Tuesday, November 05, 2013

London Taxis Voted Best In The World 6th Year Running.

TORONTONov. 5, 2013 /CNW/ - London taxis have been voted the best taxis in the world for the sixth year in a row, according to the annual global taxi survey from Hotels.com®. London secured 22 per cent of the votes, a clear runaway winner followed by New York with 10 per cent and Tokyo with 9 per cent in second and third place.

London's iconic black cabs won nearly a quarter of the vote in the survey*, which also saw Berlin reclaim its position in the top five list, in fourth place with 5 per cent and MadridMexico City and Amsterdam tied for fifth with 4 per cent.

Of the cities surveyed in Canada - VancouverMontreal and Toronto - the west coast came out on top for best overall rankings in categories that looked at value, cleanliness, quality of driving, friendliness and availability. Montreal, however, took the honours for best knowledge of the area and Toronto ranked first for safety.

The world's best taxis:

Rank  City  % of votes
1  London  22%
2  New York  10%
3  Tokyo  9%
4  Berlin  5%
5=  Amsterdam   4%
5=  Madrid  4%
5=  Mexico City  4%

Of the 30 countries surveyed, London topped the list across five of the seven categories, including cleanliness (23 per cent), knowledge of the area (27 per cent) and quality of driving (30 per cent). While London cabs were also voted top for friendliness (23%) it was this category that was deemed the least important to travellers, meaning London's friendly cabbies could put some passengers off. Almost a quarter of respondents (23 per cent) voted safety their number one priority when travelling by taxi, which London's cabs also ranked highest on.

New York City and Bangkok taxis tied for first in terms of value for money (20 per cent); interestingly the latter didn't quite make the overall top five this year. New York's recognizable yellow taxis grabbed the top spot when it came to availability (23 per cent).

Categories ranked in order of preference:

Rank    Category  % of votes
1  Safety  23%
2  Value  20%
3  Knowledge of Area  17%
4  Availability  14%
5  Quality of Driving  11%
6  Cleanliness  8%
7  Friendliness  7%

The global Hotels.com taxi survey also revealed the world's more obscure objects that travellers have admitted to leaving behind, which included:

  • A wig and a bird in a cage left behind in a U.S. cab
  • A prosthetic leg and an ex-boyfriend in Australia
  • A trombone in Finland
  • A Rubik's cube in Italy
  • Dentures in Germany

Globally the survey found that people tend to text or email whilst in cab (19 per cent), while sleeping was the second most popular activity (15 per cent), followed by eating (10 per cent) and kissing (9 per cent). When asked which nation was the most amorous in the back of a cab, Brits came out in the lead with 14 per cent admitting to displaying passionate behaviour - 10 per cent higher than the global average of 4 per cent.

Other global findings include:

  •  Over half of travellers (53 per cent) say a taxi as their desired mode of transport from airport to hotel.
  •  Most taxi passengers round up to the nearest whole dollar when tipping (38 per cent) or tip 10 percent (27 per cent) of the fare for their journey.
  •  The most important feature in a taxi is Wi-Fi (14 per cent) beating both the radio and music.
  •  The biggest pet peeve for UK travellers is when taxi drivers take a longer route to the destination.

Alison Couper, Senior Director of Communications of the Hotels.com brand said, "Six years running and London cabs are still leading the pack when it comes to travel - it's great to see! Our iconic black Hackney Carriages and their well informed cabbies can pride themselves on being globally recognized for their expert knowledge and quality of driving, maybe next year we can top the list for all categories!"

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Source: Digital Journal 


Heathrow Airport Taxi said...

It is all because of the courteous behavior of drivers for their passengers. As they have to go through a strict training to get a license.

Judge Dread said...

Is there a competition for licensing authorities?

Anonymous said...

to be honest ive been to the other top5 and we ahvent got much competition

Anonymous said...

I think Steve McNamara has started the campaign for TfL on the TV last night!

Let's l hope his critical words are backed up by a campaign of action with the many others on here and elsewhere who have been informing the trade of the woeful performance of TfL as regards the cab trade.

Quite what his deputy will say at this weeks TfL board meeting is anyone's guess, will he stand up for the working cab driver?

Anonymous said...

After MacNaMara's scathing attack on TfL, I'm surprised Grant Davis hasn't issued statements to the press, giving support to his buddies.

Can't wait for the next edition of the badge.
Headlines TfL now only engage with LCDC.

Steven Berry said...

Hi Great post,
Among the 30 countries surveyed, London topped the list across five of the seven categories, including cleanliness,knowledge of the area and quality of driving.
Thanks for this post.