Thursday, January 16, 2014


Report on the electric Taxi event in the City Hall Marquee: From our Roving Reporter.

True to form the event was scheduled to commence at 2.30 but well before that, Boris Johnson came on to announce to the world that from 2018 the range of uncosted, unknown range, unknown  warranty vehicles on show.....are the future.

No doubt this early start was to enable his press release to make it to his uncritical cronies at the Evening Standard and to avoid questions from the 'oiks' of the cab trade!

Anyhow as predicted, obtaining hard information on all the critical issues that drivers and fleet owners need, such as the above and others such as battery pack life and renewal costs, were like catching a slippery fish.

Also on show, along side the MetroCab and the modified LTI TX4 was the Turish Karsan and whilst they were all certainly pleasant to talk to, no one knew anything for definite.

           LTI showed off their TX Hydrogen fuel cell.
For all the TX fans there is great news on fuel comsumption. LTI will be fitting a lighter chassis/Monocoque.

The most helpful marketing team were the Turkish outfit KARSAN that originally developed this concept for the big apple, but lost out to the Nissan NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow.


Back to the mayors pronouncement that no new vehicle will be licensed from 2018 unless it's zero emissions. 

We are all making the assumption that you can buy a current model on the 31st of December 2017 and run it for 15 years.

BUT....and there's a couple of a great big BUTs that none of the TfL staff could answer:
 * Will a 2017 Euro 5 cab still be exempt the congestion charge?
 * Can they continue to Rank Up or Ply for Hire in the proposed zero emissions zone?

As ever more questions than answers, the only definite outcome from today is that the resale value of current cabs just went south big time.

Be Lucky!

Taxi Leaks Roving Reporter

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Anonymous said...

CleanAirLondon says 2020 ULEZ will not be zero emissions, rather euro6 diesel or euro4 petrol only.

Euro5 diesel will definitely be banned post 2020 as such bans are already scheduled in parts of Germany for 2016 I think... So the 31st December 2017 trick won't work... In fact as of today it is surely too late to buy a TX4 or Vito!

Euro5 diesel is no better than Euro 3 or 4 in low speed conditions since the manufacturers gamed the Euro emissions tests that did not have a low speed city component. You've written about this before in relation to the 15 year age limit. Euro6 certification has low speed test so this should result in real benefits...

...Only to the level of petrol Euro 4 however so could have avoided the whole problem with petrol taxis.

TX4 is dead as of today. Euro5 Vito as well. If drivers want to keep vehicles for 15 years then this will not be possible with those two surely...?

I do not see how there will be any option other than petrol NV200 and then eNV200 once they release it. It is the only option that exists and is sold currently with a serious manufacturer behind it.

Karsan proposal is unlikely, note they failed to get the NYC taxi deal. Metrocab issues I've highlighted before, but credit to them for at least having working prototypes while Geely and Karsan brought hot air!

Mercedes will have to wait until next gen Vito models are released that will be euro 6 anyway or E-cell models (they have industrial agreement with Tesla for batteries) so they will likely have a real alternative also.

Anonymous said...

Another good post Jim
Thought the knockers would be on your back again.

Electric dreams and another one of Boris's follies
To rank alongside Boris Island, the Cable cars and Boris bikes.

The lies, broken promises

The election can't come quick enough for me.

TFHell said...

Nice to see you corrected the mistake from earlier. :) lol

Anonymous said...

First again editor well done.