Saturday, March 15, 2014

Led to Victory

Continuing the military theme, I bring news from the camp of another victory.

No more doom and gloom.

Our gallant commanders have without any thought of themselves managed to support another below inflation rise in the troops camp pay.

0.7 (yes that's right Zero Point Seven) is the magnificent sum and that's nearly one third of the inflation rate, no one can dare say these military masterminds don't bring home the bacon.

The camp by the aerodrome has had the Red Cross Parcels reduced and soon the prisoners there will have to pay for them. 

Let the good times roll!

There is of course no information on our gallant commanders terms and the rental rate of staff cars etc. we must assume they are suffering just as badly as the rest of us.

What's the use of worrying (about touts, rank space, the Law Commission), just pack up your troubles in your old kitbag and smile, smile, smile!

Who said 'lions led by donkeys'?  

Shame on them, that's mutinous talk.

Another from your front line correspondent:
I'm Spartacus 

Editorial Comment

A Pay Rise Or A Pay Cut?

The changes approved by the TfL Board are:

• A 0.7% increase to taxi fares.
Even though inflation is running at over 2%.
• A review of the date when taxi fares are updated with a proposal to change this from April of each year to January. 
Probably to take the edge of the tube and bus fare rises. 
• Extending the fuel extra surcharge. 
Now completely out of reach.
• Allowing the telephone booking extra to cover online and smartphone bookings. 
Veiled attempt to put a stop to minimum app fares. 

• A change to the card payment surcharge so that now either a maximum of £1 or 10% of the metered fare can be charged when a passenger pays by debit or credit card and a new requirement that drivers must not charge passengers more than it costs them (the driver) to accept card payments. 
Bankers still getting their bonuses out of the 10% 

• A review of card payment acceptance in taxis. 
Still trying to make it mandatory for us to give credit. Making it easy for others outside our trade to profit from us.
• Adding the Christmas and New Year extra to the fare automatically from 24 December 2016. 
Don't hold your breath waiting for this one.

• No new additional passengers charges being introduced at City Airport. 
Thats nothing back on the charge made to drivers for using LCA.
• Reducing the Heathrow extra from £3.20 to £2.80
A review of the Heathrow passenger extra with a view to removing this from 1 October 2014. 
Equivalent to a near £60 a week pay cut to drivers who regularly work the airport

Just who negotiated this on our behalf?
But more important, why was private hire consulted about our increase?
We get no say in anything that PH do.



Angry of W9 said...

Thanks for less than nothing Bob Oddy, you should have said at the TfL board, 'this is totally unacceptable' resigned and help lead a fight back.

Anonymous said...

The Taxi Fares and Tariffs Consultation paper was published by Transport for London - London Taxi and Private Hire on the 23 October 2013.

If you didn’t read it or respond to it then you only have yourselves to blame. No point in shouting now it has been agreed. The time to make recommendations is before the closing date where consultation responses had to be received by Wednesday 20 November 2013.

You had every right to respond to the consultation.

Eye Spy. said...

Wasn't widely published, most drivers would have missed this plus no on line survey
(Unlike the really really important suburban farcical and flawed survey)

Anonymous said...

Powerful piece jimmy.