Thursday, February 20, 2014

TFL Salaries Outrageous: Taxi Drivers Get 0.7% Increase, While Boris Johnson's Aides Get 8%.

Boris Johnson's two top aides now get paid more than David Cameron.

In a week that saw the annual increase in Taxis fares set at just 0.7%, plus an announcement that drivers will soonno longer be able to recoup any of the cost of picking up passenger at London's Airports, London Mayor Boris Johnson gives two senior staff pay rises, taking them past David Cameron’s wage.

    Another Boris folly costing taxi payers millions.

Bumbling Boris gives pay rises to two top advisors taking their salaries to over the prime minister's £142,000

Chief of staff Sir Edward Lister got an £11,000 rise to £150,000 and adviser Neale Coleman’s pay rose £12,000 to £145,000. The Prime Minister is paid £142,000.

London Assembly Labour member Fiona Twycross said the rises were “outrageous”. 

It also emerged transport chief Sir Peter Hendy (who last year was paid £650.000, 4.5times what the Primeminister gets) blew £3,000 on taxis at public expense last year.

A spokeswoman for the mayor said Mr Coleman’s rise was linked to additional regeneration work, while Sir Edward’s “reflects his ongoing responsibilities”.

Transport for London said of Sir Peter: “There are occasions when his full schedule and late hours necessitate the use of taxis.”

MP Gareth Thomas asks: 
"Is this the real reason why a couple commuting to work from Harrow, Croydon or Redbridge will have to pay an extra £120 next year?"

Last year, the chief executive of the £15 billion Crossrail project, Andrew Wolstenholme, earned a £577,000 salary boosted by a bonus of £123,000. Crossrail programme director Andy Mitchell received £552,000, of which £223,000 was paid as a bonus.

Mike Brown, managing director of Rail and Underground was paid £476,000, including a £164,000 bonus and Steve Allen, managing director of finance, was paid £451,000 boosted by a £162,000 bonus. The bonus pot totalled £2.5 million.


Anonymous said...

Transport for London said of Sir Peter: “There are occasions when his full schedule and late hours necessitate the use of taxis.” What about all the people that have to work unsocial hours & can't afford to get a taxi because they can't claim it back. Why can't he get public transport like them?

Les Dalton said...

Get the night bus , see what your drivers have to put up with,or get a cheap tout in the west end , you will see what goes on, then you may do something about the assaults on passengers using these touts, while police just walk by, you need more ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS,maybe you can Sponser one out of you bonus.

Anonymous said...

Get a night bus,or use a cheap illegal tout,you may even start to see the problem TFLTPH has caused by not investing in more ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ,whom I only see in January in the west end come on Sir Peter earn your money.

Rachel G said...

He does not need to go home

Anonymous said...

It is interesting the police get free travel. Despite having the London waiting time allowance. . Maybe worth doing an FOI on how many cases have been brought to court when an off duty police officer has been beneficial with TFL in assisting with crime on buses and tube network.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it have been more cost effective and convenient for everyone concerned to not even bother giving an insulting 0.7% rise? The cost of fuel and time involved to travel to get the meter updated makes it not worth bothering about. Tubes prices up 6% yearly buses up yearly Boris bikes up 100%...taxis 0.7%.... Not that there will be much complaining as usual we will all comply like lemmings....

Cosy Bob said...

With last years insult, we are now 7% worse off than 2 years ago.

Many thanks to all at the UTG, non cab drivers most of 'em.

Can you publish who asked for what at the fare consultation editor?