Friday, April 25, 2014

Nissan Recalls New NYC Taxis For Air-Bag Malfunction

Nissan is recalling just over 1 million cars, SUVs and vans because the front passenger air bags may not inflate in a crash. It’s the company’s second recall to fix the same problem.

The recall affects the NV200 Taxi van, Altima midsize car, Leaf electric car, Pathfinder SUV and Sentra compact models from the 2013 and 2014 model years, Infiniti JX35 SUV from 2013. Also covered are the Infiniti QX60 and Q50 SUVs from 2014.

In documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan says the vehicles’ computer software may not detect an adult in the passenger seat. If that happens, the air bags won’t inflate.

Nissan will notify owners and dealers will update the software for free. The recall is expected to start in mid-April.

Most of the vehicles were recalled in February of last year for a similar problem. Dealers replaced seat sensors, but Nissan said it continued to get consumer complaints and warranty claims in vehicles that had been repaired.

Front passenger seats have sensors that determine the passenger’s weight and turn off air bags off if a child is on board. The malfunctioning sensors can turn the air bags off even if an adult is in the seat.

Nissan received three reports of air bags failing to inflate in a crash. Spokesman Steve Yeager said in an e-mail that he is not sure if anyone was hurt in those incidents. There have been no deaths due to the problem, he said.

The recall affects almost 990,000 vehicles in the U.S., another 60,000 in Canada and small numbers in other countries, Yeager said.

Shame this vehicle wasn't already in service in London. Would have been interesting to see if TfL would have suspended the licenses of Nissan Taxis whil ignoring other models licensed as PHVs over this issue. 
In the pasts we've seen TX4s taken off the road while licensed PHVs with similar conditions were left in service.


Anonymous said...

The vito rear steer is much worse and tfl should look at taking these of the road

Anonymous said...

Supposedly Addison Lee have run all of the satellite offices within the shard... If this is true the trade has just had its first turf war with the Carlyle Group - as was predicted TfL would bend over backwards to accomodate this corporate monster. Much ado has been made about the Google backed app Uber - The likes of the Carlyle Group and Uber don't want a stake in transportation; they want it ALL... Stations, hotels, airports and anywhere else they can site operations to squeeze a coin.

It's interesting MacNamara has played the LTDA center stage threatening legal action over the Uber issue... I wonder how long it will be before MacNamara and his UTG friends run for the hills when they realise Uber and the Carlyle Group with the help of TfL could potentially bankrupt the trade organisations and Hailo if they collectively throw their resources together to take on these corporate backed companies?