Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jack Wilshere: Arsenal player charged by FA for gesture:

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has been charged by the Football Association over an alleged abusive hand gesture.

Television pictures appeared to show the Gunners midfielder, raising a finger towards the crowd during the 6-3 defeat by Manchester City.
The incident went unnoticed by match officials but was caught on video and assessed by the FA retrospectively.
The 21-year-old has until 18:00 GMT on Wednesday to respond to the charge.

Wilshere has previous form for abusive behaviour. Back in 2011,  a taxi driver told how the Arsenal star spat at him and hurled abuse – because the cabbie had a Spurs hat on.

63 year old Brian Spence, said the £50,000-a-week England midfielder launched into a foul-mouthed rant after seeing the driver was a fan of his team’s North London rivals.

Wilshere, was on a boozy night out with three pals in London’s West End when he saw Brian standing by his cab outside Sophisticats lapdancing bar shortly after midnight.

Grandfather Brian said: “I had no idea who he was. He pointed to my cab and said, ‘You’re f***ing taking us’. When I told him he was too drunk he got even more aggressive.”

Brian of Gants Hill, North East London, got into his cab but Wilshere lurched towards the open window and spat, hitting the window.

As Brian got out again Wilshere put his fists up ready for a fight. Brian said: “He was looking at my Spurs hat and there was real hate in his eyes. Fortunately his friends pulled him away before it got really violent.”

After the bust-up, the doorman at Sophisticats told him Wilshere’s identity. The player from Hitchin, Herts, accepted a police caution after Brian reported him.

The taxi driver said: “Wilshere’s behaviour is the worst I’ve ever seen in my 38 years as a cabbie. No one deserves to be spat at because of the team they support.”

A family spokesman said: “Jack is only 19 (in 2011) and adjusting to life in the spotlight. He realises his behaviour was wrong and he is full of remorse”.

A spokesman from Arsenal later added: “Jack apologises for his actions and understands his behaviour was unacceptable. We take this matter seriously and it has been dealt with internally.”


Anonymous said...

Stroppy little prick!

Anonymous said...

Spitting at someone for any reason is unacceptable and indefensible.
In all my years driving a cab, I have been spat at many times, something I personally would never do. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Spitting is disgusting
It is classed as a physical attack

Normally carried out by cowards.