Wednesday, January 01, 2014

TfL new website, credit where credit's Jim Thomas

TfL are currently running a beta version of their new, easier to navigate website.

For many years now I, along with many others, have been complaining about the complexity of the TfL website. Navigation's a nightmare and many sections of the current website can only be found through links given online or on twitter.

The IT staff (or has this been outsourced too?) at TfL have now come up with a brand-new website, currently operating as a beta version and in my humble opinion, they have done a first class job. So it would seem that someone somewhere, is listening.

It appears we will soon be able to open a TPH online account, which should speed up enquiries and complaints.

Taxis and private hire section is easily accessible from the main body of the TfL website. The link is at the bottom, on the home page.

Most if not all of the relevant pages relating to Taxis and private hire are included in the new site. 
No matter what device you’re on - mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop - there is better access to all TfL online services. 

You can find out;
How to become a taxi or private hire licensee.
Check the progress of your application/renewal (on line). 
See the latest notices for current drivers.
Advice and updates on legal requirements and consultations.

Only downside we could find, making a complaint regarding touting incidents. 
It's still possible but is drawn out and long winded. 
In our opinion, this process should be made more user friendly. 
Personally I believe TfL should consider a twitter account, perhaps @TPHtouting, solely for the purpose of reporting touting incidents. But they probably fear being overwhelmed on a nightly basis.

TfL have launched a whole new range of Twitter accounts, something our trade has been utilising for sometime with services such as @cabup, @UCGup, @Tag_hit_squad and others.
All the underground lines, overground, DLR, Buses, Cable car, Boris Bikes and general traffic information have their very own twitter account. Registering for email updates and weekend closures have been made much easier.

Try the site out for yourself:  click here...Taxis and private hire.
Whoever was in charge of this project....Well Done šŸ‘


Test pilot Ted said...

Looks and feels great.

Now just sort out the illegal plying for hire, touting, licence renewals and we can live with each other.

Billion Dollar Brain said...

Maybe that's the plan, they will only be a website.

The UTG will logon and talk to a help page, it will be an engagement policy as only the selected ones will get a password!

There will be drones with CCTV for tout and illegal PFH enforcement but as it's cloudy a lot nothing will be done EXCEPT of course fixed penalty notices for the gold old London Cab Driver.

The only tip I can give anyone is once you do any transaction online with them, take a 'screenshot' to prove what you have done.

Surely Ed. It's obvious why the reporting tool is buried in the backwaters of the site, they don't want the issue raised and there is no one there to read it.

Meanwhile at Swallow street!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently at Palestra, the reporting tool is referred to as the shredder

Complaints once in get deleted immediately

Editorial said...

Just noticed on this new Taxi and Private Hire website

All relevant legislation in one place?

I don't think so.

No hackney carriage acts
No metropolitan public carriage acts
No London cab acts
No case law...

How strange they should choose to omit this legislation