Friday, February 14, 2014

TfL Seek Views On Suburban Taxi Licensing

  • Consultation launched to review suburban taxi driver licensing arrangements
  • Key themes include licence areas, driver numbers, island ranks and sector extensions
  • TfL keen for views in order to shape future policy

Following a Mayoral manifesto commitment to deliver a suburban taxi action plan and to address concerns of the taxi trade, Transport for London (TfL) has today (14 February) launched a consultation on suburban taxi licensing and is urging both ‘all London’ and ‘suburban’ taxi drivers to submit their views on a number of issues.

TfL is keen to hear from both drivers and taxi users, especially those in suburban areas, to help form future policy ensuring drivers can continue to match the demand for the world class service they provide. This consultation identifies options for changes concerning licensing, the number of suburban taxi drivers, taxi ranks and booking processes.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Cabbies in suburban areas face a unique set of challenges and they rightly want their voices to be heard. At the last election I made a clear pledge that we would listen to what the taxi trade has to say and that is precisely what this consultation is all about. The overarching aim, of course, is to deliver a better suburban taxi system that benefits drivers and the passengers they carry expertly from A to B.”

The first stage of this review of suburban licensing involved two TfL-facilitated workshops attended by working taxi drivers. The workshops provided TfL with many views and ideas from the taxi trade as to the key issues they identified and what changes could be made to better support them. Through these workshops and subsequent correspondence with attendees and other licensees, TfL has received a wide range of ideas which have helped to form the basis of the consultation paper.

The proposals contained in the consultation are based on feedback received from the taxi trade and cover key themes including:

· Suburban sector structure: Examining the rationale behind the current structure and exploring alternatives

· Knowledge of London: Addressing the barriers that the Knowledge creates for suburban drivers who want to add sectors or become an ‘all London’ driver

· Driver numbers: Reviewing recent trends and looking at the arguments for and against restricting driver numbers on either a permanent or temporary basis

· Taxi ranks: Explaining the process for appointing ranks, the difficulties surrounding the process and current initiatives

· Improving supply of taxis in central London: Addressing suggestions from the trade that would allow suburban drivers to work in central London at specific times or places

· Island ranks and licence area extensions: Reviewing existing measures introduced to improve taxi supply on the periphery of central London and exploring a formal structure for extending this strategy

· Radio and app bookings: Examining the current restrictions on suburban drivers and exploring options for change

Helen Chapman, TfL’s General Manager for Taxi and Private Hire, said: “It is vitally important that passengers can continue receiving the incredible service from taxi drivers that they have come to expect. Equally, we want to ensure taxi drivers are able to continue making a living and that we are flexible and able to meet the demands of the trade. This consultation allows taxi drivers and passengers to put forward their views to help shape future policy and we are eager to hear their views.”

The consultation is running for eight weeks and ends on 11 April 2014.

Please click the link below to read or download a PDF copy of the consultation.

To comment on suggestions put forward and to propose ideas, a copy of the consultation document and online form to submit comments is available <here>

Sourced from CTN cabtradenews


The Government response to the Law Commision Review is that they would prefer to do away with different zones inside licensing areas, this would includ areas such as our own suburban zones.

Paragraph taken from Government response

The Government does not favour the creation of zones within a licensing area. They are generally an inefficient way of operating which causes frustration to passengers (who cannot understand why they cannot hail a cab licensed by their own local authority just because it is in a particular part of the district) and add to the administrative and enforcement burden of licensing authorities.



Anonymous said...

danger ahead for who?????

Anonymous said...

There was only ever one problem with the suburban taxi licensing and that was flooding the sectors with dozens of new drivers, making it hard for them and hard for existing drivers to earn a living. Now we have consultations mopping up the mistakes trying to integrate the swell into the All London. Lets not forget it takes HALF the amount of time to do a suburban sector knowledge, so by that analogy you can only expect to earn half you would as an All London driver... Ive done both and the earnings as a green are marginally better (per hour) but not exactly early retirement potential or double as you may expect especially considering the extra difficulty and time obtaining the badge.

Anonymous said...

If yellow badges want to work in central london then they should simply do the knowledge. It sickens me that yellow badges may be allowed into central london at any time. There is no difference between this and letting ph vehicles ply for hire at ' certain times'. We know every driver wants to work in central london. Its where the work is. But the area is served by men and women with green badges who have put the work in.

Anonymous said...

Stop letting mini cab offices opening in every station and parking on double yellow lines and send the tax man and dss into the offices , and enforce the law a little bit , would help ,,, instead of flooding london with clueless sat nav using suburban drivers , making us look like amatures.

I'm Spartacus said...

Let's not give succour to our enemies by trading insults and views that have been heard many, many times before.

Complete the consultation and have your say.

As for those who can't see dangers, let assume they just did away with YB's then many suburban ranks would not get a service, you can imagine who is waiting to mop up that work.

It's a complex issue that of course is not of our making but you do know have a chance to state your ideas.


Anonymous said...

Hard to see how anything constructive will come out of this....Every yellow badge in favour of extensions, island ranks, working in town at certain times and using apps and doing a quickie green badge. And every green badge against it. Doing the yellow was always the easier and quicker option which appealed to many and may have suited some peoples personal circumstances, such as living in the sector you work or not having the time needed to do the green. The problem is simply oversubscription and flooding the market. TFLs mistake.
If you think the green/yellow divide was bad before the identifiers happened, this has the potential for a whole new ball game of divisions!

Anonymous said...

Look lads I'm a yellow badge and don't want to work in Central London I'm happy working my sector what I do have a problem with is TFL must of known they where flooding the suburbs With cabs have the identifiers made any difference. No sod all

Anonymous said...

Well said Spartacus, always the voice of reason..

Be carefull what you wish for with this consultation and make sure you way up all the options.

TfL never drop anything, they just shelve unpopular stuff , which they implement at a later date.

Anonymous said...

In the interest of a balanced perspective it should be acknowledged that the VAST majority of yellow badge drivers chose the sector they are licenced for because that is where they want to work.

The idea that every yellow badge driver really wants to work in town is utter nonsense that is used to whipp up a frenzy over nothing, in the same vane that brought the hopes of raised wages when the ids came in .

The fact is that we chose our sectors in good faith and expected to be governed properly to protect our livelihoods.

None of the drivers I know want to be forced to work anywhere other than the area they chose to obtain a licence for, much the same as green badges are generally reluctant to accept fares when outside the six mile radius.

This is a situation that has been caused by TFL who are now desperately trying to find a solution to the problem they have created and the only way to generate more work for the over subscribed suburbs is to extend which no one really wants but there is no alternative.

Of the 600+ Merton and Sutton drivers entitled to apply for the Clapham extension only half have taken it up and most of them rarely if ever use it! I know your gonna shout that the Clapham and Balham ranks are now often serviced but your talking about less than 20 spaces for 300 drivers with the E1 stamp on their licence so it's hardly an invasion if only about 30% of the drivers who have the stamp are using it, and they only represent 50% of those entitled to apply for it!!

I hope they sort this out sensibly by reinstating the original 6 large suburban sectors, but even if they go mental and abolish sectors in the GTR London area only about 15% of yellows would try it in Town and most of them will run scared soon after!!

I know you'd rather believe the more sensationalised ideas but I don't think they're accurate.

Anonymous said...

As a surburban driver I will be putting my views to the consultation, there is no one else to blame but the licensing body,for putting out to many drivers in the suburbs ,so it should be up to them to find a solution to the problem. Peak time licences, is a must as people struggle to get a cab in the late evening and early hours. So allowing surburban drivers in at certain times is a fantastic idea . Secondly allow radio and app work to be picked up by surburban drivers in town. That's what I will be asking the consultation to seriously consider , chances are it won't happen but something will come out of this and I think it will be in our favour? Sleep we'll grant .

Anonymous said...

Driver doing his nut on twitter cause he saw a yellow badge working Clapham junc rank.
Amazingly he had o pass 36 illegally parked touts all plying fir hire, but he never them

Anonymous said...

They took the easy route, not a great sacrifice if you ask me. We took the hard route, a massive sacrifice and something to be proud of..... Two different animals.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pizza delivery driver and I have been driving in central London for the last 5 years,and I feel that I qualify to be fast tracked through the system to receive a Green Badge ASAP

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

No wonder why u lot r unable to do the g/ badge
Read the consultation properly and u will see u won't
Be getting going home ranks or peak licences it
States that they won't be happening.

Anonymous said...

Once the canaries get peak hours every single mini cab and unemployed person Within a 100 mile radius of london will be doing the 30 runs for wembley and getting an all london badge ,,,,, You might as. Well put a free badge in every packet of fruit loops , thanks yellow badge drivers it was you that killed the trade not the scabs....

Les said...

Can the blame be solely laid at the door of TfL?

The 2 Suburban Workshop were high jacked by the LCDC, LTDA and Unite the Union stating that they want no change.

But TfL are obligated to supply licensed taxis and private hire drivers and vehicles. The All London brigade wishes to remain as they are with no increase in taxis or driver, therefore not allowing them the option or room for expansion. Private hire have doubled their fleet but have not in the last year raise their workload.

The LCDC, LTDA and Unite the Union had the option at both the workshops to come to some viable arrangement that would benefit both the green badge and yellow drivers.

They chose to do nothing and were hoping that the problem would go away, well it hasn’t has it. So I can’t see where you are coming from by stating that the suburban drivers would have had your support. Your chairman along with some of his committee members had no interest in suburban issues and for them to say otherwise would be a lie.

What you seem to suggest is that the taxi trade is only for the green badge driver and has nothing to do with supplying a service to the public in all areas of the GLA/Met, you know the ones that pay at the end of their journey.

If you and your colleagues would much prefer to deal with touts than suburban drivers then so be it, but once the London suburban taxis have ceased operating you are next on the list. Have no doubt about that.

If 3,683 suburban drivers are more of a threat to you than 70,000 minicab drivers are then you really do have your priorities wrong.

You cannot blame suburban drivers for driving your prices down as they have no control on prices being charge by the Radio circuits and mobile App providers.

Radio circuits and mobile App providers are no more that private hire operator using taxis to carry out their work. Which they are legally entitled to do. But when it comes to pre-booked work there is no way that TfL or anyone else can legally zone suburban taxis.

What evidence have you got to say that suburban drivers are willing to work for less than you on the apps and circuits, causing the circuits to drive down what they offer you for a job? None what so ever.

And I suppose the green badge drivers that broom work or only use the A roads in the suburbs doesn’t damage all London taxi drivers reputation be they green or yellow badge holders.

70 per cent of the trips for taxis were conducted completely within Inner London, while only 9% of trips took place completely within Outer London. Around 10% went from Outer to Inner London compared to 8% from Inner to Outer London.

That statement proves that the suburban driver takes more passengers into central London than the All London driver takes out.

I thought it was private hires main objective to have the right to harvest your work without having to do the KOL first. That is something they have achieved with very little restraint from the London taxi drivers as a whole.

GBs seem to be at odds with the suburban drivers yet forget that a suburban driver is a restricted All London driver, licensed by the very same licensing authority. All licensed taxi drivers are subject to the same compliance and regulatory obligations and licensed to the same standard except for the requirements of the Knowledge. Therefore, taxis licensed in Manchester or Liverpool may not be to the same standard as yours but a London Suburban driver is.

Having green badge drivers stating suburban drivers are your enemy does very little to the overall cause.

Arty said...

Try getting a cab in Harrow anywhere other than the rank outside H on the Hill station and you might have a different opinion.
Hatch End, Pinner, the Hill itself (2 days ago I was driving over the Hill (off shift) and some woman was trying to get into my cab, at 4pm in the afternoon) Trinity Bar at 1/2am, Rayners Lane station when you get off a train.

I'm sick and tired of hearing this fallacy that that there is NO work for YB's.
It is bullshit!

There are minicab offices opening everywhere, FFS.

Just before Christmas I got off a tube at Rayners Ln and needed a cab.

Tried Hailo half a dozen times, nothing.

Reluctantly I went into the minicab office opposite the station and was told there was a 20 minute wait!
In the end I had to get the missus to come and get me which was a pisser because I was meant to pick her up and go on somewhere.

Another night a couple of months ago I needed a cab in Sudbury to drop me home and then head up the A40 to the Chalfonts.

What did we end up in?

Yep, a minicab!

I think YB's should concentrate on servicing their own sectors rather than trying edge their way into town.

Captain Sensible said...

As ever it turns into a slanging match with of course valid points on both sides.

The point about lost work applies to all badges, how much street work was driven into touts and minicabs as radio drivers drove empty past punters on the way to corporate accounts on run ins, we now have the reverse apps. giving free waits.

The real truth is that it's a complete mess caused by TfL and of course the indolence of those that form the UTG and without any consultation with their membership decided what was best whilst they stayed off the cab.

So again just make your points on the consultation hopefully without the usual effing and blinding and references to racial origin etc.

All that will do is allow TfL to portray us as cave dwellers.

In my experience some YB's creep into the central area but my sightings on suburban ranks before I.D's such as Wimbledon, Kingston & Bromley indicates that most don't and many have been hasty to tar a lot of people unjustly.

No one wants the knowledge watered down but when you think about it you should be able to get your Green badge in two appearances one on the 6 mile area and another on the suburbs if you kept getting the questions right.

In my mind the solutions are these:

1. Zero Tolerance of Minicabs and Touts lining up outside venues illegally plying for hire. Seizure of vehicles and jail time for repeat offenders.

2. Ranks outside every late night venue enforced by CCTV with an App. to alert you to people waiting.

3. Realignment of Suburban Sectors to more properly reflect the areas of work.

4. Trade organisations (not Oligarch's) to build a marketing fund to promote rank usage and hailing a cab.

mr timothy claypole said...

the consultation paper finishes in april dont the law commission come out around that time .
tfl dont have the balls to decided this so they are going to let the government do it. all your arguing with each over is what they wont .as for the suburban consultation wast of time filling it out.`as tfl are spineless so much of a united front against the law comm

london is different o no it ain't

Anonymous said...

TFL already. know whst there going to do why do you think that the only people getting the new identfires are the people that have the 74 numbers see what's going to happen in April and the trade groups know as well end of the road

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson made a pledge to listen to London Taxi drivers. Boris's Taxi Age Limit has done nothing to reduce emissions, in fact ALL of Johnson's emissions strategies have failed to reduce pollution in London. The Taxi Age Limit was corruptly signed off by Boris Johnson - even though he fully understood older vehicles poluted less than newer ones.When are the UTG going to hold Johnson accountable and publish the corruption within TfL ?

Anonymous said...

Les i think if you ask most yellows they will firmly put the blame at TFL. There wasnt a problem 10+ years ago the yellow was what it was...not as profitable as the green but a living and the quicker option to driving a cab, most drivers were happy with that. In a short space of time 2,3,4 new drivers were joining the ranks on weekly basis. To many badges were handed out to quickly.
This consultation is now about getting more work for the drivers after they caused the problems, by handing out sections of London technically areas learnt by green badges to drivers who would have been happy enough where they were if the problem wasnt created in the first place.

Life is sweet said...

The scandal here is the conspiracy of silence by LTD and their poodles the now irrelevant camp followers of UNITE and LCDC.

They sat on their hands at the suburban workshops and offered nothing constructive. Defend their members is secondary if thought about at all.

To them there's enough in the pot to see them out so why bother!

Anonymous said...

TfL mention yet another consultation and you're all hopping about like ducks.What benifit has the trade seen from ANY TfL consultstion ?


Anonymous said...

bring it on i cant wait to work in town on the apps and radio once its law theres not much can do about it if p.h can pick up anywhere in lon why cant y.b.s its crazy it just goes to show how much g.b despise ..cry in your cornflake...

Anonymous said...

anon 3.23
Is it any wonder theres a gb yb divide with comments like that. Unfortunately if this goes ahead every man and his wife will be on the yellow badge knowledge as an easier alternative to the green and you will be back to square one with to many badges...Dont count your chickens yet, working apps in town isnt athe honey pot you may think it is, the best way for things to improve for ybs is less drivers in your sector.

Anonymous said...

Soon there will be a handful of electric cabs roasting on ranks in the ultra low emissions zone.

Everything else covered by PH on an app.

Massive redundancy payments at our trade organisations leaving peanuts to fight what's left

That's the future, UNLESS YOU change it

Anonymous said...

Only yellow badges that have held there licence over 10 years will benefit As for working of the radio in town not going to happen TFL coursed this mess Look where mason ended up do you really think he left lol

Anonymous said...

i think it will be allowed ie radio work in lon for yb.s gb.s dont moan about p.h vehicles doing radio jobs oh no they just spit blood whenever the word YELLOW BADGE is mentioned just what is there problem and to say radio work aint all its cracked up to be maybe not but its got be better than sitting at upminster station for £3 ph .and to say limit the number of drivers .well they have its made no differrence .there is an option in these consultations to get ridd of yb.all together i bet 99% of gb would wellcome this you SAD SAD people you should be ashamed...

Anonymous said...

It's so funny as soon as yellow badge is mentioned you get well over 20 posted look at the author posted 5 or maybe 7 posted as soon as yellow badge is mentioned. Wow it goes mad look since TFL took over it's gone titts up and from what I've heard the airport ie Heathrow Will allow ealing and richmond drivers to work the airport well all knew it was coming

Anonymous said...

wow been reading twitter all night if only we could have acted like this for the law commission .if we can do this to 3 k yb drivers just think what we could have done to the law commission and all them touts .sorry thats to much like hard work lets pick on 3ooo yb drivers

mr d dunkin said...

i say vote donut we get heathrow

Anonymous said...

Helen Chapman has voiced her opinion on this suburban consultation -TfL recently announced she was on six months leave. Exactly what leave is Helen Chapman taking ?

I have some serious concerns about Helen Chapman's possition in office . Clarification needs to be immediately declared about Chapmans tenure of office. Either she is fit for work, or not ?
Her stance of non commitment to her role at LTPH, combined with her absence from office needs to be explained ?

Anonymous said...

Les, you stated way back around comment 10 that no one can legally zone suburban taxis for pre booked jobs.
Tfl do not have to pass laws to restrict such behaviour. The convienient quick fix they have in place is to make a policy that certain behaviour does not comply with the conditions of your licence and that's it!!!
It is illegal not to comply with the conditions of your licence, so if they say accepting pre booked work out of sector contravenes the conditions of your licence ( which they do!) although the act of doing so is not illegal in itself, the contravention of your licence is!!

I'm a yellow badge myself, so please don't think I'm trying to be clever or nasty, but this unfortunately is the umbrella that Tfl use to do whatever they like, and insurance companies use to invalidate insurance of taxis if the driver presents them such an opportunity, so those clever buggers who work without ids in (yb & gb) be warned!! That is contrary to your licenced conditions and you really are uninsured so when disaster strikes you might find yourself picking up a hefty bill on top of a conviction!!

Am I banging on now.....?

Anonymous said...

Chapman is still Interim manager

Anonymous said...

No I agree with you here mate I'm a yellow badge and it's Annoying when you see someone with out ids and you can bet your life it's a yellow badge I've see it so many times and do the police do anything lol no far too busy for them to do anything do tfl do anything nope Helen chapman has lost control soon she will be joining mr mason What you need is. A cab driver with a good knolwedge of how the system is ment to work and get him running the cab trade and I don't mean McNamara or Davis I'd not let them run a tap

Anonymous said...

Helen Chapmam was incompetent as deputy director of TPH, she was invisible as head of enforcement - she can't even fulfil the possition of being temporary. Boris Johnson is all for making job cuts to save money . Unfortunately he never seems to fire the most incompetent of people . What a total waste of tax payers money !

mike james said...

SIMPLE---NO..NO..NO..if any one wants to drive a TAXI in London..simple..DO..AS WE..ALL DID...>the knowledge<... or do TFL simply want to rake in money from licence's so want to flood London and turn us in to new york style of cabbies... while we "still all speak English" we need to STOP THIS... its hard enough now to compete with 2/3000 other drivers on the RD every day without adding more just so TFL can make money

Anonymous said...

NO...simple...if yellow drivers want to drive in the knowledge ..OR,...dose TFL simple want to rake in cash from all the licences they wish to.....sell if there is to be a demo on this I AM THERE ON THIS ONE...

Solar Powered Cab said...

Have you read Helen Chapman's twitter feed?
She's like a teenage girl, bumbling on about dresses, coats and cute little booties.

And banging on about Chelsea FC.

I'm sorry but is this the behaviour of one of our bosses ffs?
No wonder it's a complete farce in palestra.
Joseph Grimaldi would be very pleased with their set up.

Anonymous said...

have demo and we will drive past you with your jobs on board

Anonymous said...

We should have yellow badge for suburbs ,,,,green all london and a ,,,central london blue badge .and maybe a orange badge for heathrow . And a transparent badge for the drivers who drive around with no ids , the cabs with no ids can be free lance and even work Luton or. Where they please

Billy Cotton said...

Anon 8.55

We have transparent no ID cabs, they are called PH, no rules, no enforcement.endorsed by Hendy.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 6:07
Keep your hair on mate!!!

Your getting caught in the hysteria generated by the wind up merchants!!

Only a few yellow badge drivers don't agree that drivers who want to work in Central London should do the Green badge.

We did not create this situation and the few loonies who think they can get everything for nothing are going to be sadly disappointed when a grown-up explains to them that all the whacko ideas that were presented to Tfl in the workshops have been considered and dismissed in the consultation.

The ideas of yellows working in town at certain times or from certain ranks and all similar suggestions have been firmly quashed, and quite rightly so!!

There is absolutely no question of yellow badges being allowed to ply for hire on the street (or a rank) in Central London without obtaining an All London licence.

Still on the table are the subjects of :-

A. Realigning boundaries in the 22 suburban boroughs to create a more favourable set of suburban sectors.

B. Consider assigning extension areas and island ranks ONLY in areas bordering the suburbs that are under serviced by green badge drivers due to their extreme proximity (4-6 miles from Charing X) and lower demand considerations than areas that continue to be well serviced by All London Drivers.
Extension areas will require applicants to attend an appearance to assess their ability to service the area adequately

C. To consider allowing taxi drivers, already licenced by Tfl to ply for hire in suburban London, to be allowed to enter the K.O.L ( Suburban or All London) at a more advanced stage than first time applicants.
This has been popularly para-phrased as 'the quicky Knowledge' but is actually merely paying respect to the fact that these applicants have an excellent idea of the standards required and the work involved in the task they have undertaken and already know the structure of learning that 56 day appearances instill in the Novice Applicant.
However, it is also recognised that if an applicant does not meet the standards of a 28 day apperances on commencement then they will be treated as any other applicant and reverted to 56 days as required by the K.O.L system. No one is going to be GIVEN anything!!!

D. To allow suburban drivers to accept private hire bookings (via radio circuits or apps) outside of their licenced areas.

A cab licence is a licence to ply for hire on the street.

Due to the strict terms of fitness required to obtain a cab licence Tfl accept that a cab driver is also suitable to accept private hire bookings without obtaining a private hire licence.

It is unfair to allow PH drivers to accept PH bookings anywhere in London but restrict a licenced Taxi Driver to accept PH bookings only in the area that he/she is licences to ply for hire on the street.
These are two completely different concepts and if a PH driver is qualified to do this specific work anywhere after 12 weeks then why not a licenced London cab driver after 2+ years?

E. Driver numbers are excessive. It is foolish not to cap them, but this still needs to be put to a democratic vote, so this is the last point of discussion.

Now please tell me how any of these points will disadvantage any All London Driver in their ability to accept work provided by their hard earned licence to ply for hire and reward on the streets of Central London.

No one is disrespecting the work you all have put in, but there is only so much disrespect we can take from others before we snap and react!!

Be Lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Only the government is suggesting the law commission should be looking at possibly abolishing the yellow badge.

Not Tfl

Not YB's

Anonymous said...

I work. In hackney I'm a yellow badge to think i don't know where I'm going is a joke I have been driver a cab 25 years east north south east west london ec 1 ec2 ec3 ec4 I have put new driver s all the time it's making my hard how new drivers don't know where there going please help

Anonymous said...

All cab drivers are driven by greed. If concessions are made in Shoreditch, Islington it won't be enough. Next it will be Kings X and anywhere else. Every suburban driver was advised to do the KoL. The suburban driver is the parasite enemy within!

Anonymous said...

I think someone stayed up too late and is very cross and tired!!!

Go and have a nap and then come back and try to make your point without spitting bile and self-loathing into the mix.

Judging others by your own low standards and morals doesn't stand as a balanced argument or valid point, so as the saying goes, if you can't say something nice.....

Anonymous said...

If you greens keep moaning about yb drivers earning a living then shame on you,are you happy see girls getting raped because you're too greedy to drive to deptford and such area's.But you swamp places such LCA and O2 you're a bunch greedy scumbags who only think about themselves

Anonymous said...

Green badge 27 years . Last night the grosvenor house hotel rank was fenced off for a mini cab company to cover the BAFTAS who had a 200 car feeder rank along mount street . A section of covent garden was closed access only for mini cabs to service the after party , I tried charring cross road rank cab driver , Fellow green badge had left his cab empty on it id's. Starting with a 2 , and in front of him was as always 20 mini cabs parked on yellow lines both sides of charring cross road with the Taliban lookalikes who drive them, those tricycle cabs are whizzing round at 25 miles an hour with out peddling , on my way home I saw that Golders green rank that was a great green badge before given to yellows, was empty . After a 5 minute wait a national express coach pulled in a crowed got of but I noticed the driver was walking them to the mini cab office in the station , then they were sent to the mini cabs who were all parked on double yellow lines in front of the rank . Where are the CCTV cameras when you need them . Sundays used to be good.

Anonymous said...

if they where to abolish the surbuban driver .how would they do it would they just set a date and thats the end of it
or would just stop issuing y.b
then they would all gradually phase out that could take 20 years.We are talking about nearly 4.000 jobs here..the mind boggles would the Govmt do that.???

Anonymous said...

anon 1.32
Probably just let it run its course and not issue anymore badges... Yea it could take 20 years, though half of all yellows at least go on to do the green, so i doubt it would be more than 10 years with retirements etc...It could actually be the best solution in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I think they are looking at this back to front!!
I think they should divide the whole greater london area into four sections through charring cross ie NW NE SW and SE, and the abandon the Green Badge!!

Obviously those who hold a licence now will remain an all London driver, but in future you can only choose, learn and ply for hire in one of the 4 London Knowledge sectors.

Anonymous said...

Amatures using sat navs at least we take the jobs unlike greens at the o2 brooming all the jobs that dont suit them

mr timothy claypole said...

Law Commission

Taxi and Private Hire Services

The project examines the legal framework relating to taxis and PHVs with a view to making it simpler and more modern. We published a consultation paper with our provisional proposals for reform on 10 May 2012. This was followed by a four month consultation period where we invited the public to respond to our proposals. We plan to publish a final report with our recommendations and draft Bill by April 2014.

april 2014 can you all see that date

Mike Tinnion ‏@Mike_Tinnion·Feb 17
Suburban Consultation deadline 11th April. Law Commission bill launched on 11th April. I'm looking for a coincidence. Or a conspiracy.

if this man can see what tfl are up to then why cant you all

stop the infighting and open your eyes

Yellowvoice said...

The cure for the YB's is to restrict applications, TFL have said however, it is illegal to do this if people meet the criteria. Shame because a general restriction would sort it.
Would I like to go into central London if it changed.......not really, I like working my sector and half the people that get into my cab don't have to tell me where they are going because I already know them and where their destination is.
A big well done to the YB and GB people who wrote constructive posts and I toally agree with much of them.
To the GB's who just want to swear and intimidate......Go get a life!