Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Daniels' by Warden Hodges

Time to ask some hard questions about how Über managed to obtain a TfL Private hire licence and quite how TfL are protecting the travelling public.

Leon Daniels (yes the very same Leon Daniels our friend from the Olympics) seems to be fronting up on cab trade matters for TfL at present.

Taxileaks have sent out its roving reporters to find out what is going on.

The registered office of Über at present, is an office block (Winchester House), on the Old Marylebone Road with many other companies registered there (109 to be precise). 

When we visited, the receptionist told us the office was unstaffed that day, apparently others have had the same response.

Über started out at 3 More London and was there sharing an office with Norose Company Secretarial Services Ltd, till November 2013 moved to 83 Baker Street, then on to Marylebone  in December and will apparently be on the move again soon. Norose is still registered as Übers company secretary. 

Über is registered on TfLs web site as Über London Ltd. They were first licensed on 31th of May 2012 and their current licence runs till 30th of May 2017.

What's going on Mr Daniels?

Every PH operator has to have an 'Operating Centre' where bookings are recorded.
It is an absolute requirement and the premises is to accessible at any time for inspections by TfL's Compliance staff. 
We can find no Operating Centre address anywhere for Über.

What's going on Mr Daniels?

If there is a compliant from a customer about the fare etc. TfL just pass this on to the operator, currently we can't even find a telephone number for Über, so how can this be done?

What's going on Mr Daniels? 

We have all read the TfL statement about a 'consultation' concerning apps. , 'virtual meters' etc.

What for?

It does not matter if a PH vehicle is booked on the phone, via an App, the internet or by carrier pigeon, it must always be pre booked and details recorded by a TfL licensed Operator. 

The law is absolutely plain on this, anything else is illegal and leaves the passenger and driver uninsured which in addition to a breach of the PH act which TfL have to enforce, it's a criminal offence under the Road Traffic Acts.

Thus far, TfL has failed to act.

What's going Mr Daniels?

We don't want a TfL staged consultation. We want TfL to do its duty! 

Just like Brussels and other licensing authorities across the globe.

There are rumours of 'political interference' in this matter.

What's going on Mr Daniels?

This blog awaits your reply until then get your compliance officers out there. 

Editorial Comment
 In the same vein:
 * A private hire company in 2012 was issue 18 Statelitte Office licenses without conforming to TfL policy of being in business for the minimum period of one year. In TfL's defence, Director John Mason made a number of statements appertaining to the company involved, which all proved to be untrue.

 * Around the same time in 2012, a west London minicab company was issued a package of PH licence roundels without the necessity to present vehicles for licensing at SGS. We were told by Director John Mason that this wasn't cash for licences, but just someone doing a friend a favour.

 * On the 17th of April 2013, Brazilian national and member of staff at Palestra, Marcos Gurgel was found guilty of fraudulently obtaining £249 from Taxi Driver Stanley Marut, in a licence renewal scam.

What's going on Mr Daniels?


Anonymous said...

We have two nasty ingredients here.

Multi national corporations who think rules are for the plebs.

TfL have cut everything to the bone (except senior salaries) so all this is effectively a free for all.

Closing the Underground ticket offices is the same idea along with the Fire Stations.

GLA enquiry can't come too soon.

Anonymous said...

It looks like LTPH is not being audited by TFL.For reasons best known to them because they should be. As long as they continue to do what they please and have no person auditing them then it will all be like this.
Scraps of paper,e-mails and people open to a bribe. Peoples private details are the currency here.

Mike said...

No one seems to be accountable for Uber in London.How has this happened? In business matters you have to follow the money trail

Ask yourself who stands to benefit from Uber's operation in London? Why has TFL flouted laws they strictly uphold with Taxi and PH

You have to ask yourself who is gaining by licensing UBer? One rule for Uber and another rule us.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money

Someone somewhere is taking a bung!

Editorial said...

It now appears that Leon Daniels has gone to ground.
TfL have failed to answer an FOI in the time allotted.

Do these people think they are above the law?
Do they believe they are untouchable and irreplaceable?

Anonymous said...

"we would like to thank tel for their progressive thinking "

uber spokesperson - says it all, really.

let's shut London down!

Steve said...

How can tfl let this happen , they are not fit for service , its all so wrong

Anonymous said...

The political influence definitely links in to propaganda articled pro Uber published by the highly influential naws agencies such as Forbes and Rueters...

Corupt and improper practices are prevalent within TfL, especially within LTPH. This cannot continue, this underhand corupt, criminal activity must be investigated and those responsible should face malfeasance prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Bollox to the shard demo. MacNamara should now call the trade to muster in Trafalgar Sq, it's the only way for the corruption to be exposed. The media will be all over Johnson,Hendy,Daniels and Co.


No more talk, ACTION!

Anonymous said...

Steve McNamara has the London Taxi Trades future in the palm of his hands.

All he has to do, is the right thing and call a demo.

Dialogue.Will only enable TfL to broom the corruption under the carpet.

Direct Action is the only way to expose out of control,corrupt TfL!

Anonymous said...

Let's see it the LTDA & LCDC have the balls to call a mass demo every cab driver knows there just full of xxxx Will there members be balloted lol no don't be silly all them members they have it would be far too much paper to send out at leat there members can rest assure that the diary and lanyard. Will be in the post come December

Anonymous said...

Come on Steve, Do or Die.

Anonymous said...

What exactly do people expect a demo will achieve?
TFL are a corrupt entity and do not act in compliance with Public Law.
In fact they are a Public Body who receive £9 billion a year in taxpayers money yet are accountable to absolutely no one.

The Mayor is also accountable to no one, and why should he be ? after all he is from a much higher class than the rest of us and went to Eton so he should'nt have to be accountable to anyone.

The ONLY way that TFL will be exposed is in the format of a Public Inquiry and the ONLY way to achieve that is in relation to failed air quality strategies.

I know it will be very difficult for most taxi drivers to understand the concept of strategic thinking.
To use a simple analogy;
The Feds in the States could not arrest Al Capone for his activities as a gangster so they eventually convicted him for tax evasion.
TFL will never be held to account on issues like Uber so use something that they can be held to account for ; the deaths of thousands of people in London because of their failed air quality strategies.
The London Taxi age limit did nothing to reduce pollution; in fact Yeo's Vitos created MORE pollution than a 15 year old cab.
Some London boroughs are now campaigning for a 10 year age limit.
It is slightly ironic that taxi drivers are most affected by the pollution;they sit in all day every day.
It will be a matter of time before proper research shows that heart and lung disease and cancer occurs in higher rates in taxi drivers.

The LTDA will not take action against TFL as long as Oddy is paid £30k a year by them.

Wake Up !

Anonymous said...

go on ubers facebook see the comment from a passenger charged full fare for a job she cancelled and says there is nowhere for her tpo complain!!!

LTDA should use their millions and barristerise them!!


LCY Len said...

Why does everyone think we need tfl's pet stooges to organise a demo ?

Neither have the minerals or the slightest inclination to bite the hand that feeds them.

I have explained before that the best time to stage any demo is at the start of the working day and that it should be at several location's to cause maximum disruption. Riding round in circles over bridges or around trafalgar square at lunchtime will have little to no impact.

We need a handful of committed individuals on mobile phones organising small grouos of 30 to 40 vehicles at the main routes inyo london from all compass points.No flags or banners aimed at gleaning more subs, just pure commitment from those brave enough to be there. We have more to gain than lose.

We can achieve the goals we all crave in our posts on this forum and we can do it through this forum. All we need is to believe in ourselves and not look towards a couple of weak tfl toady's who's self interest is apparent in their every action and inactions.