Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Exclusive: First Look At Interior Of The eNV200 Electric Zero Emission Taxi.

The electric version of the NV200 is currently on display at the 2014 Geneva motor show. 

This is the very model being built in Holland that will go into service in Amsterdam later this summer, joining the already popular EV.

Given the same general model name as the future London a Taxi, it is indeed very different to the petrol version that will be going into service in London, later this year.

The drivetrain is based on the Leaf, with an 80kW (108bhp) electric motor generating 280Nm of torque. Lithium-ion batteries are stored under the floor, which allows for a traditional taxi layout:

Two sliding side doors give excellent access and are safer for pedestrians and cyclists when opened from inside. The blue-tinted Nissan bonnet badge hides the charging socket.

Sitting behind the wheel, the e-NV200 is similar to the Leaf. On the road there’s an audible whine which gets louder as speed increases (could be very annoying). Acceleration is smooth and responsive. The London version will have the necessary 25ft turning circle plus the panoramic roof.

The 100-mile range while acceptable in a small city such as Amsterdam, would seem limited for general use in such a large area as greater London. But Nissan expects cabbies to plug in overnight, quick-charge over lunch (it’s 80 per cent charged in 30 minutes) then return to work. Unfortunately, not every London Cabby lives in a semi with a car port. Home charging could be a major problem with quite a few drivers.

Whether this electric model works in practice will be a key factor in its success.

We have some of the first pictures showing the interior. 

Although being comfortable, the small windows can make it feel a bit claustrophobic. The panoramic roof will be very welcome in the London Taxi version. 

First major difference we noticed, was that all interior seats face forward. It doesn't appear to have been engineered to perform the 25 feet turning circle, has no side wheelchair access and has no panoramic roof.

Drivers Compartment:

The drivers position is extremely comfortable. It has bluetooth phone connectability through the vehicles radio speaker system, with fingertip controls in easy reach on the steering wheel.

Photos by Andrew Nicki Elphick.

Surely, a law suit waiting to happen 
As French company Bollore Group (BOL) get set to quadruple the amount of charging posts in Central London, lawyers will be rubbing their hands. Looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Plus, we are reliably informed that of the 1,600 charging posts currently in London, only four are suitable for fast charging, essential for taxis.

Wonder how much that blue extention lead will fetch on the black market?

And, The Liberty Takers Are At It Again:
Also, noticed down by the London eye were these two new modle sporting Addison Lee livery. To be confirmed but it looks like Addi Lee are showing off new electric zero Emmission vehicles.

Typical of the Euston minicab firm, they've illegally parked on a a Licensed Taxi Rank, obstructing Taxi drivers from working. Also in their present form, these two vehicles do not confirm to the conditions of fitness for private hire vehicles. 



Jeff said...

Well done lads, first again with the real news

Anonymous said...

Mini cabs parked illegally on a taxi rank. Do they ever get tickets?

Anonymous said...

RE: charging points

Bullied of London said...

Not another rank being used for commercial non taxi purposes, remember the Hilton fiasco and the effective flash mob protest.

When are TfL going to call time on this outfits blatant disregard to any rule or regulation?

Anonymous said...

Do these numpties really believe that this vehicle is zero emission
For a start you can't run the petrol engine inside the ultra low emmission zone because of the emissions
Even though it's a small engine it doesn't have the filters or converter to make it euro4 compat.
Plus where do they think we get zero emission electricity from, thin air.
It's made by burning fossil fuel

Anonymous said...

1) no one in this case cares about global co2 emissions they are trying to limit local particulate and nox emissions so shifting the emissions out of Central London and to a power station is a net gain.

2) power stations burn fossil fuels more efficiently than automotive engines so even by this irrelevant standard it's a net gain.

3) the Nissan electric version doesn't have an engine it is fully electric

4) the other range extended hybrids are petrol based and will be euro 5 or 6. it's not even legal to sell a non euro 4 engine anymore afaik. Petrol euro 4 is allowed in the future ULEZ anyway. That's the whole reason the petrol Nissan is in fact petrol not diesel, it will be future proof.

5) charging cables lock at both ends

6) there will only be more lawsuits to the extent Zipcar has generated more lawsuits. Has it? The bollore cars seem to work ok in paris

7) there is a difference between disliking Boris Johnson and TfL and common sense technical solutions to problems.

Anon 6:01 said...

Anon 6:24

1) yep
3) ah, didn't know that, article didn't say. Well in that case if it's not range extended, it's no good for London taxi work and is doomed before it gets started.
4) hasn't been mentioned in any literature available.
5)good to know
6)lawyers are us, we wait and see
7) it's hard to comprehend Boris, TfL and common sense in the same sentence