

He said he wasn't there for "trivial matters" and was only there to police more serious issues such as muggings, fights and stabbings (his words). 

He also said he believes in "live and let live" and that in his opinion, the minicabs and rickshaws were not posing a serious problem. 

I explained as an officer of the law, he was charged to uphold the law and couldn't choose which laws to uphold. This didn't go down well and he summoned his Sgt.

His Sgt. emerged from a parked mobile police unit just feet away, to whom I repeated my allegations. 
The Sgt. refuted his officers would try to move on Taxis unless they were unlawfully parked. I then explained about the rank (which even he had no knowledge of) and told him his officer had refused to move on the offending minicab and rickshaws. 
He wasn't pleased but made the accompanying officers move the minicab and bikes.

I made a repeat visit to the rank just after midnight and found it full of minicabs and bikes. The police officer had completely disappeared. 

A few nights later, I revisited Coventry Street and found four minicabs parked with their wheels on the pavement outside the entrance to the Trocadero. As I slowly past the illegal minicab rank, I noticed a Westminster Council NSL Traffic Warden walking past, taking no notice whatsoever.

Further along, I saw two police officers on the corner of Rupert Street. I parked up and approach the officers and asked why they were allowing these four vehicles to cause a dangerous obstruction by parking on the pavement. 

The answer I receive was unbelievable.

The male officer informed me he was using professional discretion to allow the vehicles to sit there, as there have been reports of women being sexually assaulted in the area and the closer the cars get to the exit the safer for young ladies leaving the Trocadero. 

I was completely and utterly shocked.

I told him, if he was worried about the rapes and sexual assaults in the area, it would be advantageous to move all the touting cars on, as it was the minicabs and predators who were carrying out the attacks. 

I told him he did not have the power of discretion to let people break the laws he didn't fancy enforcing. I also told him if he did not move the vehicles, I would report him to his Sgt. just yards up the road. This seemed to do the trick and both he and his female colleague walked up to the touts and moved them on.

So Boris this is London's Zero tolerance?

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Anonymous said...

Jim you work hard for out trade it seems even out police force just want to pick and choose what they do TFL well it's just a joke and as for Borris the worlds best question dogger what chance do we really stand we had a big demo since then not a word from the UTG So where will we go from here maybe if we was policed by the BTP things might get a little better let's wait and see

Anonymous said...

These initiatives are just glorified photo shoots they never amount to much. Some Supt gets a big photo opportunity always happens never take them seriously

Anonymous said...

Can we not report Police officers for not enforcing the law and the lack of duty.

Old fashioned standards said...

A message to the Mayor and Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis:

If you want us to respect you, then you must respect us and uphold the law no matter how inconvenient.

We ask for nothing more but demand nothing less!

Anonymous said...

Police numbers down 7% & they are actively looking to sack officers if they can 3 are on suspension at hammersmith at the moment all over a text sent??

Its sack a copper on 30k recruit one on 19k boris has been a dreadful mayor,wherever he stands we need to be behind Ukip to finish his political carrier

BlackRat said...

Jim you are very passionate about the trade and good for you, Unfortunately the outcome will never change as you can see when talking to the police they are not to bothered. I was told by a officer in the city of London police they want the streets clear at night, it obviously makes their job a lot easier.

The law should state that the customer can be charged for aiding & abetting a crime then it will change as I think the demand will not be there as much.Though once again I cannot see that happening.

It seems that over time the taxi trade has upset a lot of people, the way the media treated us over that mini cab business and the general feeling off people I pick up they don't have much sympathy for us.

We have to get our own in order before anything else, picking up next to working ranks, a couple of day's ago i was on debenhams rank and a taxi advertising sherbert London picked up within 10 yards of the rank on the same side of the road in front of me bloody liberty and disgusting behaviour.Thats without the overtakers. No solidarity in the trade.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Its only taken you five years to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
Jim, you are publishing an agenda that was exposed 5 years ago...

The police have been recruiting inadequates for over a decade and training them to support the hidden agenda.

We are being programmed to accept;
inadequate MP's, bent judiciary, judges and their rulings. Hendy and Daniels understand this concept; why do you think they are adamant to get a judicial ruling regarding Uber - the whole proceeding will be crooked, mark my words!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:35 - get behind UKIP - your bonkers - they'll be tons worse than boris - if any body votes for those right wing fascists we are finished - look at thier manifesto - they want working class people hung out to dry - if that lot get in we will have scab ranks the following the day - remember these nutters believe in the free market where cheapest is best - that means ordinary working people - like us - get mullered - vote wisely

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the Metropolitan Police and the enforcement Head are useless,Steve Burton needs replacing.What's wrong with an outside police force
doing the cab enforcement role.
The contract should up for tender.
There were Police officers working in London after the riots from all over the uk.