Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Credit where Credit is due, the real history of the Identifiers...by Veritas

The identifiers have been proposed for many years since the Maxwell Stamp report in the 70's. 

It's certainly not a new idea or been suggested out of thin air as anyone who researches the cab trade will affirm.

TfL had a significant amount of complaints mainly from suburban drivers about out of sector drivers ranking up. 

There was also the issue the issue of the 'hooky bills'.

Then  and only then did TfL decided to roll them out to hopefully kill two birds with one stone and we think to let everyone assume that the only cause was the suburban issues and not the trade in forged licences.

That's the chronology folks.

Still you know that, that's why you visit this blog.



LCY Len said...

I don't believe for one moment that any complaints came from suburban drivers. What we all do know is that davis and his sidekick sullivan whinged and whined long and loud to mason and chapman, who gave in just to shut them up.The only two birds with one stone, was that they could see who was who during the olympics and hopefully prevent any terrorist attacks.
Thanks for your piece of propaganda veritas, but I for one aint buying it.

Anonymous said...

It's all there on line in the Stamp report..
Len your wrong
Mason instilled the idea to the club on orders from above.It was a consorted attempt to distract the trade at a time when it looked like kicking off big time over the Olympics.

And it worked a treat as the trade tore itself apart.
The propaganda appeared in the badge, reports of shed loads of suburban drivers being done working in the City.
After checking court records and FOI requests to TfL, it turned out to be no more than an exaggeration.

Anonymous said...


Sorry history and evidence tells another story, just google the maxwell stamp report, you will also see in it many other NEW. Ideas being rolled out.

You may be right about the agitation but that was more about attempting to bring in a HALTS style operation at LCA and it's associated pay days for the 'brothers' than anything else.

We can speculate who fed what idea to whom and who needed to shore up a battered reputation as an organisation and of course the Olympic debacle may be a factor.

There have also been issues on the Turnham Green rank etc but the main issue was the Hooky Bills and this was one way TfL though they could get back some control.

All the rest in moonshine and PR!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Len everyone knows that Davies started all this identifier stuff . We'll said Len ,from a SURBURBAN DRIVER.

Anonymous said...

loads of suburban caught in town, rubbish grant davis is a mug.Now his mate mason has gone he does not get a look in.Why green badges working suburban area,s .I did my inners does not make me a green badge,they did their outters does not make them a yellow badge STAY OUT OF OUR AREA,S.

Anonymous said...

LCY Len, you are correct. Also a members wife wrote in to the Lcdc furious that an aquintance suburban cab driver hsd been bragging about how he was going to work every evening in central London and doing very nicely. She daid it was grossly unfair as she and her family had suffered hardship while her own husband completed the KoL. Grant Davis published her letter in The Badge.

Anonymous said...

You can only lead a horse to water.
If that horse has been brain washed and is as thick as a plank
You can't make him drink

Anonymous said...

Davis and the badge were used by TfLTPH to split part of the trade and diffuse the heat being felt by militants demonstrating over Olympic issues.

Now they are promoting a flawed review which result has already been decided by TfL.

You don't think for one minute that something YOU say would be taken serious by this mob?

The club have fallen for the carrot again.

Anonymous said...

The idea of identifiers been about since at least 2005-2007this a fact as at this time I was working for Chelmer Training in Romford the company help knowledge students get through the K we were asked to attended a meeting at Penton st with Ed Thompson and the idea was brought up there.

Anonymous said...

The idea for identifiers may have been around since 2005, but it was Grant Davis in 2010 that closed the deal with John Mason and got them approved.

LCY Len said...

Mason instilled the idea to the club on orders from above.It was a consorted attempt to distract the trade at a time when it looked like kicking off big time over the Olympics.

Anon 3.50 You have only iterated what I said, Davis whinged and we got screwed over the olympics. How am I wrong?

Most of the posts that have started with "Len you're wrong" seem to end up confirming the things Iv'e said. Might I suggest you read what Iv'e said and your reply before posting.

From some of the old hands that Iv'e spoken to over the years, they say idea of id's has been mooted since the 1960's, with such gems as yellow wheel trims and plates on the back, both non starters because of the rental trade.

The id's are here because of probably more than just davis's whinging or the authorities wanting to keep an eye on who was who during the olympic farce, maybe it was because of tfl flooding the S2 sector with nearly four times the drivers that were needed and the fact that when they realised they were mis-informed about the earning potential, some decided to creep into shoreditch and brick lane to earn a crust, some because they were local to that area, others because they saw greens knocking back work.

Whatever the reason, my opinion is that the reasons given by vertas in this thread are not anything near the actual truth.

Just my opinion I'm not trying to think for anyone else. Agree or not I don't care.

Just one thing though, put a name to your comments because I cant take them seriously if you hide behind anonymity.

Anonymous said...

out of sector yellow badges ranking up in other sectors and that yellow sector moaned about it and that's why identifiers were brought in ????
IT was grant davies who wanted them in he was sold a pup by mason all this shite about 26 yellows caught in 1 night working in town when the met police figure was 6 in a year .grant davis is full of crap and so must you be .

Anonymous said...

Len, less of the overbearing patronising attitude and rhetoric. Most of what you say is as you say, just your opinion and not factual - You have no proof whatsoever that Mason forced the identifiers on the Lcdc. Fact is, the identifiers are here to stay... get over it !

Anonymous said...

Don't know why everyone gets so uptight regarding
Identifiers. If it stops even some
the canaries working in town they've done there job
Too much thinking time on that rank Len.

Grant davis for mayor of london next
Lcdc member

Veritas said...

All I know is what Macwell Stamp report made proposals and TfL had been adopting many of their recommendations.
TfL had, had complants about cross border working in sectors!
Ask gentlemen Les Hoath, he has no axe to grind.

The rest about letter in the Badge from Mrs. Angry and the goings on at LCA are not part of the post.

All that the post states is verifiable

I have no interest to speculate wether the LCDC also made it an issue or that TfL fed them it and they adopted it as a 'cause'.

The issue dates back to the 1970's FACT.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that the issue of cross sector ranking was going strong, at least since the late 90's.

On my first night out, with my shiny new yellow badge gleaming nearly as brightly as the delighted but nervous smile I couldn't wipe from my face, before I got to give my first fare their traditionally 'free ride', I was given a slightly ham fisted grilling by another driver, on a point in an adjoining sector.
It wasn't until about a week later the penny dropped that they were trying to establish whether I was licenced for the rank I was on!
Truth was at the time I was so damned proud of myself if they'd been less subtle about it I'd have been waving my bill under their nose to prove I'd earned the right!!!
Talk about as green as the grass!! 

Point is that this issue is as old as time, and it falls under the age old fact that everyone judges everything by their own standards!We all do the the licence we do for one reason!!

It's the best for us. 

Human nature then dictates that we jealously guard what we've worked so hard for.

I know for a fact that I've never wanted to work elsewhere, and I suspect 95% of all other drivers feel the same, but that 5% of 20,000+ equates to some 1000+ drivers going over the side in one way or another which in itself equates to a serious issue!!

Regardless of who was going  where, the Ids were a necessary evil brought about by a small minority of the whole trade, but it amounted to a significant amount of drivers by numbers.

As has been said a million times before, aside from the badge number issue, the only drivers who didn't want ids were the dodgy buggers it would stop!!....and they're still bleating on about it two years down the line when the rest of us have even gotten over having our badge numbers on display.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.18 your spot on there was a lot of yellows working cross sector. Back in the day you could literally learn a borough- for example Havering...Start to finish in well under a year on the KoL was not unheard of. Within a couple of miles you could be in Redbrige, Barking, Dagenham or Newham so there wasnt much stopping you working any of the adjoining boroughs...or going into town for that matter.
Forget all the hear say conspiracy theories of how they came into force, the identifiers are a good thing to most drivers apart from a few wrong uns.

LCY Len said...

Anon 5.25, firstly, if you find my words patronising, then I think that says more about you than me.

Secondly, you say mason forced the issue, when I know for a fact it was the other way round and your hero davis was the one pushing his whims on mason.
The mention of mason was something I copied and pasted from another contributor.Do try to keep up,this could be important.

Thirdly, I know for a fact that davis and his sidekick sullivan , frequently spouted their hatred of yellow badges and ways to stop the handful working in town, in Cams cafe in Red Lion Street, for at least 2 years before the id's came about.
Also more than one C/O told me that davis was constantly on the line to mason about yellow badges and mason was sick to death of it. Even the demur Ms Chapman told me herself that most of her evenings were taken up with calls and texts from davis.

Enough facts there for you?

As for too much time on the rank, that would be down to the amount of greens sitting in the airport who are frightened of missing something. Newsflash boys, the roaders don't come out any more, you saw to that with your wanting half fare extra for going outside the 25.
My bug bear with the id's, is not that we have them, it's the fact that every green badge thinks he's Judge Dredd and must uphold the law. If these plastic policemen spent their time reporting the private hire touts who take the proverbial right under their noses , rather than picking on easy yellow badge targets, then we wouldn't have to have this constant debate.
In any case, did veritas need to pick this scab again ? Things were fairly calm before he/she decided to post tfl lcdc propaganda.

Fools Gold said...

Methinks you protest too much LCY Len or is it LCDC Len?

Your denying the existence of both the Hindley and Stamp reports and what's in them, the timing of decisions and the hooky bills issue.

Keep paying your subs, you get one meeting a year for it.

pugmug77 said...

LCDC are worse thing for cab drivers .They have divided the trade all the greens looking at yellows.Well done Gant and the boy,s.Minicab,s are winning why you are moaning about yellow,s.For our future hopes stick together dont listen to some one trick pony with a hard for yellow,s.

LCY Len said...

As an extra point, if the id's were to stop cross sector touting, why are the sector numbers/letters so small you need binoculars to see them?
Thet were only ever to determine green from yellow and the badge number was to see who was who. Though that can be difficult when you see so many greens with them tucked under the black trims on the windscreens or upside down or even covered in stickers advertising a well known brand of oil.
What could these upstanding , knowledgeable, best in the world cab drivers have to hide or be doing wtong, that they have to display their id's in such a way ?
The saying about greenhouses comes to mind

LCY Len said...

I'm not denying any reports and im sure they are there and say exactly what the people who paid for them want them to say.
You know when eminent scientists say that butter is bad for you, they say it because the margarine marketing board pay them to say it.
Get it ?
Trust me when I say this, I never have nor ever will belong to any trade organisation and the lcdc would be the last one I'd join even if you had a gun to my head.
Thanks to the admin on here who wouldn't post my earlier additional, don't let the truth get in the way will you.