Monday, December 02, 2013

Compliance officers told by TfL legal department, "Satellite Offices are to be allowed to have vehicles waiting outside": Can This Be Right? Travis B.

We all know what's going on, we've all complained, but it seems no one's listening.

And now it seems they've raised the stakes.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, this tweet from Unites Peter J Rose:

"WOW! Just been told by TfL Compliance team that Satellite Offices are allowed to have a 'certain' number of vehicles waiting outside, just as if it was a 'minicab office'. This has been confirmed by TfL legal apparently. This is no reflection on the Compliance team themselves, they only do as they are instructed to do."

London has finally become a free for all at night. Private hire operators are parking their vehicles wherever they like regardless of parking restrictions....and they are not being penalised. Both the Met Police and local authorities are turning a blind eye to contraventions including parking on disabled bays, 24 hour Bus Lanes and double yellow lines.

It would appear, if a vehicle has a PH roundel, it gets left alone.

Swallow Street awash with Minicabs unlawfully parked in TfL bus lane, unenforced.
Lower Thames Street minicabs double parked outside Old Billingsgate on a 24 hour Red Route.
Kings road by Lotts Road used as a minicab rank on double yellow lines with clipboard man openly touting on pavement.

The loading bays in Charing Cross Road are used every night as a Private Hire rank. The public have to run the gauntlet of open touting to get to the licensed taxi rank, hidden away behind.

The 24 hour bus lane in the Haymarket sees the same PH minibus parked near the junction of Coventry Street every night with the driver openly touting on the pavement.

A practise this driver has been getting away with for years and to our knowledge never once been challenged by TfL tout squad, Met Police STC or ticketed by Westminster.

And so much more.

When Satellite offices were first implemented under the Safer Travel at Night agenda, Joe Royal, then in command of Cab enforcement stated "these operations are completely unenforceable".

What on earth have the United Trade Group been doing with the exclusive engagement rights they were given by Leon Daniels, which excluded the more militant groups?

So what did you get for your £240 subscription this year...
A lanyard, a diary and legal cover. 
Value for money, or are you just financing the gravy train for the chosen few?

Police and local authority turn a blind eye at Fabrics, where private hire operator encourages it's drivers to illegally park on the pavement, blocking emergency exits. Both the local authority and Police, have commended the operator, saying they are doing a great job supplying this service. (Source PH and C magazine)

Unites Peter Rose also tweeted "Parking restrictions are nothing to do with Licensing".
If this is true, then why has Helen Chapman made repeated threats to drivers in TfL notices posted on the TfL website, regarding over-ranking at Victoria and Waterloo, which is in essence a parking issue?


Anonymous said...

Some guy called Rohan is known by many drivers associated with Rtg as s Judas... Peter Rose's body lays far closer to the ground !

Errol said...

Helen Chapman has gone off sick on full pay for six months as she was going to be made redundant anyway by Leroy.
And after all she done for him.
Used her feminine charms to avert Olympic trouble from one trade org, played good cop bad cop games with Mason over cabby's cabinet, midnight liaisons, all the time spying and reporting back to base.

Now she's been dumped by Leroy,
what goes round, comes round Helen ... Lol

O jay said...

Well let's take Hogan-Howe at his word and report touting, illegal parking and everything else.

They have to record all this and if they fail to act then we have the ammo.

Maybe just maybe this might stir the UTG into action and come alongside those who have been exposing this charade!

Don't hold your breath though, 'for the camera smile'!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, is this story an attack on the cab trade or TFL?

Anonymous said...

Think the message is very clear. Try rereading!
In my opinion the author Travis B is attacking TfL who clearly have an agenda against the taxi trade plus he has also quite rightly pointed out the failings of those who take our money, purporting to represent us.

Mr Apathetic said...

What a waste of time doing the knowledge was!

Anonymous said...

Just another story on TL to try and dismantle the cab trade.
Anyone who works nights knows TFL/councils and the police allow minicabs outside venues.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the TFL have an agenda against us. Hendy & Daniels would love the LC proposals to become a reality & then they will have the perfect excuse to bin the KoL.
I predict when Daniels departs TFL (and that day can't come to soon) he will get a position at Addison Lee or Uber within days!
There are far too many Satelite Offices in places where a cab can be easily hailed.
The situation at Swallow Street is a disgrace. The reason I don't pick up from there is because of the congestion caused by the scumbags blocking the road.

Also we have to look at ourselves we have some selfish colleagues who forget they are a public service. They have dirty cabs inside & out, dress like Worzil Gummidge & speak to their punters without being courteous & broom jobs.
During the week at night there our ample Taxis providing a great service, but are blocked out by the scabs & aggressive clipboard Abdul's ushering people in. But we have far too many who will not work a Saturday & Sunday night ! We need to provide a better service at the weekends during the night. I know drivers who have never worked a weekend during the day let alone the night and they are the first to moan about the scabs. If a cab has its hire light on Joe Public will jump into a Taxi rather than a scab.
In an ideal world if every Taxi driver worked one Saturday a month we would starve the scabs out of business!

Ex Club member said...

Anon 5:33
It's obvious from you statement, you don't work Friday and Saturday nights
Just stand Piccadilly and watch the sea of yellow light flowing towards the circus.

There are plenty of cabs but they are kept away from the centre by the congestion caused by the touts.

Also, many pack up earlier than they normally would because of the wild free for all from touts which has led to taxi drivers being assaulted and their vehicles damaged.

As for drivers dress, the days of shirt an tie are over.
Have a ganda at the passengers at the week end. Most of the youngsters today dress like tramps.

Anonymous said...

Ex Clubber,

I work most Fri/Sat nights till 3-4am so your perception skills need adjusting.

I am passionate about this trade & despise TFL & the persistent touting more than most drivers, who just go to work collect their money and don't give a shit!

If you read my previous post more clearly I stated that we have trouble getting access to jobs that are parked scabs (ie Swallow St)& ushered by Clipboard Abdul's.
There are less drivers that work Sat nights, you only have to go to any cabby cafe's ie GS/Royal Oak & there are less drivers there then during the week.
You may have a point that a lot of drivers go home early because of the touting like they would on a Monday-Thurs (it's not obvious to me you do that, even though you bought it up!)
I didn't mention anything about a shirt & tie. Just clean casual, not someone who look's like they sell the Big Issue. As with youngsters dressing like tramps you said it "the shirt & tie days are over".

Anonymous said...

There is defiantly a drop in our numbers after 2am which is why the scabs are allowed to do what they do, I don't care what anyone thinks but we allowed this to happen.

Anonymous said...

This trade is finished, in fact the countrys finished for the English working class, those of you on the KOL give up now, an try and etch out a living the best you can, play the system.

Anonymous said...

Day drivers couldnt give a stuff about night touts, like night drivers dont care about no day parking... unfortunately its every man for himself and the trade organisations dont carry any clout... think olympics...Being self employed is what goes against us. tfl could treble the bill fee, half the meter price and charge us congestion fees for going to work and we would all still go along with it like sheep as we have no choice or unity....

Anonymous said...

Chapman won't be back, she's been terminated as was Mason. Hendy will wait for the Law Commissions recomendations to make the STaN agenda legal with new legislation... He will then put someone else's arris in the vacant chair. I predict the chose person will be no back peddler. In fact I believe he has been grooming this person for quite some time !

Anonymous said...

Since when was STaN illegal? Think you'll find they don't need any more legalisation.

Anonymous said...

Helen, you never could grasp the gist of what was going on

Anonymous said...

For a lawer to overturn a highh court ruling about about private hire and where they can wait and be seen to be waiting by the public he would have to go to court to try and overturn a decision made by a Judge and trawling through the last 2 months court hearings and appeals i cant find anything that gives tfl the right to park private hire outside any mini cab office .
TFL talking out of their arse again or PRose has had a blow to the head .

Anonymous said...

Satalite offices are a crucial part of the covert STaN agenda... PH cannot sit on a public highway on open veiw to the public for immediate hiring. All partners and agencies involved with STaN have collectively agreed to turn a blind eye to this fact.
There are two parts to STaN - the one the general public see and the corrupt improper STaN that operates with clipboard Johnnies and illegally waiting PH vehicles

Anonymous said...

All them yellow badges you called scum that worked after 2am picking up drunk people at lest it was a taxi they got in

Satellite office s illegal touting pedicabs and Addison Lee look to me like TFL and the unions have done a good on this trade
Divide and conquer

Bring on the Lew commission we are all doomed

Anonymous said...

The courts have struggled to apply the existing legislation to modern circumstances, and there have been judicial calls for reform. As long ago as 1948 Lord Chief Justice Goddard expressed serious concern over the deficiencies in hackney carriage legislation He said:

“Some of the sections in these numerous statutes [governing hackney carriages] are
obsolete. Many are obscure, [and] are out of date. It is, therefore, not surprising that cab
drivers, the police, and magistrates, to say nothing of the general public, have difficulty in
ascertaining the law on this subject and make mistakes about it. It would seem that an Act
consolidating and amending, and, if possible, simplifying, the law with regard to cabs, is very
desirable.” (Hunt v Morgan [1948] 2 All ER 1065 QBD - a case concerning London legislation which is similar in both content and age).

In 1999 Lord Justice Kennedy expressed his view on the state of the law:

‘The facts of this case make it clear that in fairness to private hire operators the provisions of this statute [the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976] should be
reconsidered by the legislature as a matter of some urgency. . . . The problem is to some
extent the result of improved technology since the statute was passed, but the law needs to
reflect the current state of technology and not be 23 years behind it.’ (Murtagh (t/a Rubery
Rednal Cars) v Bromsgrove District Council(1999) Independent, 6 December, QBD.)

“The aim of local authority licensing of the taxi and PHV trades is to protect the public.” That is the view of the Department for Transport (“Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Licensing: Best Practice Guidance” October 2006 paragraph 7) which is supported by all local authorities that licence taxis.

That protection must also recognise the burdens of compliance which are placed upon those involved in the hackney carriage and private hire trade and seek to ensure that the minimum burdens are imposed whilst ensuring the public protection in the widest sense is not only maintained, but continually improved. In some cases, the current law or application of the law stifles or restricts business or business growth.

Anonymous said...

Your comment is full of verbosity and no actual fact !
The UK is a democracy built on antiquated laws. The miscellaneous town and planning act 1976 is a devious ploy to desgtract attention from th 1998 PH act London which clearly defines the parameters PH in London must oprerate within... end of !

opinons of high court judges are not law and your play with words is a lame attempt
to justify the illegal activities of PH.

Camilla Trunchball said...

When will you knights of the road stop arguing amongst yourselves and stand up TOGETHER for your trade. You did the knowledge and are the best in the world, that is offical, dont let the twats in TFL get you down, stand united against them and you are a force to be reconed with, start arguing amongst yourselves and you have played straight into their hands. much love to you all xxxxxxx