Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Years Resolution: Lets Get Together And Hold TfL To P Bond

I see the chairman of the LCDC has written to Hendy complaining that the trade has no one to 'engage with' on Taxi matters.

The LCDC served their purpose and kept the trade from playing its golden ticket over the Olympics and now surprise surprise, TfL treat the LCDC as the irrelevance that organisation has become!

Pity he did not write to Hendy demanding TfL to issue temporary licences so cab drivers of good standing can get back to work.

Yes there can be delays about CRB but that was always dealt with by the issue of a cover note from the PCO, it's entirely lawful for TfL to issue them today.

They issue PH licences to those who have lived outside the UK where no such CRB. System exists.

Asking for another carefully selected talking shop is ducking the real issues that confront us and that why the LCDC are irrelevant as any such talks would continue to divide the trade BUT they don't have to be.

The cabbies cabinet, taxi engagement policy etc. only served TfL's ends not the trades, the failure for the cab drivers club to see that is to be criticised.

It's like campaigning for ranks, often you will have two or three trade groups and individuals pursuing the same council and TfL about the same rank issue!

All because people refuse to sit down together and pool resources.

It's a waste of effort on ALL sides and of course shows us as divided and incoherent.

There can be 100 trade bodies of all sizes but they could all meet TUC or CBI style and issue a joint statement on major issues, now that would have authority.

The alternative is we carry on as we are, more worried about claiming credit, photo calls and publishing letters about how XYZ's legal team saved a driver from the firing squad!

There are many good and dedicated people in ALL these organisations including the LTDA, UNITE, RMT, HATDU, LCDC and whoever else and none of them always get it right.

They all have in common more than the matters that divide them and that's the health of the cab trade.

So as a New Years resolution get together and hold TfL to account.

Forget who said what to who, man up!
. ...P Bond, former vice chairman RMT.


Below is an open letter to TfL commissioner, Sir Peter Hendy.

Please copy and paste into your email client and send to:

copy in and your MP/MEP/Assembly member


Dear Commissioner 

As you are well aware, many licensed Taxi drivers are being refused the right to carry on working, while waiting for their licence renewal to arrive on their doormat.

As yet, you have made no public statement as to why you are personally refusing to issue temporary licenses.

The process of issuing temporary licences was first implemented under Metropolitan Police administration. A process that worked extremely well for many years. In those years, London's licensed taxi drivers served the capital well. 

If you have any evidence of abuse of this system, please publish the details.

In spite of the private hire related serious sexual assault figures that according to the Mets estimates, are higher then ever recorded before, you seem content to license foreign nationals, who arrive in this country devoid of references, with no chance of checking their past. And yet drivers from the best Taxi service in the world, who have been of exemplary character are forced out of work. In some cases for up to 15 weeks. This truly is unacceptable.

The only sensible solution would be to reinstate the issuing of temporary licences as was standard before the start of this new, incompetent system. 

Will you do the honourable and sensible thing and help these unfortunate drivers and their families, who through no fault of there own have been plunged into financial difficulty in the run up to Christmas.

SIGNED ......


Point Of The Rank said...

Very well said, I only hope your words are heard by those with minds still open, rather than those insular glory hunters that now gather at the head of all our trade organisations.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, certain people in your very own RMT will continue to try and divide our trade and unity will never happen.

Lionel said...

Great post Paul
Was saddened by your stepping down from vice chair as I was hoping you would step up to chairman. You seem to be the only member of the board with a plan of hope. The others are too busy playing at politics.

It was listening to you at the Taxi Forum hosted Chapman at Palestra, that made my mind up to quit the LTDA after 25 years and join the RMT.

Keep the pressure up Paul, you and Jim are doing a great job with Taxi Leaks.

Anonymous said...

Grant Davis is no more than a monkey. John Mason knew, if he threw him a handful of peanuts every now and then he would have full unedited access to the badge. Davis is main focus is narsasism - he is incompetent with no ability or commitment to his members or the trade at large... He couldn't lead a dog around a park !

Ally cat said...

Anon. 1.48

We are sure there are just the same as everywhere else, does no mean thigh that they can't be overruled,

The future is unwritten!

Anonymous said...

Until the slagging stops, unity is impossible.....this blog dosnt help?

Editorial said...

This blog is no worse than any other although much wider circulated
Did you bother to give them the same advice

Rev. P Haldady said...


This blog has called over and over for trade unity and has only exposed acts that Leda to disunity such as:

1. The engagement Policy
2. The UTG continually turning away overtures to meet with others.
3. TfL's manoeuvring expressly designed to keep us split
This Blog would be delighted to endorse and promote any organisations approaches to unite.

'Ye shall know the truth and the truth will be your saviour'

Anonymous said...

This blog is no worse than any other although much wider circulated
Did you bother to give them the same advice

Really and what other blog is that, you're deluded if you think they will sit down with the RMT or ant other org you're associated with. Keep up the great work as the trade unity gap widens. And as for bondy asking for he's has attacked all the orgs on the forum and now he want unitiy. Jog on

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the Lcdc and especially Grant Davis can't stomach the truth !

Anonymous said...

Jim Thomas is the only real journalist in the trade- he writes what others do not dare put in their papers- for them to criticise the Taxi Leaks for telling the truth is a joke....The UTG need to man up and admit they are responsible for the mess the trade is in... Then maybe the slagging will stop and unity will have a slim chance of achieving something.

Future that counts said...

Is it unity that being asked for?

Churchill met with Stalin and to agree a set of common objectives a giants a common threat.

I tHink the idea is for just that, there will always be 'rough & Tumble' in cab trade politics and all of these organisations and individuals have indulged in that, does it matter one bit.

Every trade org. says it has the best legal cover, sickness scheme etc. They can't all be correct can they?

It's the common good here that counts no one is proposing a marriage bureau?

Ertha Kit said...

And all the drivers that have lost their cabs, let alone the ones thst have left the trade due to the Taxi Age Limit. All those drivers with perfectly good cabs are now forking out £700 + a month for overpriced pieces of junk... yeah I agree , they should all swallow it for the sake of trade unity... £100 quid says you are not one of them !

Anonymous said...

A very interesting concept that people who have openly declaired they have no intention in challenging satellite offices and the taxi age limit should now want to sit down in unity with those who collectively agreed also to challenge nothing..... what is likely to be the outcome of any of their discussions ? The answer is obvious. Absolutely NOTHING !

LCY Len said...

"All because people refuse to sit down together and pool resources.

It's a waste of effort on ALL sides and of course shows us as divided and incoherent.

There can be 100 trade bodies of all sizes but they could all meet TUC or CBI style and issue a joint statement on major issues, now that would have authority."

What a wonderful idea that last part of the above quote is. Sadly you couldn't get two cabbies to agree on the time of day let alone get hundreds to sit in the same room and agree on anything that might actually be good for all of us. All cab drivers think they have the right answers and that no one else's opinion matters, That is why the trade is going down the gary at a rate of knots.We all want things our own way, but that's where the trouble starts,the selfish nature in us all is what keeps us from showing any unity to each other or the trade. We have plenty that talk a good fight, but when it comes to fistycuffs those talkers decide they are not doers and those who are against us claim another walkover.

Anonymous said...

LCY Len, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Anon 2:14 coment says it all... Unfortunately, you do not want to accept the truth and want other people to solve your problems. Question... what organisation are you a member of ? And how are they failing you ?

Lcy Len said...

Anon 1.28 clearly you didn't read my post properly or you would see that I iterated what anon 2.14 said. I don't belong to any organisation because I don't see the point of wasting my hard earned lining the pockets of those who hold me in contempt just as much as the regime who control tfl do. Anyway in the words of Groucho Marks
" I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member"
Trust me I don't need anyone to solve my problems, but there is only so much an individual can do, but an army of individuals all fighting for the same thing could at least lets us go down fighting.
Did you see band of brothers? The motto of the 101st is " We stand alone together" I think we could apply this to ourselves and leave those at the top of the trade orgs with their noses in the trough, to their own deluded fate and fight for our living without them. The time to stand together is rapidly approaching and we seriously need to stand together, rather than nit pick at what eachother say on blogs. Fight or go out with a whimper, your choice.