Tuesday, January 21, 2014

London Taxi Company Announce Their Future Zero Emissions Capable Taxi

The London Taxi Company finally reveals its vision of the future London Taxi; a plug-in range extended electric Black Cab, destined to hits the streets of London in 2018.

The company, part of global automotive group Geely Automobile Holdings, is confident that it has the technology, experience and investment to manufacture and retail a globally-dominant and iconic Black Cab, which meets Mayor Boris Johnson’s air quality ambitions for London.

Vice-President of UK Operations, Peter Johansen said: “Given Geely’s green credentials and their commitment to invest £200m in green taxi technology over the next 5 years, coupled with our own extensive experience and enviable heritage, we feel comfortable that we will provide London with an environmentally-sound Black Cab, which can meet the future air quality demands of our capital city, whilst also delivering a vehicle which is recognised by the general public as a taxi.

“Geely’s investment has allowed us to do what we do best; create purpose-built vehicles. It’s not a van conversion; it’s designed from the ground up to be a London Taxi and will be robust and durable in order to survive the demanding taxi duty cycle.

“It responds to Mayor Boris Johnson's vision for improving London's air quality and the future global environmental challenges. It also delivers against the needs and expectation of the taxi trade and is an evolution of the iconic, instantly recognisable London Taxi that is loved, admired and respected the world over.

“Geely’s investment means that we have the funds and the capabilities required to further improve the eco-credentials of our existing vehicle. It also means that we will be able to fulfil our aspiration to relocate from our Coventry factory to another UK production facility, invest in state-of-the art tooling and further bolster the domestic manufacturing industry and economy through recruitment and global export opportunities.”

Although many details of the exciting new icon are being kept firmly under wraps, the following specification information for the future London Taxi has been released:

    •    A plug-in range extended electric London Taxi
    •    A no compromise, zero-emissions capable Black Cab
    •    Purpose-built to be a taxi (eg not a car/van conversion)
    •    A European Whole Vehicle Type Approved Black Cab
           which meets the London Conditions of Fitness
    •    Front-wheel steer 25ft turning circle
    •    Fully accessible including front-facing wheelchair seating position
    •    New lightweight body structure
    •    Exceptional fuel economy
    •    Lower overall cost of ownership
    •    Outstanding driver comfort and ergonomics
    •    Six passenger seats in rear
    •    Advanced technological driver and passenger features
    •    Evolution of the iconic London Taxi shape
    •    NCAP 5 Safety-rated

The London Taxi manufacturer, based in Coventry, already retails its Euro 5-compliant TX4 across the UK. This vehicle represented a major milestone for the UK firm, as engineers have reduced harmful Diesel Particulates emitted from the TX4 tailpipe to a negligible 0.0005g/km and NOx to just 0.28g/km; representing a reduction of 99% and 80% respectively versus the iconic Fairway London Taxi.

The next version of the TX4 is being developed in tandem with the company’s engine supplier VM Motori. It will be Euro 6-compliant, deliver further emissions reductions and will be available from 2015.


taxitel said...
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taxitel said...

And only gonna set ya back ............. ??????

Anonymous said...

At present the best all electric vehicles can do 100/120 miles on a full charge...factor in lights, stereo, heater, meter, intercom windscreen wipers etc and manufacturers exaggerated claims youll be lucky to get 60/70 miles..Despite all the blarb no mention of battery range...Even if battery technology improves slightly over the next four years, its hard to see how this is going to work in the real world.

Editorial said...

The key question is:

CAN you buy a Euro 5 cab on the 31st December 2017 and run it in London for 15 years without restriction.

TfL seemed reluctant to answer this question at the zero emissions roadshow.

Taxileaks will keep asking the right questions, those who belong to trade organisations need to ask them why they seem reluctant to challenge TfL?

We would also like to know why the deputy general secretary of the LTDA who is also a member of the TfL board is not asking either?

As ever more questions mounting up.

taxitel said...

But they enjoy the limelight. Did you see them on t.v.? Media darlings lapping up the spotlight whilst Cab trade REAL problems go on un-answered . Can't believe cab drivers still sign up to LTDA or LCDC. I'm lost for a trade org to be the 1 for me. But RMT is a union and seem to have people in the right places. As oppose to Grant and McNamarra who seem to court the cameras.......media whores lol

Anonymous said...

The Euro 5 TX4 purchase on 31 December 2017 is a moot point:

From the EU:

"It (Euro 6) will be binding for the type approval of vehicles as of 1 September 2014 and for the registration and sale of new types of cars and vans as of 1 September 2015."

RE: Anon 1251 - all the cabs presented apart from the eNV200 are range-extended hybrids, so battery range is not a limiting factor since they can run on petrol when the battery is flat. The point is to run in EV mode to reduce emissions in the centre of cities. For longer treks you run the petrol engine.

The same system in the Chevrolet Volt has been around for a while now, it has the highest customer satisfaction (see Consumer Reports) of any car in the US apart from the Tesla...

LCY Len said...

Film makers in the 1980's imagined by 2014 we'd be emerging from a nuclear wasteland, parts of major cities would be penal colonies or we'd all be flying around in space ship type vehicles. Here we are and none of those things have happened and we're pretty much going along in the same way we have since the 80's. These motors are really only going to benefit drivers who live in London or are owned by a radio circuit as a gimmick, even then I'd wonder if the costs would make them un worthwhile.The whole green carbon footprint agenda is only being forced on us because someone stands to earn a shedload of cash from it. It's all unrealistic nonsense, not to mention a waste of time when the rest of Europe and the world couldn't care less and are pumping shit into the atmosphere 24/7.The only way for these motors to be the norm would be if tfl put us all on wages and paid for them themselves. That's not going to happen and the rules will change when they realise nobody's going for it.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for a call from Lorenzo at Brewery Road.