Sunday, November 17, 2013

Over the Weekend, Swallow Street Bus Lane Kept Clear By NSL TrafficWardens. By Jim Thomas

Friday night, one of the three minicab controllers, the one who normally stands in Regent Street and try's to tout passers by, kick off alarming as Wardens from both NSL and Westminster Parking Marshals kept the bus lane outside Swallow Street Arch clear. 

The Clipboard Johnny (although the clipboard has now been replaced with a small diary) became very animated towards the Wardens and also towards Taxi drivers picking up passenger outside the Swallow Street Arch. Foul language was abundant and at one time, the self appointed minicab booking marshal was chased off, after spitting at "the wrong cabby".

How are these animals allowed to carry on like this?

We have been told by the Met police, that serious sexual assaults including rape occuring on journeys originating in this manner, are now completely out of control and currently running at 25 a week. The problem being so bad, TfL no longer publish these figures.

LTPH have informed Westminster/NSL, that they carry out regular compliance and enforcement operations at this site
Yet no enforcement has been seen to be done, no statistics of enforcement appertaining to this site have been published and not one NSL traffic warden, Westminster City Marshal or Taxi driver has come forward to back up LTPH's claim. 

TfL have even removed the bus lane observation CCTV camera from the junction of Vigo and Regent.

Apparently, after a freedom of information request, TfLTPH said they only ever received one complaint regarding illegal parking in this bus lane, and yet virtually every one of TfL's buses have forward facing cameras being observer on a 24/7 basis by CentreComs operators. Yet not one TfL bus driver, or CentreCom observer has made a complaint.

'We have our cameras EVERYWHERE, there aren't too many places not only a bus but an individual can hide within London that we can no longer see'

Michael Josephs 
TfL Centrecomm operations manager.

In the same period, over 15 complaints have been made regarding Taxi drivers over ranking at Paddington Station. 
Smells a bit bet it does.

The touts are now taking desperate measures by parking on the opposite side of regent street and causing congestion in the southbound bus lane. The wardens have been told to enforce the northbound bus lane and so don't cross over. The more persistent touts are even parking on the licensed Taxi rank in Vigo Street, and walking customers around the corner.

Questions that need answers 
Why have 3 satellite office licences been issued in such close proximity?
Surely this problem should have been picked up on site inspection and licence variations refused?

Why have LTPH let this problem fester for so long?

We've still had no satisfactory answer from TfL as to how a company was issued satellite office licences just days after registering as a new company.
Why has the UTG said nothing about this?

Don't let them win.
If you are close, please put on the rank, the work is a constant steam.
Every job you take is one less In a scab.


Little by Little said...

All done to the hard work of working cab drivers.

The TfL lovers in the trade orgs not only refused to help, they effectively condoned the activity.

As for TfL, the less said the better. UNFIT to licence a dog.

Ex club member little joe said...

There can only be one answer to the questions posed.

Some one is taking back handers
Money is changing hands.