Monday, January 13, 2014

Paris Taxi Trade Show London How It's Done: More than 8000 taxis ready to block Paris today.

Big mess for Monday. More than 8,000 taxis unite and get ready to block the streets of Paris. 

This is what was promised by  five unions (CFDT, CGT, FO, and SDCTP CST), according to France Info. They are all very angry against the cars with drivers, which they consider to be unfair competition. Another reason for anger: the increase in the VAT rate, which rose for transport, 7% to 10%.

For them, the recent government decision to regulate the activity of VTC (The Paris equivalent of private hire) is clearly not sufficient. On December 27th, a decree was issued which requires VTC to wait a minimum of15 minutes between when they are called and when they collect the customer. The VTC plan to take this before the Council of State. They will, moreover, be joined in their fight by a new heavyweight player. Transdev, a subsidiary of public transport in the Caisse des Dépôts. This new company, revealed its plans to fight the legislation in  Les Echos, when they enter the market.

            Paris bought to a standstill today

“We believe this decree strengthens anticompetitive position and hinders the development of our current business and our future activities,” said AFP boss at Transdev transport, Paul Rosen. Transdev and other CTI companies may also seek the advice from the Competition Authority, which considered mid-December that the introduction of the minimum period of 15 minutes “would be a distortion in competition between VTC and radio taxis, which is not justified by considerations of general interest shown”.

The market has attracted several startups as Lecab, Snapcar or Private Driver and the American heavyweight of this business, Uber, already present in several major capitals around the world.

But the Paris Taxi trade are not a force to take lightly. When they unite, they block Paris completely and will do so on regular occasions.  

Take note TfL, Coming to streets near you, SOON.


Anonymous said...

They like here want to be Taxis with all the privileges and NONE of the responsibilities!

It's so simple the French court will say if you want to ply for hire which is what an instant booking is become a cab driver!

The other difference is the cab trade organisations in Paris have 'bottle', ours don't !

Anonymous said...

Transdev - don't they operate buses in this beautiful law abiding city of ours??