Thursday, April 17, 2014

In the Wake Of Brussels Decision, "Über ist Verboten" in Berlin .

Germany's capital city has followed the lead of Brussels and banned the insurgent taxi service Uber.

The injuction was brought forward by none other than  Richard Leipold, a taxi operator and chairman of the city's taxi association.

"This isn't a student start-up against a big taxi cartel. Uber is backed by Google" said Leipold.

Yesterday Brussels called time on the app-enabled pseudo-taxi service, with threats of €10,000 (£8,200) for each violation.

In March, Brussels' minister for public works and transport Brigitte Grouwels along with several taxi companies, accused Uber of violating taxi regulations, according to newspaper De Tijd.

In France, Uber has been subjected to the so called "15-minute" law, which requires taxi apps to wait 15 minutes after customers place a booking to pick them up.

However, this has not been enough to appease the militant taxi unions of Paris. Paris taxi groups have since been lobbying for a doubling of the regulation to a "30-minute."

Minicab apps have rapidly gained a large user base as they connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire or car sharing in dozens of cities around the world.

Meanwhile, Here In London.
London's private hire car association has called on Transport for London to ban minicab app services, such as Uber, from the capital's streets over concerns that they are breaching regulations.

London Taxi Org Walkout 
Last week, three of Londons representative Orgs, LTDA, LCDC and Unite, walked out of a meeting with TfL when it was admitted that although the company is acting unlawfully, TfL are refusing to to enforce any laws or regulations breached by Uber. The LTDA have further stated that they have instructed lawyers to take action against TfL.

The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA), which represents the private hire operators, has said it has lost confidence in TfL's ability to bring the cab apps into line and accused them of "masquerading" as private cabs without following the same rules.

“The Private Hire Act 1998 ensures the safety of the travelling public. There is deep-rooted concern and evidence, that new app-based operators are not playing by the rules”, Steve Wright said. “TfL appears to be changing its approach to suit offshore app companies rather than putting the public’s safety first."

Should Steve and Bob resign in protest?

There is growing pressure in London's Private Hire and Taxi industries from drivers who believe both Steve Wright and Bob Oddy, should resign from the board, in protest of TfL's non-enforcement policy.

  • Wer mit dem Schwert lebt... as they say in Berlin.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's now Deutschland alles Über!

Oddy's position as DGS of LTDA and TfL board are completely incompatible.

Once again Paris show us the way.

Anonymous said...

They may be able to ban UBER, but how do they go about enforcing that ban?

Ex Clubber said...

Anon. 2.06

A court injunction that states if Über stays live in Berlin they are arrested for contempt.

If a drivers found with. An Über job in, they are nicked for no insurance and in the Fatherland they seize the vehicle.

Meanwhile here the LCDC seem not to want to take a lead in the Shard demo and the LTDA are of course hamstrung by Oddy's continued membership of the TfL board.

They call for unity but don't even reply to invites to all trade meetings.

Maybe if we had the same commitment and organisation that Paris & Berlin or dare I say it PH has we could get somewhere?

We collectively roll over on the Olympics, the age limit, the 0.7% fare insult under these peoples self declared 'leadership', no wonder TfL treat us as nonentities.

Maybe the UTG should adopt a motto?

'Mouth and Trousers'

Rip said...

THIS is the biggest ever threat to our trade.

Remember that Johnson and Dedring (deputy mayor for transport) are 'free marketeers' who view labour as a commodity to be secured as cheaply as possible. Hendy just kow tows to what Johnson says and of course Daniels follows Hendy's line.

The Olympics proved not one of them gives a monkeys about your living, the only problem for them is that if Über gets established, the streets will be flooded with cars setting at nought their air quality strategy.

Bob Oddy your time has come.

You either stand up for the cab trade or your stand down!

Anonymous said...

Mouth and trousers is one way to describe the UTG. MacNamara's editorial is fraught and stinks of inaction. MacNamara chooses his words carefully when he says "a possible judicial review !"... MacNamara has chosen his words well, the LTDA to date is playing a game with words and is committed to nothing. The latest issue of Taxi Newspaper is NOTHING but propaganda bollocks!

Sid T. said...

Anon. 3.39

The LTDA won't move whilst Oddy is there.

Therefore UNITE rand the LCDC won't either, I don't know why people belong to them as they are just a poorer version of the LTDA.


Anonymous said...

LTDA pile of xxxx I cancelled my membership last week 2 days later I get a call from a woman is every think ok we noticed you have cancelled your membership sir yes I replied and just put the phone down I'm not the only person who feels that the cab trade are being let down by so called people who are meant to help us Steve & grant do the cab trade a big favour both stand down and do the right thing and let someone with a set of balls take TFL on

ADMIN said...

our war from Italy