Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nine Elms, Cycling City, Within A City: Consultation.

Over the coming decade, Nine Elms on the South Bank will transform into a new neighbourhood of central London. At the same time, cycling mode share is expected to increase, with many more journeys in London being made by bicycle.

The transformation of Nine Elms provides a unique opportunity to integrate cycling into the area. Designing for Cycling identifies the characteristics of a successful cycling environment, analyses the context of the area and makes recommendations for the implementation of an urban area that is easily accessible by bicycle.

Transport for London have produced a draft strategy which they are now consulting on, and they would welcome your views.

If you have any comments on the draft strategy, please forward these by email to  by 12:00 noon on Monday 25 November.

To view the draft cycling strategy for Nine Elms on the South Bank please  click here


Anonymous said...

all these super bike highways,what a load off shit,what will happen to TFL when all these people use bikes instead of bus`s,all that money spent on boris`s blunder bus,lets hope when TFL go`s bankrupt,suppose it will be the public that bails them out,that tosser boris is good at spending the tax payer`s money

Anonymous said...

A well made comment from the LCDC. Rmember Grant Davis with his arms draped around Boris Johnson and the headine... The LCDC are backing Boris "He's our man ! "