Tuesday, April 08, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Have the LTDA finally woken up? By Jim Thomas

This very afternoon representatives from the Taxi trade, in the form of the LTDA, LCDC and Unite (no RMT them), met with Boris Johnson and TfL to discuss the way in which Uber are currently operating in London. 

First signs were good as the LCDC posted on Twitter:
"Today at our meeting TFL declared Uber are operating legally in London. Line has been drawn. Battle starts now! GD"

After the meeting the a LTDA made this announcement via social media:
"TfL say they will not act against Uber.
 This is a political not legal decision, who made it and why, Boris or Cameron?
LTDA instructs lawyers."

Followed by:
"We will be calling a demo and organising other actions to highlight the political interference influencing this wrong decision"

The LCDC have also put out these tweets:

"TFL are now a Licencing Authority with NO AUTHORITY!!"

"TFL do not see that UBER are operating a meter for calculating their fares."

"As we got to Palestra the PH were leaving. They are fuming at TFL. They will loose drivers. Uber will create a 1 tier system in London. GD"

They talk a good fight, but will they really take up the gauntlet?

Everyone is now screaming for action, drivers talking about stopping subscriptions to orgs they feel are not pulling their weight.


Or is this just another publicity stunt?

Should Bob Oddy grow some and in protest, resign from the board of TfL who are ignoring the pleas of drivers calling for justice and obedience to the laws and legislation?

As Bob Oddy is part of a licensing authority which is refusing to take action against an out of control PH operator, should he be removed from the executive of the LTDA?


Anonymous said...

This will now turn into a dick measuring contest.

Shame we didn't see this type of war cry over the Olympics

Gerald Coba said...

Great story again Jimmy.
Thanks for all the work you and the team put in to this blog.
It's the only place to get the real new
The news that matters

I'm Spartacus said...

What cant and hypocrisy from the laughingly called united trade group!

After years of toadying up to Boris and his slippery cohorts it's all come to nowt and now they become militant!

No doubt the cabbies cabinet will be dusted off and a face saving meeting arranged so nothing meaningful happens and we are exposed to another sickening PR exercise.

No doubt St. Thomas's street will be closed at the opening night of the hotel so any demo will be meaningless, they could of course relocate to Clapham High Street and do something useful but they won't!

They could even really unite the trade by inviting the second largest trade grouping and others with some real campaigners in the ranks but they won't!

They could acknowledge that this blog and it's associates first warned about the ineffective and politically motivated machinations of TfL or accept that it was this blog that first warned of Über and it's ambitions but they won't!

They should insist that Bob Oddy either stands down from the TfL board or from the LTDA as surely his position is becoming untenable but they won't !

They won't because they dare not and as we know Rodney

He who dares, wins!

Mick Smith said...

What is the difference between a calculator, an abacus and a slide rule?
Nothing.They are all calculators....
I rest my case....

Anonymous said...

Oooooo.....I KNOW!!!!

One uses batteries....one uses beads......and one uses a slidey thing!!!......NO!, erm......One uses digital numbers.....one uses printed numbers......and one uses representatives of numbers?!!.....NO! One....erm.......

You got me Mick!


Anonymous said...

Sparticus may not be 100% correct - however I believe he has his finger firmly on the pulse... I have information that Grant Davis's "New LCDC" has lost over 400 members since Davis took control from Alan Fleming, taking the membership below 400. The LTDA membership is also rumoured to be in decline - This well could be a damage limitation ploy by the UTG. It does appear that all of the trades organisations with exeption of what is left of the UCG, collectivly approve and accept the satellite offices that supply many thousands of mini cabs illegally with work. The sudden emergence of the UTG fight back is either an act of desperation or an admittance of abject failure!!!

Mick smith said...

Uberare using phones configured as meters
TFL say Uber are not using meters
Calculator, slide rule or abacus
They are all forms of calculators and do the same thing weather electronic and plastic or wooden
Got it now?.....,,,

Anonymous said...

Ah! Yes Mick, loud and clear.

A very good point if I may say so.....and the full explanation really helped both the non-clairvoyant and hard of thinking readers who we're struggling with only half of the thought process to go on!!

I'm in the second catagory, which, probably, is why I thought that contravening several cab laws is wrong and, well, illegal!!
But it turns out, as everyone else had already probably worked out, that as far as Tfl are concerned it depends who is doing it rather than what is being done!!

Taxi touting? ILLEAGAL

Private hire touting? No! That's fine!!

Taxi ignores signs and lines? ILLEGAL!!

Private hire ignores signs and lines? No, that's fine too!!

Taxi driver plies for hire without a licence ( because crb still not cleared )? Illegal

Uber or private hire respond to an electronic hail without a taxi licence?......You guessed it!!!

No worries!!!.....oh, and would you like a meter to go with that, Sir?

I will soon be applying to join Tfl's legal team. I may have no formal legal qualifications but how hard is it to to work out if someone has enough money to take you to court, and if they do, will they use their money to sue or bribe?

Ooooo, I thought that was illegal too!! Turns out, No, apparently not!!

Anonymous said...

NOTHING can happen until Oddy steps down.

All the rest is moonshine.