Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TfL, Totally Out Of Control And Unfit For Purpose. By Jim Thomas.

Do these people believe they are above the law?

Do they really believe they are untouchable and irreplaceable?

By refusing to act against a company, that they have admitted is acting in an unlawful manner, they are not in compliance with Public Law.

In the past:
 * PH roundels have been dished out like sweet papers without cars being inspected.
 * A man wanted in connection with a million murder genocide, was licensed as a PH driver.
 * PH operators have been licensed contra to TfL policy
 * One PH operator we know of has been licensed with no operating centre.
 * Plus, corruption has taken place, over the counter at Palestra, which resulted in arrest and conviction of a member of staff.

Project Horizon has seen internal staff at TfL cut to the bone, while top bosses still recieved massive bonuses.
The computer upgrade to the multi million pound TOLA system, has been a disaster and the subbing out of licensing responsibilities has seen drivers kept unnecessarily out of work for months on end, because Sir Peter Hendy personally stopped the accepted practice of issuing temporary licences while applicants wait for renewals.

The fact is, this is a Public Body, who receive £9 billion a year in taxpayers money and yet they are accountable to absolutely no one.

Refusal to use enforcement:
In regards to Private hire acting illegally, they have for many years now refused to enforce hackney carriage law, refused to enforce the private hire act, have virtually disbanded cab enforcement unit and totally disregard the offence of illegally plying for hire by private hire cars. Licensed Taxi ranks have been removed wholesale and replaced with Bus Stands and Boris Bike Stations.

Because of their blind eye attitude and inaction by compliance teams, we have seen the figures for serious sexual assaults, including rapes, go through the roof. 

We have seen in an article about a certain email train posted on the MayorWatch website, they are not an open and transparent body. They instruct staff only to give the bear minimum answers with FOI requests and in some cases they just don't answer at all.

Why did a top TfL officer become involved over the placement of a Taxi rank?
On the 17th on March I place an FOI request to TfL about the new Taxi rank, badly sited in St Thomas Street SE1, which stated: 
If possible could you explain how the location of this Taxi Rank was decided and confirm dates of any site visit by
staff employed by TFL.

Also, could you kindly confirm or deny if Mr Leon Daniels had any involvement verbally or by correspondence with reference to the taxi rank in St Thomas Street, if so, please provide copies.

I have since recieved a reply from the "WhatDoTheyKnow" team stating that 

"Transport for London have delayed."

"They have not replied to your FOI request re Taxi rank placement St Thomas Street SE1 promptly, as normally required by law." 

This is an all too common response from TfL to Freedom of Information requests.

TfL, Out Of Control And "Totally Failing London".


pete said...

Its a farce and its not going to get better till 25000 say enough is enough and stuff the place up week after week


w14taxi said...

Top work Jim, your cries of foul have been resonating through the halls of power for years. The crescendo is ever rising, and in my opinion is more likely to peak when these sorry career politicians and private bus company vested interested people are finally exposed under investigation, by a higher power.

Fitzroy Lodger. said...

Stakeholders will be asking, if this isn't true, why has this blog post not been taken down?
Ha ha, you couldn't make this stuff up, it's priceless.

Keep punching my son, soon you'll get this mob right on the button.

Veritas said...

Simply put Ed.

The answer is yes, they are untouchable as they know too much.

In the run up to an election be sure Cameron does not want these people on the loose.

Let's keep up the pressure though, they deserve nothing less!

Top stuff.