Saturday, February 08, 2014

Nissan NV200 Purpose-Built Taxi launched in Chicago, Half The Cost Of London Version.

After the successful launch of the NV200 taxi of tomorrow in New York early last year, Nissan had unveiled a customised taxi with an eye on the 7,000 Chicago Taxi market, at the Chicago Auto Show. 

Features differ from city to city: 
While the New York version boasts a glass panoramic roof, seats three passengers and is wheelchair accessible from the rear, after sliding the seats forward. 

The Chicago Taxi has an active carbon roof liner to soak up unpleasant odours, a low annoyance horn that flashes the lights as an almost apologetic gesture, seats 4 (3+1) with plenty of luggage room and 40/60 split rear doors.

The London version facilitates side loading wheelchair, seats 6 and has a 25 foot turning circle. 

One feature immediately sticks out in the Chicago version, the massive 2.0L 4-cylinder power-train. Supposedly engineered to enhance emission performance and fuel efficiency.

Nissan have plans to launch the NV200 in a number of Cities across America and Europe, but it's not just the vehicle's features that differ from city to city, the is also a huge difference in the price.

The advertised retail cost of the Chicago NV200 Taxi.... Just $29,700 Canadian dollars, which converts to just over £18,000, which is half the predicted price of the London Taxi version.

Other advertised features for the Chicago NV200 Taxi include:
  • Ample room for four passengers and their luggage, offering substantial improvements over current and recently unveiled taxi models
  • Sliding doors with entry step and grab handles, providing easy entry and exit
  • Opening side windows
  • Independently controlled, rear air conditioning
  • Active carbon-lined headliner to help neutralize interior odors
  • Overhead reading lights for passengers and floor lighting to help locate belongings
  • Mobile charging ports for passengers, including a 12-volt electrical outlet and two USB ports
  • Breathable, germ-fighting, durable and easy-to-clean seat fabric, simulating the look and feel of leather
  • Flat “no hump” passenger floor area for more comfortable ride
  • Roof-mounted curtain supplemental air bags for side-impact and rollover protection for all outboard occupants – the NV200 taxi is the first taxi to be crash-tested with taxi equipment installed, including the partition

Other notable NV200 taxi features focus on driver comfort, customer satisfaction and the environment:

  • A low-annoyance horn with exterior lights that indicate when the vehicle is honking, so the horn is used less frequently
  • Hearing Loop System for the hearing impaired
  • Driver and passenger intercom system
  • Proven 2.0L 4-cylinder powertrain, engineered to enhance the emission performance and fuel efficiency of the taxi fleet
  • 150,000-mile powertrain limited warranty
  • A 6-way adjustable driver’s seat featuring both recline and lumbar adjustments, even with a partition installed
  • Unique driver’s seat material and stitching to promote improved airflow
  • USB auxiliary audio input and charge port for driver
  • Standard navigation system with integrated “RearView Monitor”
  • Taxi wiring and installation provisions

The NV200 taxi is now on sale. Total manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of the vehicle starts at approximately $29,700.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like pretty good value. Unfortunately Launching the London version at a similar price or even sub £25k would probably make it seem like the poor relation to the tx4 and Merc. Drivers in London will pay and have been paying £35/40k+.
Ironically the over priced LTC iconic monopoly has helped the competition with their own high price lines. Imagine if LTC was launching its tx4 for the first time in an already established market dominated by Nissan and Mercedes, it wouldnt stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

It seems odd that the taxi is a Nissan when a Chevy version exists too? The City express?

Anonymous said...

The Chevy looks exactly like the NV200