Monday, January 06, 2014

New Nissan Kicks Out The Dirty Diesel Engine.

Despite rumours within the trade, the vehicle has an automatic gearbox and a new front bumper panel

Nissan says the 1.6 litre petrol-engine taxi will be cleaner than the current diesel cabs which are used in the capital. But with a new launch date of December will Nissan lose market share to proposed new modifications from Mercedes, the TX5 Hybrid and the all electric MetroCab.

The NV200 taxi, which was first unveiled in August 2012, has been modified following feedback from taxi drivers and the Mayor of London's office.

The iconic round headlamps of the FX and TX  models and a re-designed grille are key features of the new taxi, which unfortunately doesn't goes on sale till December 2014.

The Taxi has been developed by the company's European design centre in Paddington, west London.

Nissan says the latest version adheres to TfL's conditions of fitness which include a requirement for a 25ft (7.6m) turning circle.
Following consultations with TfL, LED lighting was added to improve visibility of the traditional taxi sign and the vehicle was given new front bumper panels.

The grille was also remodelled to mirror the traditional front of a black cab.

Nissan NV200 London Taxi Specifications*

Wheelbase 2.72m

Vehicle Height 1.9m

Vehicle Length 4.41m

Vehicle Width without mirrors 1.91m

Vehicle Width with mirrors 2.1m

Turning circle 7.6m

Engine Displacement (L) 1.6

Number of cylinders 4

Engine Power (HP/kW) 115/86

Torque (lb-ft/Nm) 117/158

CO2 179g

NOx 10mg/km

Particles 1.0mg/km

Driven axle Front

Estimated Base Taxi MSRP

Price to be confirmed, but significantly lower than TX4 price

Key Feature List:
1.6 Petrol Engine, Front Wheel Drive 
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) 
Power windows front, rear pivot with sliding porthole in doors 
Power Locks 
Power Mirror 
Front and rear compartment A/C

Premium Vinyl Seat Materials 
Primary Partition 
Vinyl Floor 
Exterior Graphics 
Exterior and Interior Taxi lighting 
2nd row tip seats with integrated seat back

3-passenger Bench Seat split 60:40 
Panoramic Glass Roof 
Rear heater and rear controls 
Passenger Entry Step and grab handles

Drivers Bluetooth 

Reversing Camera

Running Boards

Wheel chair access through nearside sliding door

Integrated rear facing restrained wheel chair position

USB and 12v passenger charging points

*Information we've been given is tentative and subject to change.

Editorial Staff Comments:

By Supercabby

Today Nissan Unveiled the New Face of it’s Taxi for London at the Nissan Innovations Centre at the O2 in Greenwich, I went along representing Jim Thomas from Taxi Leaks as it was too early for him and the complete opposite side of London from where he lives but only 10 minutes from home for me.

I was quite surprised that only a couple one of the Taxi trade rags was represented but the drivers organisation were well represented with Grant Davis from the LCDC, Peter Rose from Unite and Steve McNamara from the LTDA and of course Mike Fitz and myself who were probably the only real taxi drivers there.

A short presentation was given and then the unveiling of the New Face of the Nissan London Taxi was revealed!

During the presentation it was explained that Nissan wanted to retain the iconic look of the “London Taxi” and you could say that to some extent they have managed to achieve that aim. But an alternative view could be taken that they have merely tried to paste the front of a TX onto the NV200 Van.

It appears that this launch was basically just to show off a redesigned front end of the NV200 so we were only invited along to have a look at a couple of headlights and a grill as the rest of the vehicle including the interior has not yet been finished. We were not allowed to sit inside and sample the drivers legroom or viewpoint, we were not even allowed to open the doors as they were locked!

The hire sign on the vehicle did look good and showed up quite brightly even in the extremely well lit innovations centre and should not pose any problems while working the streets. The paintwork on the Taxi was of a very high standard as you would expect with it being a launch vehicle.

One thing that I think may present a problem, is the side running boards they have decided to include which protrude quite a bit and could pose problems on high kerbs and may even be of concern when 2 NV200 are trying to pass each other on one of London’s narrow streets.

Also the front wheelbase of the NV200 is quite a lot wider than that of the rear which will require some adaption when parallel parking in reverse as the when the rear wheels are close to the pavement the front wheels will be scrapping along kerb.

Something  I found quite interesting, was that this launch NV200 was fitted with Alloy wheels, which have not been seen as standard before on a London Taxi. I wonder will these stay, or whether they will be replaced with steel wheels once the vehicle is launched.

Nissan state that the expected Launch date for the NV200 London Taxi is to be December 2014 which is quite different from the original launch date which was proposed as January 2013 and then October 2013 so only time will tell as to whether Nissan actually met this launch date or not. Also, the Nv200 will initially only be available with a 1.6 Litre petrol engine and it remains to be seen as to how well this engine will cope with 6 passengers and driver onboard going up Highgate Hill?

Nissan stated today that they are committed to bringing an NV200 Electric Taxi that will be launched somewhere in the UK, they didn’t say that it would be London but that it would be a UK City, the Electric Taxi is expected to have a range of about 120 miles but that is under perfect driving conditions where you need to coast along to red traffic signals so that the batteries are being recharged, also I wonder what effect driving at night in the rain with the heaters and heated rear screen on would have on the range of the batteries?

The Worlds big media companies were present at this launch and seemed to show a lot of interest in both Fitz and myself, as we were the only real working Taxi drivers present. We gave a few interviews and aired our views with regards to the NV200. Nissan seem to be putting a lot of money and energy into promoting this Taxi and in their presentation they stated that they hope to produce 140,000 of theses Taxis in the first year of production which is more than LTI/LTC have produced since 1948 which is quite and ambitious projection.

Will this NV200 Taxi be good for London? 
That is the million dollar question? 
Competition is always good to keep the existing manufacturers of purpose built taxis on their toes and to keep them improving on the vehicles that they build but will it further dilute the traditional iconic image and presence of the London Taxi? 
Will it bring us another step closer to blurring the division between the London Taxi Trade and Private Hire that is one question that I am not sure of.

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Anonymous said...

Would have to test drive one first but if the price is right why not.
and a dealership in west London .

Anonymous said...

Significantly cheaper! Should be cheaper to rent aswell then?....this could be good.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the dealership is in west london, it was developed in west london. Dealerships that have been names are in NE london.

Anonymous said...

Would be a breath of fresh air to see the price tag around £28,000.

Anonymous said...

ugly looking nissan micra in black

Anonymous said...

Although realistaly, with the money they have spent redeveloping the van and the current price of the tx, £32,000 is probably nearer the mark. Anything under 30 would be extremely attractive.

Anonymous said...

Reports elsewhere say the dealership will be Glyn Hopkins on Marsh Wall (Isle of Dogs). Not clear yet if they'll use the site that used to be Docklands Audi.

I'm Spartacus said...

Despite the media frenzy and the usual faces that turn up to the opening of an envelope, not much to tell is there, no price, warranty length or even a sit inside.

Well done to subercabby and Fitz as representing the working cab driver though and the useful input.

Next up the Fraser Nash metro, let's hope we get more concrete information from them.

Anonymous said...

The weight issue shouldnt be a problem , (or any worse than the tx4)the van version 1.6 engine can carry 700kg or thats about 7 15 stone people, and the vehicle is significantly lighter than the tx4.
Warranty on the van is 36months or 100K miles servicing every 12500, likely to be the same for the cab. Ive driven a van version, was good, quiet and agile. Felt like driving a tractor stepping back in the cab.

Get Real said...

Optimism is a great attribute; denial is not so good. The Carlyle group will decimate what is left of the London taxi industry. I doubt very much if drivers will generate the income in coming years to afford the projected £32:000 this vehicle will retail for.

Anonymous said...

The article states the price will be "siignificantly" cheaper than the tx, where did this come from? It appears they only said "competitive" with the tx, which to me says it will be around the same price.

Editorial said...

Anon 11:22
Differs from article to article.
Official statement from Nissan appears also in the Cab Trade News stating price will be significantly cheaper and not just compeditive.

cab Trade News has the same info as us regarding here

Anonymous said...

The best price Mercedes could come up with was £42,000, can't see Nissen doing it for less than £38,000, which you could say is competitive with the t-shirt. I too would like to know where the "significantly cheaper" came from?

Anonymous said...

The best price Mercedes could come up with was £42,000, can't see Nissen doing it for less than £38,000, which you could say is competitive with the t-shirt. I too would like to know where the "significantly cheaper" came from?

Editorial said...

Anon 12:31
I refer you to my answer given previously.
I can't do it for you, you, yourself will have to click on the blue link which will take you to the Cab Trade news. Where you will also find the statement in question.
All concerned parties were issued with the same statement from Nissan which includ in the specifications the wording you dispute.

If you have a complaint about this statement I suggest you take it up with the author at Nissan UK.

Seek and ye shall find said...

Anon 12:31

You can't see Nissan doing in cheaper than £38k?

Also you couldn't find the link to the CTN?

Not a lot you can see then

Says it all really!,

Anonymous said...

I'm not having ago at the article as such but have doubts that it will be significantly cheaper as they have said the price will be competitive. Who ever at Nissan said it will be significantly cheaper is probably talking about the running costs rather than the price tag.

Anonymous said...

notice they wont show any pics from the rear. this unveiling was obviously rushed through, the fact that you couldnt even sit in it tells me the interior is still being designed. i hold hold breath that we will see it on the road in 2014, as i do with the mysterious price tag.

Anonymous said...

what link is anon 1.32 talking about and what does CTN mean?

Anonymous said...

if your a london OR a surburban driver then you should drive a traditional london cab, unless you wont to be a van driver ?.

Anonymous said...

with tens of thousands of Londoners dying prematurely from air pollution, the old london taxi needs to be scrapped as a matter of urgency. Shame this replace not cleaner. So much chat about turning circle, price and looks, yet thats not so important when you are looking at a relative dying of lung cancer.