Thursday, December 05, 2013

Is this TfL's latest attempt to hoodwink the London Taxi trade, or another sign that they are just not fit for purpose? Travis B.

A certain number of favoured drivers have been singled out to take part in an online survey. 

This from TfL:
As part of the on-going work to reduce harmful emissions in London and improve air quality, Transport for London is researching the potential for using electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles as taxis in London. At present no electric or plug-in vehicles are available for use as London taxis, but it is possible that suitable vehicles may be available in the future. It is important that we understand what infrastructure might be needed for such vehicles to be operationally and commercially viable. To do this, we are asking taxi drivers about their working patterns, working hours, areas worked and where breaks are taken.

All results are anonymous and confidential. The survey should take no more than 15 minutes, and can be completed on a smartphone as well as a computer. The survey closes for responses at 9am Monday 9th December.

You are part of a small group of drivers that we have selected to answer the survey before it is sent to all London taxi drivers. To help us improve the survey, we would be grateful if you could tell us how long it takes to complete. There will be space to do so at the end.

To thank you for taking part, your details will be entered into a prize draw, and the first entry drawn at random will win £25 of Amazon vouchers. Please click the link below to start the survey.

They are then given a link to an online survey. 

Drivers who agree to take part are first asked if they are a yellow badge or a green badge. But when you press next, whether you are using an iOS or Windows this message flags up saying;

"We have already registered your feedback. Thank you for your input."

And that's it.
Drivers are worried that the rest of the survey has already been completed on their behalf, so TfL can show whatever conclusion they wish to find.

Or are they really that incompetent?

It seems this survey is suffering from the same symptoms as the CABWISE app which has been faulty since released, even though many complaints have been made.

We at a Taxi leaks are surprised that on this issue TfL have taken little or no notice of one of their top consultants on the a taxi trade, Mr John Griffin who has made his feelings on full electric vehicles very clear. See below:

“The electric vehicles are the biggest nonsense ever, in the history of time” 

“Where’s the power? We are buying electricity off France today and we have nothing. We don’t have fossil fuels and the analogy we can rely on windmills is a complete farce.”

“Boris actually asked me what I think of the electric cars and I told him don’t go there. Boris said ‘what can I do?’ In other words, ‘I cannot stand against this because it’s just a tide of emotional belief that you can’t say no.’

“Politicians dare not tell the public the truth, it’s a subject that can bring a party down. So the politicians avoid it, they mislead you to believing these silly cars are London’s future.”
John Griffin.


Well said John. 


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Anonymous said...

Another example of incompetence from TfL trying to look as if it gives a toss.

Instead of laying off staf, they should be sacking management who are rubbish at what they do.