Thursday, March 20, 2014

TfL Reply To Flawed Suburban Review On-Line Survey Jim Thomas

Were Your Efforts All For Nothing?
TfL say it doesn't matter that the online suburban review survey is seriously flawed, as it's not a ballot, only a survey.
Well there you have it, as if you really needed proof, it's all been a nonsense. 

Here is an insight into the contempt that TfL hold our trade in.

TfL published an online survey which we have shown to be flawed and easy to manipulate. We complained personally and also got our trade representatives to complain on our behalf.

The reply from TfL is an insult to our intelligent and common sense. 

They open with the fact they know the survey is flawed and (nod & wink), they have the technology to weed out perpetrators. 
They don't want to go into detail, as that wouldn't be appropriate.

This secure technology comes from an organisation who insists they can just tweak the traffic signals to keep London moving, allow late buses to change lights on rout to speed up and hold back buses that are in advance of their schedule. They allege their CCTV is (in their words) everywhere and no one can hide as they see everything. Except of course private hire vehicles in contravention of their license.
I bet you feel a lot safer knowing that.

We will be taking this up with the GLA as it is clear, TfL ain't listening. 

Our case to be considered:
How many multiple applications have been made by mobile devices, using multiple different free wifi connections set to privacy browsing, in shops, bars, restaurants, libraries etc, the list is endless. Cookies turned off, no email address, no badge no. Anyone with an agenda can seriously influence the survey. 

Below is the reply received earlier from TFL.

Dear Jim
Thank you for your email to Leon Daniels about the consultation on suburban taxi services, which I am responding to on his behalf. 
I would  like to start by assuring you that we can and do identify attempts to manipulate survey responses, but you will understand that it is not appropriate to go into detail on the techniques we employ. 
The consultation is intended to be inclusive and to attract as wide a range of views as possible.  The views of both suburban and All London taxi drivers are important, and you will be aware that we have made sure that all drivers are aware of the consultation and have a chance to respond.  We are happy to help drivers express their views: for example, we have sent paper copies of the consultation document to some drivers at their request.  
However, we have also invited responses from a wide range of other stakeholders, including bodies representing taxi users and centres of taxi activity.  It is vital that the consultation should encourage views from these voices outside the taxi trade, and it would not have been appropriate to request information like a driver’s Badge number as that would have suggested that the consultation was focussed on drivers and discouraged other respondents. 
I would point out that this is a consultation, not a ballot: the views people express, and the explanations and suggestions they make, are more important to us than the numbers of people supporting particular positions. We will report the numerical responses, qualified as appropriate, but this just one element in developing policies to ensure a sustainable high standard of taxi services throughout London.
Yours sincerely

Peter Bradley
Head of Consultation Delivery
Surface Transport
Transport for London


Anonymous said...

TFL already know what the out come is I'm a yellow badge all I want out of this is more ranks space in our sectors don't want to work in town don't want to work heathrow just put ranks in places that will help up any one who thinks they will be getting a green light to work in town think again will never happen

Anonymous said...

Complete rubbish from TFL, they have no way of working out if someone fills out the survey more than once, even if they log the ip address of the sender which is very easy to do this changes frequently on mobile devices so a single user can submit multiple surveys and it will look like it has come from multiple people. All the major mobile providers don't have enough public ip addresses to assign one to each device so they swap them around very frequently.

TFL have no other way of working out if a single device has submitted more than once, esp if the user is savvy enough to clear the cache on the device between submits, meaning that any cookies are removed.

Apple go to great lengths (as do the other hardware providers) to make sure that a device cannot be identified via web pages or apps, so what chance is there that TFL have found a way round it.

At most in the HTML header is the type of device, the type of browser the ip address, so any iPhone4S with say IOS6 on it would look the same except for the ip address.

I did internet security for a living and they are talking complete crap.

I'm Spartacus said...

Yes indeed as Veritas said the history of Mayoral and TfL consultations are like the result of Chinese Elections, as predictable as they are flawed.

Still not to worry when the deregulation task force determine the KOL as an 'artificial barrier to entry' then a free for all will sue and the beloved taxi badge will only be worth the metal it's made of, if that ain't enough, Law Comm will not define plying for hire.

Someone said 'men are coming to kill us' well thy are already here!

mr Timothy Claypole said...

it s all ball .sh.? then what a wast of time .

Dung heap said...

Bull shit my friend!

That's what powers TfL, still at least it's Eco friendly

They will of course do as they please.

Don't be surprised if the old failures of the united trade group and brought back for a farewell tour oflaestra just to give it all some credibility then of course the old heave ho!

We may even be treated to another set of photos of Johnson, Davis and the rest, still saves on the toilet rolls.

Johnny Harris. said...

So it was all for nothing and the die is already cast.

I predict YB will be allowed onto knowledge at 21 days

And there will be a sharp increase in island ranks.

And all down to The club who just wanted a HALT like set up at the City airport.

Well it's all back fired after the exaggerated claims of their chairman,

Anonymous said...

most green badges are just to greedy. you can only do one job at a time. that's why a lot of you are dropping dead at the wheel before your sixty

LCY Len said...

That letter might as well have said,

Dear Jim, thanks for your email about the consultation on suburban taxis, please understand this, we hold you and every other cab driver, yellow or green badge, in complete and utter contempt and frankly couldn't give a monkeys what you think about anything.

I mean that most sincerely

Peter Bradley