Friday, March 14, 2014

Prisoner or soldier?

Can't help but notice one of the trade rags celebrating its membership numbers, you know the one, the army established to 'fight the minicab menace', we know how that battle went don't we?

They and their allies who made much or their special access to TFL's war room now seem upset that Field Marshal Hendy along with Colonel Daniels have decided to discharge them despite valiant service not firing a shot in anger over the Olympics!

Still with these numbers of troops no one should doubt the ability to fight back, the trouble is the commanders of these battalions have already marched them into the PoW camp carefully guarded by TfL.

Some of course have made it 'over the wire' and are undertaking small but effective raids but a mass break out is needed to take on the invaders from the Law Commission, UBER, etc. etc. 

Will YOU join the escape committee?

After all you can't fight without an Army.

Prisoner or Soldier, it's up to you!

I'm Spartacus

Second in new series.


Anonymous said...

I'm leaving the Lcdc...and joining the RMT.

Anonymous said...

If your looking for a tunnel digger, swampy is your man .

Mind you, after seeing him the other day, your going to need a bigger shovel

Anonymous said...

"Oh my God, they've found Tom!!"