Monday, December 09, 2013

Why Do We Campaign So Hard Against PH Satellite Offices.


No action, no enforcement, no prevention

So why do we complain? 
Why do we campaign so hard?
Why do we keep going when it seems no one is listening?

Between now and New Year's Day, according to statistics taken from a Metropolitan Police report on Problem Orientated Policing, many young lives and the lives of their families are going to be shattered. 
Revellers, will leave bars, night clubs, Christmas parties and be shepherded by unscrupulous clipboard johnnies into cars, illegally plying for hire outside. 

According to the Met's report, in the next few weeks, over 100 vulnerable people from this group will be seriously sexually assaulted and some will be violently raped.

Only 10% of victims will report their attack.

"Taxi leaks", formally known as "the Anderson Shelter" has been campaigning since 2008, about the illegally plying for hire taking place outside night venues. 
We were the first to publicise the set up of a Private a Hire Rank, by Westminster Council, on a Bus Stand least for the purpose from TfL.
This cause the trade to unite for the mass demo of 2009.

Following the demonstrations that accompanied the killer on the knowledge story and in an attempt to regain the moral high ground, TfL top brass decide to have a reshuffle. 
What followed was to be catastrophic to the future of the Licensed a Taxi Trade.

The new directorate at LTPH along with their new middle management, decided on a plan to divide the trade, insuring no more united mass demos. And so it came to pass, the engagement policy was born. But membership came at a price, anyone rocking the boat wold not be eligible. 

LTPH's new team then set about escalating the agenda contained within the STaN report and satellite office licences were issued like confetti.

Cause and affect.
Although the Whitcomb Street rank is long gone, the lack of enforcement from LTPH saw illegal minicab ranks spring up outside virtually every bar, club and restaurant in the West End. 
Sexual predators have been using these lines of cars ever since they first appeared, to obtain fresh victims. Every week, new alternatives are gifted to the predators as blind eyes are turned to the victims of sexual assaults and rapes. 
Collateral damage?

Our complaints to the licensing authority, police forces and local councils have constantly fallen on death ears. To add insult to injury, the Cab enforcement unit has been cut back to a state of virtual non-existence. Compliance officers regularly show no knowledge of Hackney Carriage, private hire acts/laws whatsoever.

Now as the trade waits for the final nail in the coffin from the Law Commission, who say they will not push to define in law our sole right to ply for hire, TfL pull the chain and the engagement, policy having done everything TfL hoped it would, is flushed away.
Over the last week, there has been much comment on twitter and the forum about a statement made by a compliance officer to Peter Rose of Unite. Mr Rose was told by compliance staff, they have been informed by their legal team that it's perfectly legal for satellite offices to have a certain amount of cars waiting outside, just as if it were a minicab office!

The RMT has written to the new director of on street enforcement, Steve Burton and asked for a statement plus positive legal proof, to back up the statement from his compliance officer. 

So far there has been no reply from Mr Burton or his team.


Mark Thomas said...

I'll tell you why Jim... because you and your feckless freinds within th RMT are traitors to the trade... Stan Murat sold out to John Mason as did George Vyse... The Rmt committee is led by turn coats and UTG grovellells...

Anonymous said...

Knowing someone that left a club in london very drunk the police stopped her and they flagged down a PH, put her in the back, they took no details of the driver or her, she was sexually assaulted (to put it mildly) by the driver, even the police are getting this very wrong.

Jobseekers Allowance said...

Nice piece.

All of this has taken place under the watch of the UTG. United? Don't make me laugh!

Couldn't at least one of those numptys have said to the others "come on let's stick together, stand up and vociferously oppose these changes TfL are foisting upon this world class taxi service."

NOT... Bend over and let these civil servant knownothingfukwits bum rape us and destroy 350 years of professionalism, tradition and world history!

Bob Oddy, Grant Davis and Peter Rose, the heads of the UTG groups should all hang their heads in shame to let this happen under 'their watch!'

Especially Oddy who sits on the TfL board and could surely have had some influence on decisions but has done very little to stop the rot, and has said even less to the trade!

They've left us as sitting ducks!

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time that the national press got hold of these statistics and held Boris & co to account. The Met Police are as much to blame and we need to demonstrate to get our views over. Boris & co need to be charged with aiding and abetting a sexual assault

Anonymous said...

professional taxi drivers lol. the same ones who smoke in the taxi, be rude to passengers, don't wear their badge, come to work in shorts and treat the taxi like a living room. the taxi drivers once upon a time were professionals. now it's all about who can take the most, wake up guys something has to give

Anonymous said...

I gather it is party time for the Burtons Palestra palace police I heard on Friday the place was deserted