Sunday, April 27, 2014

Important News For Mercedes Vito Owners, From The Vito Taxi Club.

The rear steer upgrades promised us by One80 and CityVehicles for this April are still being tested and awaiting homologation. They tell us that the new actuators and ECUs will not be ready until August.

We asked MB directors for an extended period of rear steer warranty when we last met them until new components are ready.

We met them again last week, and they have agreed to do this. 

They gave us this statement.


Hermann said...

Compare and contrast this attitude to that of LTI over the fires issue!

Still should never have occurred though.

One Wheel On My Wagon.... said...

I have had dealings with Mercrdes Bent directly - I confronted their chief egineer about the Mercedes Vito not meeting the CoF and the outrageous cost of substandard rear wheel sterling components outside of warranty - after attending KPM 25+ times in 3 years with RWS problems that they consequently couldn't fix - Mercedes were quite happy to correspond with me whilst I was under warranty, once it expired they advised me to redirect my correspondence to KPM!
In other words FOXTROT OSCAR!

To date my Vito doesn't conform to the CoF yet it passed the anual inspection recently.

Manchester scrapped the Rws on Mercedes Vito from the CoF, London should do the same - The RWS units on the Mercedes Vito Taxi is not fit for service FACT, but the Vito Club won't tackle the problem head on... Why ? Because the Vito Club is run by a long standing LCDC member... FACT.

Over to you Mr Canty.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget he may have been Bought by kpm to keep quiet as he must agree the vehicle is not fit for service

Rudolph said...

There seems to be a lot of Mercs driven by LCDC committee folk.

Do they enjoy preferential terms?

We need to know where people ate coming com here!

Anonymous said...

I believe initially Mike Canty's original intentions creating The Vito Owners Club were honorable - today he is most definitely falling short in telling the whole truth about the fitness for service of the Mercedes Vito. The Mercedes Vito in its current condition falls well bellow the standard of ANY vehicle licenced as a London Taxi and believe me I have driven them all, incuding the dreadful FX4R, which incidently met the CoF.

The Mercedes Vito in its current format needs to be discontinued and the RWS and passenger steps should be decommissioned from the CoF asap. Until Mike Canty starts addressing the real issues affecting the fitness for service of the Mercedes Vito the better for ALL Vito owners... not just the airport faces he is fronting up for !

irving lomon said...

Mike Canty said...

I haven't read this column for a while, but upon reading what's been written I have to reply to the anonymous people that tell me what I should do, but actually do nothing themselves. It's easier to knock others who do.

People that say " the cabs not fit for purpose, put it off the road." Well what good would that do, when 600 TX went off the road hundreds of drivers where out of work, is that what you want because that's the easy thing to do put 4000 Vito's off the road ? Think before you say make a comment please.

I asked MB, TFL, and Boris to bring the cabs up to MB standard and make them " fit for purpose " this they are now doing, I have never wavered from this opinion.
The Merc is the best cab on the road, but the Penzo parts are defective, FACT.
it took time, but the final phase actuators and ECUs finish testing this month.
They tell me it's good, It is the last chance to get this inherently faulty system right.

Mike Canty said...

To put the record straight to the anonymous ones.
I am a member of the LCDC, and think they do a good job representing us.
I am also a member of UNITE Heathrow.

I was once a member of the LTDA for ten years until they broke a ten week strike at Heathrow in the 80s, and I could never rejoin them again on principal.
I do however think that Steve Mac now represents them well now. I speak as I find, unbiased.
Most unions are well intentioned, but they can achieve more by uniting on issues as proved recently.

Our club has nothing to do with trade unions or organizations. It is about getting the Merc cabs faults put right and perfecting the vehicle for the future.
Plus getting the best deals on parts and service, for our membership.

Mike Canty

irving lomon said...
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Mike Canty said...

We told MB what we owners would like to see on the next Vito taxi

Steering on the front
Manual doors with windows, with auto doors/ sunroof as an option
Fixed steps
Good intercom and DB radio
Competitively priced against other cab manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

Hello..just bought an old vito.
RWS has broken cab moves all over the road to dangerous to drive...
So who do i call...please...