Friday, March 07, 2014

'Unprecedented' complaints against TfL boss include sexual harassment and 45 accusations of bullying

Following on from the scandal where Sir Peyer Hendy was exposed as paying prostitute Rachael Grundy £140 an hour after surfing an adult sex website, now a senior Transport for London manager tipped as a rising star of the organisation has been accused of sexual harassment by one woman and bullying by a staggering 45 colleagues, as revealed in the Evening Standard.

The article states:
Staff have alleged that the man bullied and intimidated them, with one female also accusing him of sexual harassment.

Insiders called the mass grievance lodged against him as “unprecedented” at the company, with the accusations now threatening to derail his career.

They also claimed the company had been slow to act after concerns were first raised - so much so that police had even been dragged into the dispute.

A source told the Standard: “The staff have lodged a formal grievance collectively. It’s unprecedented at TfL because of the numbers.

“The allegations are that he is a bully. That he intimidates people. One of the complaints is sexual harassment. There is an investigation going on at the moment but it took so long for them to act over it that the police were called.”

Another source said: “The woman involved called police because she felt TfL management and HR were doing nothing about it.”

It is understood the manager has not been suspended but is currently not working in his post.

The grievance was lodged before Christmas, with the alleged behaviour going on “for some time”.

News of the allegations will be a disappointment to TfL boss Sir Peter Hendy, although after Hendy's adulterous indiscretion, which was quickly swept under the carpet, this now seems a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The organisation allegedly takes a hard line approach to harassment, with staff told that they must not do anything “whilst on or off duty which could damage TfL’s reputation”.

Bosses are currently investigating the allegations.

They will then file a report, and the investigation officer will decide what sanctions, if any, to apply if the allegations are proven

Unions Unite and Unison are understood to be representing the staff complaining. A Unison spokeswoman confirmed it was currently involved in a “serious matter” involving members at TfL.

She said: “There is an ongoing internal investigation related to serious allegations at TfL. It is therefore inappropriate for us to comment any further at this stage of the process.”

A TfL spokesman said: “We take any allegations of harassment very seriously with firm policies and procedures in place.

“In this case an independent investigation is already under way.”

Intimidation runs from top to bottom at TfL.

Boris Johnson intimidated the Trade by using anti-terrorist laws, during the Olympic demonstrations.

Let's not forget the letter which was sent out, signed by Director of Taxis and Private Hire John Mason, to a number of drivers who took part in the Whitehall demonstration.
All representative orgs advised there respective drivers in receipt of Masons letter not to attend Palestra and I believe nothing ever came of it.

Last but by no means not least, Sir Peter Hendy recently intimidated and reported a bus driver out of uncontrollable anger

Unfortunately as we have seen in the past, TfL policy counts for nothing when it comes down to the crunch. 
After private hire company was accused of gaining 18 satellite office licences contra to TfL policy, Taxi Leaks was told they could and would do what ever they liked, as policy was just guidelines and not laws set in stone.

So if history repeats itself, expect this story to disappear under a blanket of silence.


Harrold said...

Another story you won't find in the Taxi newspaper.

John said...

London Assembly is very quick to dig at those under TFL umbrella but fails to hold this "private company" and its board to account...

World's Best said...

The only way to stand up to a bully is to give them some of their own medicine!

350 years of service and history, taking troops to the front in the Great War , acting as Fire Engines in the blitz, IRA bombs, 7/7' we have seen it all and done it all.

You think we are scared of you?

BRING it on, Boris, Hendy, Daniels, Law Comm, BRING it on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Also I work for TfL some managers do treat people with disabilities very bad. They do try and bully them.

But no one listens

Anonymous said...

I have to agree in TfL Palestra if you are a smoker you are allowed to go for a ciggie every hour for 15 minutes every day no questions asked - but if you are disabled all your time out for medical appointment has to be agreed and authorised and is scrutinised by management
Funny old world

Anonymous said...

Helen Chapman also is rumoured to be making threats. Every week she threatens to put in a full week at Palestra.

Anonymous said...

Is this why they turn a blind eye to sexually depraved predictors stalking female revellers outside late night venues.
If it's what the Boss does for kicks then it must be acceptable so leave them to it. We'd hate them to be brought to justice and jailed, scuppering the chance of repeat revenue!!

Oh no, he pays a willing victim......but it's still two sides of the same coin, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You can see why TFL support their bullying CBJ 's at late night venues. Only last night, Raj at SoS told me to FO and told me to "read the sign you c..t", all because I tried to get on our taxi rank 10 minutes before 11pm...I'll be back their tonight with my camera.

Anonymous said...

Do not be too hard on Tfl by all accounts in December Steve Burton CSEP director was busy asking staff to send suggestions for a playlist for the Christmas Party give directors in Tfl on 150k a break. Being a director in TfL is not an easy task.

Anonymous said...

How cone no mention of the rmt secretary resigning?

Editorial said...

Anon, 6:10
To be honest, don't really know much about it.
As long as vice secretary takes over ... can't see a problem.

Haven't seen anyone asking about why the editor of the LCDC blog stepped down or why Masset is no longer chair of ranks and highway. Probably because these are all internal matters for members of the respective orgs.

Still, if you find out anything that may interest the trade, please feel free to let us all know.

LCY Len said...

Ask any yellow badge who's doing or done the green or added another sector recently about how they felt after some of their appearances and they'll tell you about bullying. If they all complained about the way they've been spoken to and treated, 45 would be a drop in the ocean.
Power corrupts and if you give even the weakest of people the tiniest amount, they will always abuse it.
I'm not shocked by this article in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for TfL. Senior management appear to spend a lot of time engaged in power plays against each other. One particular directorate shows staggering displays of arrogance towards its staff. My former boss, a good man albeit with his own personality quirks was threatened with demotion to two grades lower after the number of actually staff he was responsible for were reduced (but not the FTE his position was responsible for). My landlord was a director with TfL during the olympics and subsequently left due to the aggressive and intimidating outbursts of one senior manager. Morale is at a low due to repeated restructurings. In my view, TfL is full of managers who are completely out of their depth when it comes to basic leadership skills such as communication, listening and empathy.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with last comment. Working at Pier Walk in another department where 90% of the workforce are temps so are under complete control of the inept bullies who manage the department. There is no respect for staff unless you happen to be part of the corrupt management team where nepotism is rife. All such complaints are ignored and anyone who disagrees will be gotten rid of one way or another. A very unpleasant place to work.

B said...

Did we not see one of our colleagues at Pier Walk jump to his death

That was he shed up a bit quick and everyone sworn to secrecy

Anonymous said...

Jack Shemtob, he landed in the lobby. He was only 53

Anonymous said...

I bet Hendy doesn't even remember his name

Who was the manager accused of sexual harassment?
This mob think they are untouchable.

Anonymous said...

i got bullied of the knowledge after 8 years, made a complaint about 3 examiners for constantly telling me to f**k off you c**t ,using racial terms and asking points that did not exist, manson was very helpful while my mp was involed but changed his tune very quickly, the place needs pulling down. london taxis and minicabs, and public deserve better.

Anonymous said...

bullies and law breaking at tfl seems to be the norm,why the police are never involed in the cases of criminal arrestable offences is quite do they get away with it ?....who is protecting these people...if MPs can end up in prison, i think someone should take a close look at some of the stories that you hear every week that come out of tfl.